A New Cap for Spring

While the clothing market is pretty much saturated with a slew of hats available for women, men can still find some old, tested classics to make them happy. There might not be as many available from which you can choose, but you can definitely still find some great hats out there. This is especially true if you’re turning to Shopping Blitz for your purchase. Here you will find hats that are not only sleek, stylish and comfortable, but also very affordable. So if you’re in the market for a quality hat for the changing season, Shopping Blitz is the place to look.

The Brylan Ball Cap from prAna is the classic, throwback ball cap, only made with updated materials and methods. For instance, those caps of old were made out of materials so synthetic that they felt like plastic. This cap is made out of 100% organic cotton that’s soft, pliable and comfortable. It was designed with a flat bill, embroidered eyelets, and an adjustable band that helps this hat fit heads of almost any size. Along with the snapback, you get five cotton panels and a self-fabric back. The embroidered prAna logo also graces the front of this cap for an aesthetic pop.

You can choose from different color schemes with this hat, like a deep, rich mood indigo blue; a solid black bill with a dark gray top, and an auburn and black combo that really pops. This has was built in a one size fits all fashion, and will fit most heads. The adjustable snapback feature easily changes per your head size and shape.

The cost of this prAna cap is another huge benefit here. Rather than having to pay an inflated price to get a normal cotton cap, Shopping Blitz is letting this item go for only $19.95. No matter how you slice it, that’s one heck of deal on a high-quality hat.

Men’s Jeans For The Spring

For the majority of men out there shopping today, there’s nothing that they shop for quite more than a classic-style pair of blue jeans. This obviously isn’t every man; but when you break down what men buy by the numbers, the majority of them love a great pair of blue jeans. Around this time of year, if you’re looking to get rid of those thicker pants and go for those lightweight classic jeans, Shopping Blitz has a wide selection that you may love. The only thing better than the classic jeans is getting them for a great price.

For instance, the Worker Indigo Rinse Relaxed Fit Jeans from DC are definitely a favorite among men. First and foremost, they’re not those thick, bulky denim jeans from a century ago. These jeans are made with cotton and elastane, so they’re lighter, more flexible, fit better, and feel much better to wear. These jeans have an indigo rinse color, so you get that classic look of dark denim without the potential chafing and heavy fabric. Other than that, you get the typical five-pocket jean style, button front, zip fly, metal-rivet-stud jeans that you love.

With these jeans, you only get the one color and style. As it says in the name, these are indigo rinse jeans, which is the color. It’s a very dark blue color that goes with anything. The jeans themselves are available in sizes from 28 up through 38, so unless you’re in the big and tall category, they’re going to fit you just fine. And if you are in that category, Shopping Blitz definitely still carries jeans for you.

For a pair of high-quality jeans that were made to take a beating while still being light, comfortable and flexible, you might expect to pay a lot of money. Some brands and some sites wouldn’t sell you a pair of jeans for under $70. For these jeans, you will only be paying $27.50. Even sweeter, there’s no further shipping charge for this item. It will be delivered for free.

Spring Is In The Air

There are many women out there who love this particular time of year. Not so much because of the frosty weather turning into rainy, cloudy weather; but more because it’s that in-between phase of the seasons where it’s time to start shopping for clothing more appropriate for spring and summer. This is when a lot of locations start offering you the best details on items using less cloth. This is when Shopping Blitz in particular really rolls out some great deals that women across the nation can appreciate. So if you need something fun, flirty, stylish and unique, there’s only one place to shop.

The Core Flare 15″ Skort from Fila is a fantastic hybrid shorts-skirt combination that looks incredibly sleek and stylish while also maintaining modesty. It’s a 15″ skirt that looks flirty enough, but there are a pair of shorts underneath, so you get to maintain full coverage at all times. For athletes, this is the ideal skirt for women playing tennis or other activities. This polyester-spandex blend skort fits the form very well while also being very tough and able to hold up to activity. The moisture-wicking fabric also keeps you cool and dry. With the skort, you really get the best of both worlds: The look of a skirt with the protection and coverage of shorts.

