A Stylish Pullover for Men

At the time of this post, it’s the tail end of summer, which means fall will soon be upon us. That means another solid month of comfortable weather, and then that proverbial chill settling in over most of the nation, with the leaves changing, the days getting shorter, and the air getting much colder. So those shorts and t-shirts are going to be put back in the dresser, and those long-sleeve items are going to start coming out and making an appearance. Luckily for you, Shopping Blitz has some of the best deals around on fall items if you need to stock up and keep warm this autumn season.

For men out there with a sense of style, the Encore Half Zip Pullover Shirt from Fila might just be a great item to pick up for the chillier season. Made out of a durable, flexible and comfortable polyester material, this pullover is very plush and comfortable and can hold up to the wear and tear. One of the best things about Fila’s polyester is that it’s incredibly light with fibers that are so compact that a few ounces of fabric can keep that chilly wind out entirely. The long-sleeve pullover features side pockets and even a zipped media pocket on the left sleeve, contrasting inner collar colors for some extra pop, and an adjustable neck half-zip feature for aesthetics and a better custom fit.

This item is available in a range of colors, so act fast before the color you want is no longer in stock. You have orange, red, blue, green, black, and combinations of colors to choose from. The item is also available in sizes from small up through 2XL, so it will fit most men’s bodies without any issue.

You can grab this on Shopping Blitz today for only $54.95, and that price also includes the shipping, so you won’t have to spend a penny more to have this pullover brought directly to your door.

A Special Kind of Tote Bag

To say that women have a lot of different options available to them when it comes to purses and bags would be an understatement. Even on smaller websites, women can typically find dozens upon dozens of varieties of bags, from fashionable bags made out of expensive materials to everyday bags that are more economical. Sometimes, however, there’s just a special sort of bag out there that appeals to a specific niche market, like a bag that was specifically designed for concealed carry. For many women, staying safe with their firearm handy is very important, and Shopping Blitz offers women a great way keep their gun handy while still looking fashionable.

The Abigail Tote Bag from Blazin Roxx is much more than it appears. With a gorgeous natural tan color, the strength of faux leather, and turquoise lace accents, the bag is certainly attractive to look at and is very durable. However, the entire bag was designed with concealed carry in mind. This means that the compartment is ideal for a handgun, and also that the opening of the bag was specifically designed to help you get the firearm in and out very easily, in case you need it in a hurry. Though the best part is that it still acts like a regular bag in so many ways, giving you multiple compartments to help keep organized.

The bag features one large internal pocket with a zipper, two slip pockets inside, and one external zip pocket, and then the conceal carry pocket, which is hidden from plain view yet easily accessible when you need it. It was designed by MF Western Products and has that western look and feel to it, and with double rolled handle straps it’s also comfortable to carry.

For everything this bag gives you, it’s still available for a very affordable price on Shopping Blitz. You’re only going to be paying $68.95 for this amazing bag, and the best part is that this price also includes shipping, so there are no more extra charges.

Tough and Stylish Men’s Sneakers

As people get older and continue shopping, a lot will realize that there are very good products and brands that they were entirely unaware of, simply because they never saw them advertised. Take a quality pair of shoes for example. The television and billboards out there are flooded with brands like Nike, Reebok and Adidas, in terms of men’s footwear, but those are only three of the most advertised brands on the market. That handful of brands does not even begin to scratch the surface of all the fantastic brands you can find. If you want to find some great footwear that you haven’t discovered yet, you might want to stop in at Shopping Blitz. You’ll be surprised by the results.

The Xtratuf brand is right up there with the best-selling footwear brands on the planet in terms of quality and style and price, and the Spindrift Sneakers from Xtratuf are everything men need in a high-quality shoe that can really hold up to a lot of wear and tear while still keeping the feet comfortable. These are athletic shoes that feature an airmesh upper that’s flexible, durable and breathable. You also have light yet strong EVA material, and a Chevron outsole. Different air pockets in the sole give you a lot more comfort and overall support than most other shoes.

These shoes are currently available in stock in three different color combinations, like pontus: different blue colors with gray accents; yeti: white and gray; and typhon: various grays. The color you can get depends on what’s in stock, so act quickly. The shoe is also available in sizes from 7 to 14 in men’s, so men of practically any size should be able to fit into the shoes.

These shoes actually give you a lot in terms of quality and durability, and they’re currently available for $99.95 on Shopping Blitz. For an item from Xtratuf, this is a pretty sweet deal, and Shopping Blitz sweetens it even more by offering free shipping on your item.

A Hybrid Dance Shoe

Most people know that it’s far better to spend hard-earned money on products that serve multiple purposes than to spend money on items that just serve one purpose. Other than a fire extinguisher, do you actually want a bunch of stuff lying around the home that can only be used for one thing and one thing only? Even a plunger has multiple uses, given the amount of drains you have. So shouldn’t the same principle hold true with clothing and accessories? Shoes, for instance, do not have to serve only one purpose. When you stop in and shop at Shopping Blitz, you can actually find footwear that’s able to serve multiple purposes, not just one.

