A Boot That Will Last

One of the best things about buying boots it that you get a rugged piece of footwear that keeps the feet warm and protected, offers you great traction, and undoubtedly look great. Though one of the worst things about buying boots is that most are only going to hold up for a season or so, especially if you’re active and work in them. That’s because the leather most brands use isn’t really quality stuff. And they’re mass-produced on an assembly line without any care. It’s very hard to find boots that can really hold up and last. However, that’s exactly what Shopping Blitz helps men with: You’re shown high-quality items that will definitely hold up to wear and tear.

Take, as a great example, the Halcyon Dark Coyote Tactical Boots by Tactical 5.11. Yes, a very long name, but it’s for a very solid pair of boots. Tactical 5.11 cut their teeth on making legitimate survival gear, so these boots were designed to be used in the harshest of situations and still maintain their integrity. The outers of these boots are real suede leather and mesh, and it was designed to be the brand’s toughest boot yet. The insides also feature a soft Ortholite sole, so they were made for all-day comfort. The Tac-lock proprietary lacing system keeps these boots very secure on the feet. They’re also breathable, of course, due to the mesh inserts.

Overall, this is a winning pair of boots for men, whether you want them to work in, to hike around in, or just for their impeccable style. The Dark Coyote is a color, and it’s a very rich shade of tan, almost broaching on camo green. And in sizes from 4 through 14, it’s a pair of boots that will fit almost any sized foot.

Understand that Tactical 5.11 is a very serious brand that offers durable, long-lasting items, so you might find these boots for around $200 on some sites. Shopping Blitz is different, of course, offering you these boots for $149.95, and even throwing in free shipping to sweeten the pot.

Brian Hendrix

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