One aspect of this Fila skort that women seem to like the best is that it’s available in a multiple range of color options. You have black, crimson, white, navy, peacoat, and more. Fila is also famous for making women’s clothing that can actually fit the bodies of a broader range of women. This skort comes in sizes from extra small through 2 XL, so it’s going to cover most women.

That, of course, only leaves the price point. On a lot of competitor sites, you may find this item hovering around $30 or $40. On Shopping Blitz, however, you will find that this skort is available for the low price of only $19.95. For such a quality piece, this price is truly a steal.

Still the Season for Boots

For men, investing in a pair of boots is something that guys typically only like to do once every few years. This is mostly for work boots. Though when you find a site like Shopping Blitz, you begin to understand that there are boots for all sorts of occasions. Take waterproof boots as a prime example. Not only do they keep you warm and dry for the winter months, but they’re also ideal for spring, as this is the rainy season for most of the nation. You’re still out there sloshing around in the mud and the muck, even though the freezing weather has passed. So having a great pair of waterproof boots is an investment worth making.

Xtratuf gives you the Green Horn Boots, which are made out of materials like neoprene, rubber and Chevron that provides you with 100% protection against the wet elements. You can trek through a swamp with these boots on and simply wipe them off, and they’ll look as if they’ve never been worn. They’re boots that were made for anglers and waders – fishermen. Though they’re ideal for any guy who wants to keep his feet dry. They have a lightweight, breathable interior, with a slip-resistant Chevron outsole that can hold up to the ice in winter. Warm, comfortable and always dry, these are boots that are worth the investment.

These Xtratuf Green Horn boots also look great. They’re navy blue with white accents, with a thick, white exterior running around the outsole, with a black sole. So they’re attractive boots to look at. They’re also made for practically all sizes of men’s feet. These boots run from sizes as small as 5, up through sizes as large as 15.

For a pair of boots providing you with this much protection, you may think they’d cost a lot. However, Shopping Blitz is only charging you $30.00 for these boots, which is a huge discount when you stack them up against other sites. Plus you won’t have to pay an extra charge for shipping.

Women’s All-Weather Pants

One of the best parts about shopping online is that you’re always going to be able to find a much broader selection of clothing than shopping at a regular brick and mortar store. There’s only so much merchandise a live store can carry; whereas an online site’s merchandise is virtually unlimited. So this allows women to find some types of pants that they’d never be able to find in a real store. Shopping Blitz carries an incredibly broad range of clothing and styles for women, so if you’re looking for some unique, comfortable pants, you will definitely find something that makes your day.

The Center Court Pants by Fila are the epitome of style, elegance and comfort. From the waist to the knee, these are like thick, comfortable yoga pants and fit the body’s form well. From the knee to the ankle, they’re actually opened up wider and give you a looser fit that looks and feels amazing. Made out of a blend of 95% poly fleece and 5% spandex, they’re flexible and durable while also hugging the body’s shape well. These are fitted pants that are very warm. They operate more like a sweat or pajama pant, with an elastic waist and drawcord. Though they fit you like a high-end pair of leggings that provide you with a thicker, more comfortable material that feels better.

Although these pants are only available in one color, twilight blue, they’re very aesthetically attractive and really pop. You have the solid blue color with some accent stripes going down the side of the legs, and the classic F-Box Fila logo stitched into the upper thigh. Since these are from Fila, they cover a wide range of body shapes and sizes, in sizes from small through extra large. They stretch out a great deal, so keep that in mind.

The price point of these pants is perhaps the best part about the item. On a lot of sites, you can expect to pay over $40 and end up having to fork over more money for shipping. On Shopping Blitz, they’re only $31.87, and you get these pants shipped directly to you for free.

