A Skater Shoe That Does Much More

Men in need of quality shoes should always stop in with Shopping Blitz to find the best shoes on the market for the best prices around. However, before you decide to shop with the store, you first might want to make sure you understand a bit about the shoes you’re going to purchase. When pushing shoes on the market, companies will give them a label, like a basketball shoe or even a boating shoe. You’ve seen it before: Shoes labeled as “golf” or “hiking,” etc. This is just the target market, but definitely doesn’t mean you can’t do other things with the shoe. How many men wore their “basketball” shoes or “tennis” shoes to school and never played sports in them? A shoe often does more than its label would suggest.

Such is definitely the case with the men’s Trase TX Sneakers from DC. The DC brand has listed this shoe in the “skateboarding” category, because of its low profile, its extreme flexibility, and its incredible traction. And as such it stands out as a shoe you’ll definitely want to grab if you need a skateboarding shoe. However, it can also do so much more. Whether walking, running, sporting, or just lounging around, this is a comfortable shoe whose upper is an attractive canvas, with a tough yet flexible molded rubber outsole. It brings to mind those old Chuck Taylors, just updated for the modern age, and with a lot more traction.

In a very attractive burgundy and tan color, and available in sizes from 4 all the way up through 14, this is a shoe that most men can purchase for any particular need they have. It’s the quintessential skateboarding shoe and performs perfectly in that arena, while also providing enough traction and flexibility to perform well in many other arenas as well.

For a quality shoe from a brand like DC, you might expect to pay around $60 at bare minimum, and this would be a bargain. However, when you stop in at Shopping Blitz right now for this shoe, you will only have to pay $44.95 for it, and you even get free shipping to your front door to top it off.

A Unique and Stylish Sneaker

Most men out there who have shopped for clothing and shoes know about the Fila brand already. While they started out in the market getting famous for their basketball shoes and other types of athletic footwear, they have always been a clothing company that produces everything from hoodies and sweaters to pants and t-shirts. Though they will always stand out as one of the best footwear companies on the planet, and men who want high-quality shoes that are comfortable, stylish and definitely affordable, they only need to go as far as Shopping Blitz to find everything they want for a price they can afford.

The new Trailblazer Suede Sneakers from Fila are definitely unique, trendy and incredibly comfortable. Available in a jet-black suede with flat black rubber soles and the Fila logo embroidered on the side in white and red, the first thing that stands out about these sneakers is just how stunning they are to look at. Next up, very close behind, is how comfortable they are, both inside and out. The outer is a pure suede, so it’s incredibly soft and lavish, while the inside of the material is a combination of breathable, plush foam and soft rubber that keeps the foot cradled, warm and protected.

This shoe is actually a throwback in terms of style, with a few modern twists. Considered a hiking sneaker, this shoe was created to hold up to the test of time. With its metal lace fasteners, it brings to mind something of a much larger boot, which just looks aesthetically amazing when placed on a low-top sneaker. These hiking sneakers are available in sizes from 4 to 13 in men’s, so they’re going to fit most every man’s foot out there.

For a sneaker put together this well, using such quality materials, and from an internationally recognized brand like Fila, you might be looking at around $120-150, depending on where you shop. Luckily for you, Shopping Blitz isn’t like those other locations at which you shop. Right now at Shopping Blitz, you can pick up these great Fila sneakers for only $98.95, and to top it all off, you’ll know you’ve came to the right place when you get 100% free shipping on this item.

An Attractive Cap for Men

Baseball caps are definitely a must-have item for many men. While styles of hats tend to come and go, like the Kangol and trucker hat, the baseball-style cap has been in fashion for well over a hundred years in the United States, and this type of cap continues to be the most sought after style for men looking for headwear. A baseball cap is light, cozy, and provides perfect protection from the sun. It’s also a great chance to make a subtle yet bold fashion statement, especially if you select the right cap. If you want to find the best baseball caps on the market for the most affordable prices, stop in at Shopping Blitz and you will find exactly what you’re after.

The Emb Baseball Cap by Ariat is a very attractive cap that many men are grabbing while they’re still available on the store shelves. This is a very unique hat in that it has a distressed look and feel to it, with purposeful little rips and tears in the fabric to give it that worn-in look that men crave in their caps. While Ariat is known primarily for producing high-quality footwear, they also create clothing and accessories, and this hat is definitely a piece men love, featuring the Ariat logo embroidered on the front. The hat itself is put together with a unique and quality cotton-poly blend, and the closure of the cap is Velcro rather than those cheap, flimsy plastic fasteners you’ll find on so many caps.

There’s not a whole lot one can say about most caps, as they’re pretty straightforward in how they’re designed and how they fit. With this cap, however, you get a lot more comfort, considering the package is so small. The cap sits very well on the head, providing full coverage for the scalp, and the materials ensure a comfortable fit instead of that hard, itchy mesh that most caps use. It’s available in a one size fits all format, so it’s going to fit practically any man’s head out there.