A great example of a multipurpose shoe would be the Tap Queen Mary Janes by Danshuz. These are 1 1/2″ heels that can be worn as everyday heels. They’re sleek and stylish and made out of imitation leather that looks like the real thing, only it’s a lot more durable and can withstand the elements and wear and tear better. They feature real leather soles and an ankle strap to keep them in place. Aesthetically and functionally, they’re stylish and work great. However, they’re also tap shoes. If you attach taps to the bottom, they make for some pretty great dance shoes as well, and women definitely appreciate the hybrid nature here.

These shoes are available in a gorgeous, vivid, bright white color, and are available in sizes from around 3, all the way up through 10, so they’re going to fit a very wide range of women. You can choose which sort of tap attachments you want to use. Just keep in mind that these shoes can be worn anywhere and are great for a night out or for dancing.

The costs of these hybrid women’s shoes from Danshuz is only $36.95 on Shopping Blitz. And because Shopping Blitz is a lot different than other retailers, they will also send these shoes directly to your door without charging a penny more for shipping.

A Loose, Stylish Women’s Tank

When you’re dealing with hot weather like in the middle of summer’s most scorching month, nothing’s quite as important in women’s clothing as an item that’s cool and comfortable. That’s why items like tank tops typically sell so well in the summer, especially for women. A great tank top is an item that accentuates a woman’s curves and is very form flattering, showing off the arms and shoulders, but is also rather modest in its chest coverage. It’s an item women love because of style and wear because it keeps them cool and comfortable during those hot days. If you want to find the best tank tops around, there’s no better place to look than on Shopping Blitz.

The Loosen Up Tank by Fila is a tank top that’s very light and airy while still being durable and strong. It’s made out of a polyester material and features adjustable shoulder straps so that women of many different sizes can dial in their perfect customized fit. It also has a curved hem, so it fits the form very well and also adds a lot of curve to a body, especially with the contrasting colored side panels. It creates an hourglass illusion. This lightweight, comfortable tank is a must-have for the summer months.

Being a Fila top, there’s no question about the fit for the vast majority of women. This tank top is available in sizes from extra small all the way up through extra large. And with its polyester material, it definitely offers a baggier fit and also stretches out. You can pick it up in four different color combinations, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right style for you.

This women’s tank is available on Shopping Blitz right now for the price of $42.95, which is a pretty big savings. If you want to save even more, then just know that this item ships for free from Shopping Blitz to your front door.

Back To School Backpacks

Going back to school can be a trying time for both kids and for parents. A lot of that stress comes from the same area for both, however, and that’s back to school supplies. Just think about everything a kid needs, which you have probably thought about a lot. Pants and shirts and socks and underwear and shoes, and the list goes on. And that’s before you even get into all the books and pens and notebooks the kids need. That’s why it’s important to jump on a deal when you find a good one, and Shopping Blitz definitely has a lot of good deals.

For instance, the Grom 13L Backpack from Dakine is a light, compact, stylish and affordable bookbag that your kids will love. It features a 13-liter compartment in volume, so there’s plenty of room in there. Whether your kids are carrying only books or adding in snacks, drinks and gym clothes, this bag is certainly large enough. The bag is also fleece lined, so it’s delicate and won’t damage anything inside. It’s also fully adjustable and has separate compartments for his or her items.

One of the coolest things about this Dakine bag is that it’s available in almost 30 different color combinations, so your kid can easily find a bag that’s unique and suits his or her tastes perfectly. It’s a one size fits all bag that looks very attractive, holds up well, and is very comfortable to wear.

Another great thing about this bag is that it’s only going to cost you $34.95, which is a huge savings when you compare this to a lot of other online retailers carrying the same or similar bags. Also, since this is a Shopping Blitz deal, you will get this bag shipped directly to your door and won’t have to pay anything for the shipping.

A Cool Summer Shirt

Women can certainly have their pick of the shopping litter when it comes to types of clothing they can purchase. Though as most women know, the summer time means dressing down and wearing clothing that is a lot cooler – and that means cooler in a fashionable sense and in a comfort sense. Nobody wants to wear big, bulky clothing items when it’s hot and humid outside. At the same time, no woman wants to wear clothing that’s out of style. This is where a site like Shopping Blitz really pays off. Not only can you find the perfect clothing to wear to keep you cool, but also clothing that helps you look cool.

The Liona Mesh T-Shirt by Fila is a great example of a very aesthetically pleasing item that’s ideal for the summer. Made out of a blend of polyester and mesh, this shirt has holes in it like a sporting jersey, so it’s very light and breathable. It’s also made in a fun, flirty style, so it hugs the body shape well while still being modest and offering full coverage. The Fila logo is a 3D print that looks very good on this style of shirt. It’s a durable fabric that can wick away the moisture and keep you cool and dry on the hottest days of the year.