A Stylish, Throwback Hat

Although it might not seem like hats are in such high demand anymore, women from all around the globe still love purchasing quality headwear. While you might only find pants and tops at most stores out there, understand that the world of online shopping is the doorway through which you can find any sort of hat you’ve ever wanted. One of the best places online today to purchase hats would be Shopping Blitz, which offers you some of the best on the market for a price you can afford to pay. If you want a quality hat, then there’s only one place to shop.

The Velvet Park Cloche hat by Conner Hats is the type of hat you would expect to see gracing the red carpets of Hollywood in a bygone era. It’s supple and attractive, a round cloche that features a fabric bow on the front with a wrap-around ribbon. Not only aesthetically pleasing, this hat is also all about the quality. Made out of Australian wool with a satin interior, it’s durable and warm while also providing a lot of comfort. The satin interior is about as smooth and soft as you can get. The wrap-around band and bow is even softer, made out of real velvet. This hat is certainly a stunner.

You can choose colors with this hat like putty, gray, brown and black. Each hat’s ribbon and rose is black velvet, which just looks gorgeous on a backdrop of a putty-gray or brown color. In terms of sizing options, this is a one size fits all hat that should actually cover most women’s heads well. Just keep in mind that your hairstyle will always affect the way a hat fits, so there’s a choice to be made on whether you want a big ‘do or a hat.

Conner Hats is a top-shelf, world-renowned brand, and so you’re liable to find this hat for $70 or more at a lot of locations. People pay this price and are very happy with it, given the quality of this wool cloche. However, when you choose Shopping Blitz, you won’t have to pay that price. You can grab this piece for only $54.00, which is a steal.

An All-Season Men’s Jacket

One thing that really differs between the sexes when shopping for clothing is the seasonable aspect of that clothing. For instance, women tend to shop per season, for a certain style that’s hot, and so their fall top will only be worn in fall. Men, on the other hand, don’t rightly care about an item’s season; they enjoy wearing an item whenever it’s needed. This is why a lightweight, comfortable jacket is always a great buy for men out there. It comes in handy during the cold-weather seasons of fall and winter, and also for chilly spring and summer mornings. Shopping Blitz can help you find a great all-season jacket.

The Fila Verita Track Jacket is a jacket that was designed to be light and comfortable so it can cover you up for any season. Whether it’s the dead of winter and you need to wear it over-top a sweater to keep warm, or a chilly morning with the wind coming in off the ocean, this is an ideal jacket for keeping you cozy and comfortable. It’s an old-school throwback item with that classic F-box logo. It’s made out of a blend of cotton and spandex, so you know it’s comfortable. The jacket features a full zip front, two side pockets, a high, stiff collar, and elastic at the cuffs for the ideal fit. It’s a great jacket for any time of the year.

You can grab this jacket in one of two color schemes. The first is a Peacoat, white and Chinese red blend; the second is a black, silver lake blue and tapioca blend. Fila isn’t messing around when it comes to men’s sizes. No matter your size, you can fit into one of these options, as this jacket is available in sizes from small, all the way up through 4XL, so big and tall men can definitely wear this stylish jacket.

The price point for this jacket is just amazing. For what you’re getting, you’re saving about half the cost when you shop this jacket through Shopping Blitz vs. other online retailers. You can grab this for only $38.35, an amazing price, and even receive free shipping on the item.

The Epitome of Comfort and Style

There’s something about yoga that has just swept the west like a storm for the past decade or more. No matter how many people sign up for classes, try it at home, and purchase the clothing, more and more people keep trying out yoga. This is especially true for women, and that’s why so many types of clothing are targeted to women. Though you should know that the world of yoga extends far past those pants that so many love. There’s a big, wide range of yoga clothing that’s comfortable and stylish, and Shopping Blitz can help you find it.

