A Light Way to Stay Warm

One of the drawbacks of wintertime a lot of men notice in particular is that clothing made to keep you warm seems to always be bulky, rigid and stiff. For example, you work outside in the elements, and a light jacket on top of a t-shirt isn’t going to work. So you bulk up with a thicker jacket. Problem is, this jacket is heavy, bulky, and doesn’t allow you any range of movement. This is why many men are turning to long-sleeve quality undershirts to wear under a lighter jacket, and Shopping Blitz definitely has a wide variety from which you can choose.

The Critter Long Sleeve Tee by Neff gives you the perfect balance of coverage and warmth with weight. It’s advertised as a tee but is more like a lightweight sweatshirt. It’s thick and durable, while still being light and breathable. It’s a crew-neck design with cuffed sleeves that fit well. It’s made out of 100% high-quality cotton, so the comfort isn’t in question. It’s not designed to be a standalone shirt in the elements, as it’s not waterproof or moisture-wicking, etc; it’s designed to be worn inside or under a jacket to provide warmth without adding weight. To that end, this Neff shirt is ideal for the winter weather. Toss on a light jacket, double up your layers, and you can stand any temperature.

This long sleeve tee is available in two color schemes: Simple black and white. Though each color does have a different color array of sleeve graphics and the chest logo; e.g. purple and yellow on black, and blue and purple on white. In sizes from small through 2XL, it’s also going to be able to fit practically any man’s body.

The price of this shirt on Shopping Blitz is pretty low, coming in at only $29.95. This is a lot cheaper than you’ll find this shirt elsewhere. Though Shopping Blitz doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get this shirt shipped to you for free, allowing you to save even more money.

Cozy Up with the Right Pants

There’s nothing at all quite like wearing something warm and cozy during those winter months. Although your house has a heat source, and you’re not exactly braving the arctic elements, you still feel that winter chill, and it still feels great to throw on something cozy. If you’re looking for the best in comfortable winter wear, then look no further than Shopping Blitz. Offering you a wide variety of unique items that are all available for a price you can afford on any budget, Shopping Blitz is your go-to location for cozy winter wear.

The Cozy Up Pants by prAna really give you everything you want out of a pair of cozy winter pants, and much more. You can wear these inside to lounge around, while they’re also tough and durable enough to be worn outside in the elements. They even feature a sun-blocking fabric that offers UPF 50+ protection. The hemp-recycled polyester-tencel fleece blend makes these pants seriously comfortable and cozy. They’re thick yet light and flexible. They look like a sweatpants style but feel like pure velvet. They have side pockets and leg cuffs, so they’re fully functional jeans, not like sleepers or anything.

Cargo green heather and charcoal heather are the two color schemes in which these pants are available. Just remember that Shopping Blitz gets a lot of traffic, so the color you’d prefer might be gone unless you act quickly. In terms of sizing options, these pants are available from extra small up through extra large, so they cover a wide range of body types.

These pants are currently marked down to only $88.95. On most other sites, you’d be paying at least 20% more for these cozy prAna pants. Though you actually save even more in the long run, since you get free shipping on this item.

The Ideal Time for Summer Shopping

Since most of the nation in currently dead in the throes of winter, it stands to reason that the majority of your clothes shopping is going to center on winter clothing – big sweaters and beanies and boots. However, if you understand that companies are still trying to push their summer wear off the shelves, then you may begin to understand that right now is the time of year where you can find more of what you love in stock, and for cheaper prices than if you wait six more months. A site like Shopping Blitz helps you save money while finding those great products.

The Aurora Strap Sandals, for instances, are a pair of sandals that just scream summer, and scream it loudly. Though since it’s the winter, they’re more affordable and more options are in stock. These sandals have delicate, gorgeous strap features that are made out of a soft leather. So you’re not getting any cheap, synthetic materials here. The lining is breathable, light and comfortable, with a high-traction PU outsole that can hold onto anything and flex and move with the foot. These sandals are ideal for walking or just hanging out.

Since it is the winter, you can simply search around Shopping Blitz and find these same sandals in a wide variety of colors and sizes. This particular sandal is available in a gray color, in size ranges from 7 through 13. In women’s sizes, this means the chart covers practically any woman’s feet.

The price is currently a lot lower than you’ll find it in the summer. Right now on Shopping Blitz, these sandals are only $72.95, which is a bargain for full-grain leather. You also won’t have to pay anything extra for shipping, thus saving even more.

Hybrid Pants for Women

When it comes to styles of pants from which women can choose, we could fill up an entire blog post just naming the names of styles. Suffice to say that there are no shortages of pants styles out there for ladies. And if you’re a woman shopping for pants online, you know already that you’re typically inundated with a wide variety of options. A site like Shopping Blitz can help you narrow your choices down by offering you only the best in quality pants. Perhaps some stylish hybrid pants might be exactly what you need, especially considering it’s the cold-weather season currently.

