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If you woke up this morning a little cold and ultimately sad that we’re still in the middle of winter, don’t feel alone. There are millions of people out there who just can’t wait until the springtime gets here. Though being stuck in the cold-weather season is what it is; there’s no changing it, at least if you’re not traveling to warmer climates. After the holiday season, you may find little to look forward to. Well, Shopping Blitz is here to tell you that there’s still some good news for you this winter, like being able to find high-quality, top-shelf boots for a fantastic sales price that you just can’t find anywhere else! If that don’t cheer you up, nothing will.

The Shellista II Mid Waterproof Boots by The North Face are ideal for women who need boots that were built to truly hold up to the season. These boots were crafted with a leather upper that’s 100% waterproof, so there’s no worries about sloshing through the snow. They also feature a waterproof shell on the bottom. In terms of style, they look great aesthetically and have a mid-calf height with a full lace-up front feature. The nubuck leather looks great while the PrimaLoft Silver insulation protects your feet and keeps them toasty warm. The sole is an injection-molded piece that’s specifically created for a woman’s foot, so comfort isn’t an issue. These are boots that look great enough to go out on the town while protecting well enough to be worn in arctic temperatures.\

You can find a lot of variety with these boots. They’re available in three color schemes: Dachshund brown with demitasse brown; split rock brown with dove gray; and TNF black with plum kitten gray. In women’s sizes from 5 through 11, they also fit a very broad range of women’s feet.

The original price of these boots on Shopping Blitz is $145.95, and even more expensive on other sites. Though they’re currently available for 35% off, which means you get to save a ton and will only have to pay $94.95 for these boots. This price even includes the shipping, so there are no extra charges.

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