A Comfortable, Thicker Pair of Leggings

There’s something about leggings that are just all the craze. Typically is the case that when a pair of women’s pants come in style, they stay that way for a year or so then die off, and then pop back up decades later, like bell bottoms. However, leggings, or yoga pants, have been seriously trending for around a dozen years, and millions of women are looking for leggings. Though instead of those tight, constricting yoga pants, many want a more comfortable type of form-fitting pants. This is where Shopping Blitz can help, offering you a massive selection of quality leggings.

The Beaker Pants by prAna are a hybrid pair of leggings mixed with a comfortable jogger that make for the ideal pair of pants, especially for the fall season. These fitted pants feature a skinny, tapered leg and a wider elastic waistband, so they fit well and look great, and they can be hiked up to fit without exposing that risque crotch area that so many yoga pants do. They’re made out of a blend of organic cotton, hemp and spandex, so they’re warm, comfortable, thicker than usual, yet still very form-fitting and flexible.

One great thing about these pants is that they’re available in a classic black color, as well as weathered blue and charcoal. Just act quickly while supplies last, as Shopping Blitz deals with a first-come, first-served basis, and there’s no guarantee the pants you want will be there. They’re also available in sizes from XS to XL.

These pants are going to run you $88.95, but that’s still a pretty decent deal. Not only does Shopping Blitz slash the price down from other retailers, but you will also get free shipping and not have to pay another cent.

Brian Hendrix

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