For instance, the Itzel Capri Pants by prAna blend a variety of styles that women love. They’re like leggings meet jogging pants, meet sweatpants, meet capris. They’re basically a thicker yoga pant in a capri style that are great for jogging, hiking, running, lounging around or just going out. They’re made with a Chakara stretch jersey fabric that’s durable and incredibly comfortable. This is a blend of supplex nylon, lycra elastane, poly, and other fabrics, to give you the end result of pants that flex, cling to the form, provide comfort, and hold up well to anything. They feature a hidden key pocket, a peek-a-boo side leg detail, and much more. Overall, these are some supremely comfortable, attractive, stylish pants.

Not only did prAna use a variety of styles, but you can get them in a variety of colors, including black cherry, highland green, and solid black. Just act quickly or else the color you want may be out of stock. In sizes from extra small through extra large, they’re bound to fit most any woman’s shape too.

The price for these hybrid pants are $78.95. Keep in mind that Shopping Blitz is offering these pants for a lot less than you’ll find elsewhere. Though to ensure you never have to spend more money than you need, these pants also ship out to you for free.

Luxury Men’s Boots

As most men who have been shopping all their adult lives know, the old phrase “You get what you pay for” isn’t just a piece of conventional, colloquial wisdom; it’s actually something that proves true, time and again. So let’s say you pick up a pair of discounted men’s boots for the winter. Unless you’re purchasing quality gear, you know already that those boots are going to fall apart, get water-logged, and not protect your feet at all in the harsh elements. This is why actually paying the extra money for quality in the first place is the better deal. You get boots that last years and years, not just a few days out. And this is where Shopping Blitz can help.

The Jenson Boots by Wolverine might just be one of the best pairs of boots on the market today. This is because they combine a variety of boot styles, from combat and hiking to work boots, and create a hybrid boot that’s made with full-grain leather, durable rubber, and a great lining. The end result with the Jenson boots are boots that provide 100% waterproofing, a great look, and an even better feel. Even the Gore-Tex lining is fully waterproof, not to mention warm and comfortable. These boots help you stay dry and comfortable, and the Goodyear welt construction means the boots will hold up for years to come.

You have two colors from which to choose here. The first is a classic black, which just looks shiny and gorgeous with this quality leather. The second is even better, giving you a mahogany boot that looks like the old-world west meets modern tastes, and the boot is just gorgeous. These men’s boots are available in sizes from around 7 through 13, so they’re going to cover up most men’s feet quite nicely.

Understand that Wolverine is as good as it gets for men’s boots, so these boots do cost a pretty penny. Shopping Blitz still offers the lowest prices around, with these boots costing $243.95, but that’s still an investment. The deal here is sweetened with free shipping on this item, and the fact that these boots will last you for years to come and stay in great shape.

A Bold Beanie for Winter

Women definitely have more than enough options from which to choose when it comes to shopping. For many women out there, during this time of year, they already have their boots, their coats, their pants and sweatshirts. What they’re looking for now is a nice hat to wear. Many of these women really enjoy beanies. They’re soft, thick, comfortable, and were definitely made to keep you warm in the winter. Shopping Blitz is a site that has a ton of beanies from which to choose, including new, stylish beanies that are available for a very affordable price.

The Lexington Beanie by prAna combines everything you love about the classic beanie and takes it up a few notches with its construction techniques and fabrics used. The beanie itself is made out of a wool, nylon blend that’s flexible, durable and very warm. It has a novelty look to it, with a 3-inch band and a 4-hole button on the cuff. Though it’s also modern in many ways, like the way it’s put together and really works to keep the cold out entirely. It’s able to easily fit over the head without mashing your hair down flat, which is definitely something women appreciate about this beanie.

You can pick it up in two color combinations. The first is a light gray heather, which features accents of white and powder blue. The second is a burnt caramel, featuring accents of blue, off-white and red. They’re both very attractive, and each is available in a one size fits all size that will easily fit any woman’s head.

Even though this is a top-shelf product from a world famous brand, it’s going to cost you $38.95 right now on Shopping Blitz. This is a lot less than what most other online outlets are going to charge you for it, and the deal gets even sweeter when you factor in the free shipping to your door, so there’s no extra or hidden charges.

Fashionable and Functional Women’s Boots

Any woman out there who’s ever shopped online knows that this particular world gives you a whole lot more from which to choose than conventional methods. No matter what your size or your style, you can find something that matches your personal tastes. Of course, the biggest issue here is knowing whether the product(s) you’re purchasing are quality or not. For instance, a pair of winter boots might look great, but they also might not block out the cold or water, and you end up having a gorgeous pair of outdoor boots that you can only wear indoors. Shopping Blitz solves these problems by offering you the best in quality fashions.

A prime example of this would be the Thermoball Microbaffle II Boots by The North Face. Built with water-resistant PET ripstop material that keeps your feet dry, and a mudguard to ensure you can slosh around in whatever elements you wish, these boots are truly about protecting the feet. Though they also didn’t sacrifice style to do it. The faux fur collar is very gorgeous, so not only do you have boots that can shred through those winter elements, but you’ll be looking great while you do it. Along with IcePick soles, EVA midsoles and Primaloft Thermoball insulation to keep you warm, these are some heavy-duty winter booties.