Another great aspect of this cap is its price. Ariat is no bottom-shelf brand. Their products can cost you a pretty penny, and this will definitely be the case if you shop them from competitor retail sites online. At Shopping Blitz, however, you can grab this great Ariat cap for only $26.95, and to make it even better, you will get free shipping with this item, which allows you to save even more.

When You Need Some Going-Out Shorts

While it is definitely true that women pretty much have the run of the entire clothing industry when it comes to the vast array of items from which they can choose, the fact of the matter is that far too many of these items are dressy or so very expensive that women save them for formal and other special occasions. Whatever happened to those clothing items you can just wear while out and about, have some fun, and not have to worry about ruining them? If you’re a woman who needs some seasonal clothing that can hold up to your recreational time, Shopping Blitz has you covered.

The Hanalei Bermuda Shorts by White Sierra might just be what you’re after this spring and summer season. For starters, you can’t get more comfortable than these shorts. Below the knee, loose and airy, light, and very durable, these are shorts that you can wear to bonfires and parties, hiking and canoeing, and you can even exercise in them. Made out of a very durable nylon blend, these Bermuda shorts bring the toughness and durability without adding any extra weight.

When it comes to style, you get to choose from an assortment of colors like gray, turquoise, olive and purple, and the design of these shorts look very flattering while still offering all of the flexibility and comfort you need to just relax and have a full range of motion. With a quick-dry fabric, they’re great at the beach and even feature zipped pockets for your keepsakes and UPF30 protection against the sun. Women of practically any size can also enjoy wearing these shorts, as you can get them in sizes from small all the way up to 3XL, so it shouldn’t be an issue to find the size that’s right for you.

With everything these shorts offer, you might expect to have to pay $60 or more for them. And this would be a pretty good estimate with most online retailers. With Shopping Blitz, however, you can grab these Bermuda shorts by White Sierra for only $40.00. To sweeten the pot for you even more, Shopping Blitz is also offering free shipping on this item.

Hit the Beach with the Best Sandals

Women know better than anyone else just how many options they have available at their fingertips when it comes to shoes. There’s boots and loafers and flats and pumps and sneakers and the list goes on and on. One type of footwear that too often flies under the radar, however, is a good pair of sandals. Perfect for lounging around and particularly for enjoying a day at the beach, sandals are underrated when it comes to shoe options. So if you’re in the market for a great pair of sandals, Shopping Blitz is the place to look.

Fila, while a large international clothing brand, really cut their teeth on footwear, and these Drifter Slide Sandals are the perfect example of Fila’s bread and butter item. Available in the classic Fila colors of black, white and Fila red, these are definitely attractive. Although, what sets them apart from the pack is that they’re built thick and rugged with quality materials, not those loose, flimsy sandals you so often see. Hand-crafted from rubber and microfiber, these sandals can hold up to some serious wear and tear.

They’re simple and elegant in their slip-on design, so you won’t have to worry about Velcro coming loose or any of that cheap twine to fasten and hassle with. Just slip them on and you’re ready to go. They’re also available in sizes from 5 through 11, so most women will definitely be able to wear these sandals. They’re comfortable, durable, light, and they have a retro look to them that’s just classic.

Like all of Fila’s products available on Shopping Blitz, you really get to see the savings show through. Rather than having to pay a ton of money for these sandals, you can grab them right now for only $40.95. What makes this price even better is that you get to save even more money by taking advantage of Shopping Blitz’s free shipping on this item.

Elegant, Light Long Sleeve Shirt

One thing that most people know who purchase a lot of clothing is that any time of the year is a great time for a long sleeve shirt. While the spring and summer months will usually prompt people to stock up to the rafters with shorts and t-shirts, others know that mornings and nights can still be very chilly, and thus they may need something that’s a little more protective and warm for this weather. This is why this spring is the perfect time to find a quality long sleeve shirt, and Shopping Blitz is the place to go to find one.

The Good bike Life Long Sleeve Smooth T-Shirt by Life is Good is a great example of a quality shirt available for an affordable price. This Life is Good selection is all about style and comfort. Made out of 100% high-quality cotton, this is a shirt that feels incredibly and looks just as good. With a big logo on the front, the brand’s famous name with a bicycle, it’s a fun, flattering shirt that’s light and airy enough to wear when it’s a bit warm, yet still offers enough protection from the cold around this time of year.

The fitted nature of this shirt means that it’s going to cling to the body well without being constrictive, and the low, plunging neckline with its raw edge detail just gives this shirt that extra bit of style that ladies are after. So if you’re a stylish woman, this shirt may be right up your alley. You can pick it up in an attractive Heather Mocha color, and in sizes from extra small up through extra large, so sizing shouldn’t be an issue at all.

One of the best parts about this shirt is its price. Available for only $43.95 on Shopping Blitz right now, this shirt is a real steal. And once you factor in the added benefit of free shipping, that’s yet another cost you get to cut when purchasing this great shirt from Life is Good.

