My Forever Boots: A Dr. Marten’s Love Story

No matter how many pairs of shoes I own, or how many more I’ll get my hands on and feet in, one pair is going to be with me forever. My original Dr Martens 1460 boots in cherry red. Dr. Martens 1460 Lace UP Boots

I got them in high school, as a present from my parent’s for doing well in school. Even though my parents couldn’t really afford such luxuries, they splurged on me and to this day it is the best present I have ever gotten. Many years have passed since, more than I’m comfortable to admit, but the Dr Martens are still with me. Though bruised here and there, the shoe is in wonderful shape altogether, without any leeks, lost eyelets or broken stitching. I had to replace the laces a couple of times, but that’s all there was to it, a part from cleaning the boots, giving them all-weather protection and a good polish once or twice a year.

The boots and I have done so much stuff together it would be too much to write here, but what is interesting is that that one pair of boots has been my go-to footwear for over a decade now. If it’s raining or snowing, sunny or “meh,” if I do not feel like thinking about what to wear, I simply lace those on and I’m good to go. Doc Martens are perfectly suited for shopping, walking with the dog or alone, going to the movies, dancing and anything you can think of! They are not the warmest boot though so I do put another pair of socks on if I’m going to the shop in a blizzard, but they do keep my feet dry. (As a side note, I had a car literary drive over my foot once (don’t ask), and thanks to the steel toe cap in the shoe, my toes went undamaged.)

To finish this story off, it makes my heart beat a little faster when I see someone buying the red 1460’s from us. I imagine a girl just like me, with all the adventures to come, and wish her all the best. I want her to go places and see things, to experience the joy of life I have experienced.

And then I look at my own feet and remember where my own 1460’s got this scratch, where I bought those crazy black but glow in the dark laces, how my pup tried to chew on them… It feels like one buys much more than a boot with Dr Martens, you know?

What is your go-to shoe? And the story behind it?

hugh sinclair

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