This is a shirt that you can pick up either white with the red, white and blue Fila logo, or black with the same. You can also get this shirt in sizes from extra small all the way up through extra large, so it should fit almost any woman of any body type. And since it’s a mesh t-shirt, the fit should be a big baggier.

This shirt is available on Shopping Blitz right now for only $49.95, and the best part is that you won’t have to pay a penny more to have it shipped directly to your door.

A Retro Hat for Men

Sometimes men are in the market for something as simple as a good hat. Generally speaking, men love those baseball-style caps, or even those western-style cowboy hats. These are the two most popular styles of hats on the market today, but in no way are those the only options. One very underrated style of hat is the bucket hat. This is a style that was very popular in the urban environment during the 1980s, and it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity now, especially among younger men. If this is a style of hat you’re considering, just remember that Shopping Blitz is the site to pick for the best styles and the lowest prices on this sort of hat.

The Velour Bucket Hat by Fila takes you back an entire generation to when this bucket-style hat was all the rage. Best of all, the fabric Fila uses to create this hat is a cotton-poly velour blend that’s incredibly soft and supple. The hat itself is very fashionable, featuring a soft, flexible, wrap-around brim that just screams style. The hat itself is very flexible and is available in a one size fits all style. It’s a navy blue hat with the classic blue, red and white band, with an F-box Fila logo sewn onto the front.

Just keep in mind that this hat is about style. You’re not going to want to wear it out in the rain or for warmth in the middle of the winter. Like a lot of other specialty hats, this velour bucket hat wasn’t made to wick away the water or to insulate the head. It was made purely for style, and so it’s all about looking great.

With a retro, throwback item like this, you might expect to have to pay a lot. However, this Fila hat only costs $29.95 at Shopping Blitz, and to make the deal even better, this price also includes free shipping.

A New Spin on a Classic Wallet

Clothing companies know better than anyone just how different men and women are. It all boils down to the raw data of the spending numbers. Women have dozens upon dozens of different handbag and purse varieties because, fiscally speaking, it’s viable for different companies to produce so many options. This is why you see so many variations of the purse. For men, however, things are much simpler. Just give men a classic tri-fold wallet and they can hold everything they need. The classic wallet is a tried and true accessory that most men carry, and if you need a great wallet, there’s no better place to shop for it than on Shopping Blitz. You can find a great update to the classic here that you will love.

The Vert Rail Wallet by Dakine is everything you love about that classic wallet design, only updated with a modern twist for a new generation. It’s a full length wallet that can hold all of your money easily, and it even has a zippered coin pocket. This wallet is made out of polyester, which is actually going to last you longer than the classic leather wallets to which you may be accustomed. It has multiple card slots on each side, and an ID window in the center. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the wallet just coming open on you, as it has a touch fastener to keep things secure and safe.

This wallet was impeccably crafted and features the Dakine logo on the front. It’s a one size fits all wallet that will work for anyone, and you can pick it up in either a storm color, which is like a light black, or in a field camo design.

This is a great piece, but don’t think for a second that you will have to break the bank here. Dakine products are top-shelf, but Shopping Blitz is only asking $19.95 for this quality wallet, which is surely more affordable than you will find it most anywhere else. It’s all about the deal with Shopping Blitz.

Stylish School Pants for Her

All parents find out just how different boys and girls are, especially when they’re around school age. With boys, you can just make sure they’re clothed and send them off to school. They’re more worried about playing around with their friends anyway. Though with girls, they seem to get very particular, even from a young age, about what they’re wearing, the color of their clothing, and the styles. So it ends up being a lot harder to shop for little girls. You have to send them to school in clothing they actually like. This is where Shopping Blitz can help in a big way.

Take, for instance, the Ruffle Pants by Fila. Like a cross between some baggy dancing pants and leggings, these comfortable pants are cute as a button, fit very well, are modest and elegant, and even offer a flare of the whimsical, which younger girls typically adore. These pants are 95% polyester and 5% spandex, so they’re made to fit her body very well and to be flexible and durable. They’re also very cool and airy, able to help with airflow and to keep the temperature regulated. They have a drawstring and two side pockets, so they function like most other pairs of pants.

Fuchsia purple, imperial blue, black and white are the colors currently in stock for these pants, so act quickly if you want to find the perfect color for her. These pants are bright and bold, but they’re also made to fit young girls of any size. So you can find these pants ranging in sizes from 2 extra small, for very young and small girls, up to extra large, for larger and older girls.

For pants that are durable, flexible, fashionable and from a top-shelf brand like Fila, you actually won’t have to pay a small fortune to wear them. You can pick these pants up from Shopping Blitz for only $42.95, and to make that deal even sweeter, you will also receive free shipping on this item.