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Men’s hat styles really haven’t changed all that much over the past 100 or so years, and that’s because they haven’t had to. The Stetson-style hat, for instance, is the quintessential cowboy hat, and millions of men love this style of hat. The style itself doesn’t change. What changes are the materials used in creating the hat, and overall quality of the craftsmanship that goes into making the hats. So if you’re in the market for one of those old-school cowboy hats, Shopping Blitz can show you items that were created using the best techniques and materials around.

Ariat made a pretty cool hat with their Bangora Double Row Crisscross Hatband Hat. While it has that style of the old western world, created by M&F Western Products, it’s really an updated version of the classic, which was created out of Bangora straw. It’s lightweight, flexible, breathable, and has a headband inside to ensure it stays comfortable and catches any sweat. It’s a decorative hat that’s also very functional, and it was built specifically to be able to stand up well to the wear and tear men might put it through.

Rather than a one size fits all format of hat that’s adjustable, like a ball cap, with a Stetson-style, you really have to create a fitted hat, so you’ll be able to find this hat available in sizes from 6 3/4 up through around 8, so it’s going to fit the heads of most men out there. It’s available in a light ivory tan color, with darker accents around the crown of the hat.

One of the best parts about this hat, at least if you shop for it with Shopping Blitz, is its price. Right now on the site, you can find this great piece for only $26.95. This is a pretty big savings when you consider what others might charge for it. Plus you get to save more by getting free shipping on this piece.

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