4 Tips for Breaking In New Shoes Without Breaking Your Feet


Between buying a new pair of shoes and being able to wear them comfortably for a long duration of time, there’s the inevitable break-in period. Whether you’ve purchased a new pair of heels or running shoes, not taking the time to break them in before wearing them for a decent length of time can lead to blisters and pain. To make the transition from the shoe box to your feet much less painful, follow these tips for breaking in your new shoes from Shopping Blitz, where you can buy shoes online.

1. Wear them around the house

Before you embark on a long distance run with your new running shoes or wear a new pair of heels for a night out on the town, wear them around the house. Wearing your new shoes, walk up and down the stairs and while standing and sitting around. If you’ve purchased a nice pair of shoes that can easily be scuffed or marked up, wearing them around the house will ensure they won’t get ruined before you wear them out.

2. Wear them with socks

While you wear your shoes around the house, wear them with thick socks. The thicker the socks, the better. This will help stretch out the shoe and prevent blisters as you get used to your new shoes. You can do this as you cook, do chores or relax on the couch.

3. Bring them to the office

If you work at an office, wearing a new pair of shoes at work is a great way to break them in. Pack them in your bag and slip them on once you’re at the office.

4. Use a hair dryer

For shoes that are tight in certain spots, applying heat with a hair dryer can help loosen them up. Put your shoes on with some thick socks and blow dry each shoe for a few seconds on low heat. You can repeat the process if needed.

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