A Comfortable Fleece Jacket

Men who shop online may have noticed over the past few years that their particular gender’s clothing options have exploded in options, orders of magnitude beyond what used to be available. Finally the online world of men’s shopping is catching up to women’s shopping, and thus you have a ton of options available. This is great news in the winter time, when you may be looking for a jacket. It means that beyond finding something that’s functional, you can actually find something that’s fashionable and that you want to wear. Shopping Blitz can easily help connect you with the type of jacket that you really want.

Adidas Sport Performance offers the Tivid Fleece II Jacket, which is ideal for this item of year. Although it’s lightweight and very soft and comfortable, it’s also incredibly warm and helps to keep that winter chill out. This regular fitting micro premium fleece jacket was made out of recycled polyester, so it’s also good for the environment. It has a full-zip front, a high collar, two front hand pockets, and a soft, warm lining. The jacket itself is versatile in that it can be worn as the top layer with a long-sleeve underneath, or as the bottom layer with something like a parka over-top. It all depends on the weather and what you need from your jacket.

When we mentioned that men had options, that definitely holds true for this particular item. You can pick it up in multiple colors, like a deep, rich red; a soft, illustrious blue beauty; a dark and daring legend ink, and the quintessential black color. Sizes run from small all the way up through 2XL, so it’s likely going to fit you well with room to spare.

The price of this jacket on Shopping Blitz is currently at $69.00, which is pretty cheap for an Adidas item. This is a jacket that can keep you warm all winter and can even be worn as a lightweight item in the spring. The free shipping on this item also allows you to save even more money here.

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