A Bold Beanie for Winter

Women definitely have more than enough options from which to choose when it comes to shopping. For many women out there, during this time of year, they already have their boots, their coats, their pants and sweatshirts. What they’re looking for now is a nice hat to wear. Many of these women really enjoy beanies. They’re soft, thick, comfortable, and were definitely made to keep you warm in the winter. Shopping Blitz is a site that has a ton of beanies from which to choose, including new, stylish beanies that are available for a very affordable price.

The Lexington Beanie by prAna combines everything you love about the classic beanie and takes it up a few notches with its construction techniques and fabrics used. The beanie itself is made out of a wool, nylon blend that’s flexible, durable and very warm. It has a novelty look to it, with a 3-inch band and a 4-hole button on the cuff. Though it’s also modern in many ways, like the way it’s put together and really works to keep the cold out entirely. It’s able to easily fit over the head without mashing your hair down flat, which is definitely something women appreciate about this beanie.

You can pick it up in two color combinations. The first is a light gray heather, which features accents of white and powder blue. The second is a burnt caramel, featuring accents of blue, off-white and red. They’re both very attractive, and each is available in a one size fits all size that will easily fit any woman’s head.

Even though this is a top-shelf product from a world famous brand, it’s going to cost you $38.95 right now on Shopping Blitz. This is a lot less than what most other online outlets are going to charge you for it, and the deal gets even sweeter when you factor in the free shipping to your door, so there’s no extra or hidden charges.

Brian Hendrix

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