Fila’s Lux Yoga Pullover is truly the epitome of comfort and style in the yoga genre. Made out of a blended polyester fleece that’s as soft as satin to the touch, while also being thick and durable, this pullover is ideal for women who are more modest with their yoga attire. Not all clothing needs to be painted on, and this pullover simply drapes over the body and caresses it, giving you a great look and a comfortable feel. The garment itself is very sleek and feminine, and features a drawcord for a custom fit, a two-piece hood, pockets, and more. It works great as an everyday sweater too, so you can wear it anywhere.

Shopping Blitz gives you three color schemes from which you can choose with this yoga pullover from Fila. You have a black, heather and varsity heather blend; a varsity heather and white blend; and a ballet pink heather and varsity heather blend. In terms of sizing, Fila has most women covered well here, offering this pullover in sizes from extra small through extra large. Keep in mind that this is a baggy piece.

One thing to keep in mind while shopping on Shopping Blitz is that these items are already discounted. For instance, if you search this item on a lot of other sites, you’re likely to find it for around $70. On Shopping Blitz, you get to save more money by only having to pay $51.95 for this impressive pullover.

The Best Deals on Boots

If you’re reading this currently, then you know that it’s only another month or so to go until we reach spring. This means that a lot of people are shopping for t-shirts and shorts instead of sweaters and pants. Though while the weather may be getting warmer, you shouldn’t forget that the next four or so months will bring the most rain for the bulk of the nation. This means a muddy mess, and that means that you might want to make sure you have a good pair of boots. Shopping Blitz definitely has some quality boots for you around this time of year, for the best prices around.

The Muckster 2 Mid Boots by Muck Boot are really everything women need in a great pair of boots and more. They were made to handle that slushy, sloppy mess you may encounter around this time of year. They’re high-rise boots that protect halfway up the calf, and the neoprene and rubber construction of these boots ensure that they stay 100% waterproof for as long as you wear them. They also feature a 4mm CR flex-foam interior that’s very comfortable, along with a breathable mesh lining. The outsoles also provide a lot of traction, so you won’t be slipping and sliding in the mud.

A great benefit of these boots on Shopping Blitz is that there are all sorts of colors from which you can choose. You have black on black, shadow purple, black and hot pink, rifle green, black and purple, and more colors from which you can choose. Sizing options for these women’s boots run from around 5 through 11.

These are boots that you may find on other sites for around $130, and that would be considered a bargain for something from Muck Boot. With Shopping Blitz, though, you will only pay $101.95 for these boots, and will also get to save even more money because they’re shipped out to you for free.

A New Spin on a Classic

Okay, most fellas out there can attest to this fact: There’s really nothing that’s quite as comfortable as cotton. Sure, there are some materials that are softer, definitely some that are warmer, and all sorts that are more durable. Though when it comes to just throwing something on that makes you feel good, cotton is the creme de la creme of the fabric world. And more often than not, what men want in their cotton garments is something simplistic that fits well. This is where Shopping Blitz can really take all the guesswork away and leave you with a lineup of cotton clothing you’ll love.

Neff and their Critter Long Sleeve Tee is really the epitome of a classic style of shirt done right, with a modern twist. This shirt is made out of 100% cotton that’s plush, durable and comfortable. Neff is a newer company, only around since 2002, but is already well known for their classic styles and comfortable creations. This shirt is no exception. It fits the body well, a little baggy in the midsection, and features a pre-stretched fabric that won’t shrink up on you in the wash. The shirt also looks cool aesthetically, with a splash of graphic designs on the breast and running down the sleeves.

There are two really classic color options here from which you can choose: Black and white. Neff keeps things simple, so you’re not going to find a neon yellow and indigo color here. However, they do add a big pop of color with the little bright purple and yellow “critters” running up and down the sleeves, with the brand’s logo on the front of the shirt. Sizing options run from small through 2XL.

For a shirt like this, you might expect to pay $40 or more on most sites; and that’s likely what you’re going to spend on most retail sites on the web. However, with Shopping Blitz, you get your first initial discount when you buy this shirt for only $29.95, and your second when you realize you won’t have to pay for shipping.