4 Great Travel Apps to Help You Plan Your Next Vacation


Today, people can turn to their mobile device for almost anything. From shopping to reading the news to tracking your workout, nowadays there’s an app for everything – even traveling. In fact, when it comes to planning and booking a vacation, an app can be your best friend. There are tons of travel apps out there designed to make planning a vacation and finding the best deals that much easier. To help you plan your next vacation with ease, here are some of our favorite travel apps at Shopping Blitz, the top place to shop for clothes online.


If you want to skip the tourist attractions and head to the local scene, then Localeur is the app for you.  Localeur is a community of locals who want to help travelers experience the best places to eat, drink and play. Right now the advice is limited to 14 major U.S. cities, but if you’re traveling to one of its featured destinations it’s definitely worth taking advantage of. Each local has a photo and profile that explains who they are and what their interests are. There are lists about essentially everything, from “My Favorite Brooklyn Dance Floors” to “Miami’s Awesomely Authentic Tanqueria’s”.


TripIt lets you be your own travel agent and organize every single detail of your trip, from car rentals to lodging accommodations to restaurants. TripIt caters to every kind of traveler and enables you to have all your travel details in one place. You can create a custom itinerary on your own or forward the email confirmations of your flight, train tickets, rental car and lodging to plans@tripit.com and they’ll create the itinerary for you.


TripAdvisor is the world’s largest online travel platform, where millions of travelers from around the world rate hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions on a 5-star ranking system. With these travelers’ rankings, TripAdvisor has created curated lists of the best attractions in every city. On TripAdvisor, you can also search over 200 sites to find and book the best hotel prices and flights.


Airbnb helps you rent unique accommodations from local hosts in over 190 counties. Airbnb has over 1 million listings, with rental options ranging from castles, yurts and watchtowers to apartments, rooms and sofas. The app provides travel accommodations for every budget.


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