Comfortable Briefs in a 3-Pack

Briefs have come a really long way over the years. Once available in those tight, white underwear that were constrictive and very easy to rip and tear, today’s briefs are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and they are incredibly comfortable and durable. If you’re in the market for some great briefs, you might want to check out Shopping Blitz and take a look at their wide selection of some of the best men’s briefs available on the market today.

The 3 Pack Solid Boxer Briefs from Columbia Underwear are a great item that men really appreciate. Columbia Underwear is the off-shoot brand of Columbia main, who are typically known for cold-weather winter items. Columbia has taken their methods for creating protective and comfortable jackets and sweaters and have used those same methods to create men’s underwear that might just be the best you’ve ever worn. Available in colors like black and India ink, these briefs are attractive, featuring the Columbia logo in the thick, stay-put waistband, and are available in sizes from small to 2XL.

The poly-spandex blend creates a brief that’s light, durable, flexible, and also very comfortable and airy, so you won’t have to worry about sweat. The thick stay-put waistband used by Columbia ensures that these boxers stay in place and that they don’t twist and bunch up when wearing them. They’re easy very easy to maintain, as they can be machine washed and dried without any worries of shrinking or unraveling. The best part about them: You get them in a 3-pack, so you’re tripling your comfort here.

Columbia is an absolutely huge brand that owns other impressive brands like prAna and Mountain Hardwear, and so it goes without saying that their high-quality items usually cost a little more than competitors. This isn’t going to be the case with Shopping Blitz, however. Not only can you pick up this entire 3-pack for only $34.50, but you also get free shipping on the item, so you won’t have to pay a penny more than the site’s ticket price.

Rugged Work Boots for Rugged Men

While the idea of hard work has changed mightily over the past few generations, there are millions of men out there who get up early and go to work at some of the most grueling jobs on the planet. These men dig trenches, saw trees, build roads and bridges, and other truly hard labor that requires ample protection for the feet. These are men who need rugged, durable work boots so that their feet stay comfortable and protected during their jobs. This is where Shopping Blitz can assist men who need that comfort and protection. With a wide range of work boots for hard-working men, let Shopping Blitz handle your needs.

Instead of searching around aimlessly for a boot that might do the job, check out the 6” Traditional Work Boots from Carhartt. A company that is all about designing rugged and durable items for hard-working men, Carhartt definitely knows how to produce the high-quality goods. These boots testify to that fact, available in a very stylish brown oil tanned and featuring a list of key benefits. For starters, the upper is made from a high-quality, full-grain leather that’s durable yet flexible. The welt construction means that these boots can hold up to any task. And with the protective TPU heels and waterproofing on the outer and in the lining, your feet stay dry and safe while also having ample traction.

While these are not steel-toe boots, they are still incredibly durable and can withstand even the toughest jobs out there. These boots are available in sizes 8-W up to 14-M for men, so any size foot is going to be able to fit into these boots, unless you fall into that 1% of men who need huge boots for the job. At a perfect 6” height, they also offer ankle support for sure footing.

Carhartt is the go-to name in the industry for high-quality work boots, and so you can expect to pay $150 or more at most online outlets for these boots. Though when you stop in at Shopping Blitz, you can grab these boots for only $131.95, and also take advantage of the free shipping, so you can end up saving even more.

Finally, Real Comfort for Real Men

For many generations it has been considered a “manly” thing for men to wear big, bulky boots. And while there are many great boots out there which fit well and provide protection and comfort, sometimes a man just wants a shoe in which he can lounge around and truly be comfortable. For those days when he isn’t working and doesn’t need that rugged, thick protection, a great slip-on, boat shoe might just be what the doctor ordered. This is where Shopping Blitz can really help out, by showing you a range of comfortable shoes that are durable, comfortable, and definitely affordable.

One of the best examples of such a shoe would be the Sharkbyte AM Slip-On Shoes by Xtratuf. As their name suggests, Xtratuf is a brand all about creating durable items that are also comfortable. They accomplish this by using the best materials around, and it really shows through in these slip-on shoes. Available in bold, attractive colors like royal blue and chocolate, these shoes are made out of a blend of airmesh and chevron materials, so not only are they incredibly light but also very durable. You can grab these shoes in sizes from 5 all the way up through 14, so most men’s feet will be able to easily slip into these comfortable boat-slash-lounge shoes.

While slip-ons are often called lounge shoes and have developed a reputation for being a house shoe that men cannot actually be active in, this actually isn’t the case with these Sharkbyte shoes from Xtratuf. They have a very strong and durable outsole, so you can easily use these slip-resistant shoes for walking and even activities like running. They’re perfect while out on the boat, providing you with a ton of traction, and are actually one of the most popular shoes for men looking specifically for boat shoes. Though they are perfect for lounging, boating, walking, and more.

For a pair of shoes that can do so much, one might expect to have to pay an arm and a leg for such an item. However, you can pick these shoes up for an affordable price through Shopping Blitz. They’re available here for only $64.95, and that even includes free shipping, so you’re saving money in multiple ways with Shopping Blitz.