A Boxer Brief Set for Him

While women have entire stores dedicated to their underwear, and even entire industries and world famous runway shows, men’s underwear are basically ignored by everyone. Perhaps that’s why they call them “unmentionables,” because no one ever really talks about men’s underwear items like boxer-briefs. Shopping Blitz has not forgotten about the men out there, however, and offers a wide range of underwear for men that are not only top-shelf in terms of quality and comfort, but also that are fairly priced and affordable on any budget. Ladies, take note here if you need a good present for your guy this holiday season.

The Life is Good Moose Boxer Pack Boxer Brief Set gives men precisely what they want for a very affordable price. You actually get two pairs of boxer-briefs in this set, so you don’t have to fuss over which you like more, boxers or briefs. The hybrid versions seem to please everyone, offering the best of both worlds. These undergarments are made out of a blend of 95% cotton for warmth and comfort, while also having 5$ spandex, so they’re very elastic and form fitting. You  have the front flap, a thick elastic waistband, and those famous no-ride legs that won’t bunch up and make you uncomfortable.

The listing color is known as Americana red, but it goes well beyond that with these boxer-briefs. The first pair is a red color with white silhouettes of reindeer, for a festive feel. The second pair is holly green, also festive while still being a solid color. Your sizing options with these items run from small up through 2XL.

You should keep in mind here that Life is Good isn’t some Johnny-come-lately novelty brand. They use some real high-quality cotton to make very comfortable, durable clothing, and these boxer-briefs are no exception. All that said, you still get them for a great price on Shopping Blitz. Right now, you will only have to pay $23.95 for the whole set.

Brian Hendrix

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