For generations now, Harley-Davidson has been the king of motorcycles on American roadways. When you think about beauty, fierceness and pure power, you’re probably thinking about a Harley. In fact, there may not be another name out there so synonymous with Americana as Harley-Davidson. Though did you know that the H-D brand also does a lot more than motorcycles? Among other things, they’re also very popular for creating high-quality clothing, like boots and shoes and jeans. If you’re interested in finding some quality items from Harley-Davidson, then the easiest way to find them is through Shopping Blitz.

The Banks Casual Flip Flop Sandals by Harley Davidson are some of the best sandals you’re going to find on the market today. While some might expect H-D sandals to be made out of full-grain leather with bits of chrome attached, they’re actually pretty much like most other sandals you’ll find as far as design goes. Where these Harley sandals stand out is in their quality. They’re made out of rubber and polyurethane, so they’re as tough as nails. They’re a traditional between-toe design, a “thong” type of sandal/flip-flop, and they’re incredibly lightweight while still also featuring a cement construction to make them incredibly durable.

The sandals themselves are very attractive, in a black and orange color with the Harley-Davidson logo displayed proudly on the front. They’re available right now on the site in sizes from 7 through 11, though keep your eyes peeled for a wider variety of sizes depending on what’s in stock. These sandals fly off the shelves very quickly.

Even though Harley-Davidson is a world-famous name, these sandals aren’t going to cost you a fortune, at least if you shop through Shopping Blitz. On the site right now, you can pick up these H-D sandals for only $44.95, and as a big added benefit, you will not have to pay any more at all for shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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