The two color combos in which these boots are available might look similar, but they’re really worlds apart in terms of the style of the fur. First you have a shiny frost gray with evening sand pink, and the other option is a shiny TNF black with smoked pearl gray. In sizes from 5 through 11, these boots also fit a wide variety of women.

For boots like these, you might be thinking over $100. Outside of Shopping Blitz, this might be a reality. And normally they’re $89.95. But for a limited time, you can save over 30% and get these boots for only $58.95, and this also includes free shipping.

A Cool Comfortable Beanie

Most of us already know about the many varied options women have available to them when it comes to shopping. A wide variety of shoes, pants, tops and other accessories means that women can always find something new and unique to wear. This also goes for head wear. If you like bundling up a little more in the winter and staying warm, then you can also explore a very wide range of hats, like high-quality beanies. Shopping Blitz is one of the best sites around when it comes to connecting you with a quality item that looks and feels great, while also being available for a price you can afford to pay.

The Felicity Beanie from prAna is a soft, thick, durable and comfortable beanie that’s going to look and feel great on the head of any woman out there. The first thing you’ll notice about this beanie is its novelty cable knit, which looks like a high-class slub cotton sweater. You get that old-school charm from this beanie thanks to the solid pom at the top, and the acrylic fabric used means that it’s definitely going to block out the cold and serve as a functional beanie, not just something that looks good. Overall, this is a great piece that you will look forward to wearing.

Another great thing about this beanie is that it’s available in three different color options. You have rhubarb, which is very light and delicate. Then you have steel blue, which looks like a jean pattern or a denim jacket almost. Lastly, you have bone, which is an off-white/tan color that goes with anything. In terms of sizing, this is a one size fits all item, so it’s very flexible and form fitting.

At $38.95, it’s hard to beat this price for such a quality piece. Just know that when you shop this item through Shopping Blitz, that’s all you’re going to pay. Unlike other outlets, there are no sneaky and expensive shipping charges here. This item will ship out for free.

A New Type of Women’s Pants

Women are certainly never lacking when it comes to shopping options. In pants styles alone, they have capris and leggings and low and high-waisted and dozens of other options available to them. Though what about some older, traditional styles? When is the last time you have seen actual women’s trousers out there? They have long been out of style. Though some companies out there have taken the classic trouser style and have revamped it, giving you an entirely new style of pants to wear. You can find some of these new, unique items on Shopping Blitz, but act quickly before they’re out of stock!

A hot selling item right now would be the Vidda Pro Trousers W Regular Pants by Fjallraven. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Fjallraven produces a range of outdoor-rated clothing items that are tough as nails, stylish and comfortable. These pants are in a trouser style that have been reworked entirely to create a unique take on the classic. They’re ideal for hiking, walking, jogging, or even working in or lounging around. They’re made out of a durable and soft blend of cotton and polyester. They have double reinforced stitching over the rear and knees for added durability. They also feature 7 different pockets, so you can carry a whole lot around with you. The waist is an adjustable elastic to increase comfort, and overall these pants were made to take a beating yet still hold up well.

Available in dark grey, these pants are very attractive. Keep in mind that they were also made to be rather loose and very comfortable. So the sizes you’re going to be dealing with for these trousers run from 34 up through 42 in women’s, so they’re a bit on the larger side.

Fjallraven makes top-shelf outdoor gear that typically costs a pretty penny. These pants, for instance, can be found upwards of $200 on a lot of sites! Luckily, with Shopping Blitz, you won’t have to pay that. You can get them for $149.95, and you get to save even more money by having them shipped to you for free.

The Right Jacket for the Climate

This particular time of year for most people throughout the nation is very cold and windy, with the threat of snow and freezing rain looming around for the next few months. For the typical guy out there, that doesn’t mean he stays inside and hides from the weather. He’s out in it, working or walking or hanging out, and so he needs the right type of clothing for the season. This is where stopping in and shopping with Shopping Blitz can really pay off. Not only can you find the best in winter wear, but you can also get some stuff that’s pretty affordable, especially considering the after-Christmas sales happening.

One very stylish and affordable item from the site would be the Climaheat Ultimate Fleece Jacket by Adidas Sport Performance. This particular jacket is made out of a polyester blend fleece that’s thick, warm, comfortable and durable. It also has a special insulation that’s breathable and super warm, while being light and airy. So you can stay warm in the coldest weather without becoming overheated. The jacket features two zip hand pockets and even a sleeve pocket. The cuffs and collar both have heat seal technology to keep the cold out. Overall, it’s the ideal jacket for men who want to stay warm in the winter.

This jacket is available in three different colors. The first is a raw green, which is so light that it almost appears as a light blue. The second is an attractive flat black, with the third being a noble maroon with black accents. It will fit a wide range of men, with sizes ranging from small up through 2XL, so there should be no issue in sizing there.

In terms of the price, Shopping Blitz has really cut the price tag down compared to other sites. You won’t pay over $120 for this jacket; it will only run you $99 even, and that’s all you will have to pay, since Shopping Blitz also offers you free shipping on this item.