A Cute, Comfortable Spring Dress

One thing that most women learn early on when shopping is that there is a an incredibly broad range of clothing items out there from which they can choose. This is especially true for a thing like a dress. From prom dresses and short skirts to sleek and sexy outfits that you would wear to a cocktail party or dinner, there are thousands of different varieties of dresses that you can pick from, and each one has its positives and negatives. Have you ever tried something different? Spring dresses, which are soft and flowing and typically made out of cotton, are very trendy these days, and there is no better place to find one of these dresses than on Shopping Blitz.

Right now on Shopping Blitz, you can find the Courtney Dress by Fila. You may not know, but Fila does a whole lot more than athletic shoes. While they are primarily known for their basketball shoes, the brand has also been manufacturing high-quality clothing for just as long, and the Courtney Dress is a great example of this. You can grab this in colors like black,and deep teal, gray Heather and black, and white and black. It is also available in sizes from extra small up to extra large, so it will fit most women’s body types.

The big selling point of this dress is how comfortable it truly is. Made out of a high-quality cotton and polyester blend, this dress is light and airy while still being thicker and modest, so it’s not exactly as if this is a sheer dress. It flows over the body and has a relaxed fit, and it’s terry-cotton construction means that it is incredibly tough and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. With the embroidered Fila logo on the front, this is definitely all about brand name gear. If you’re a fan of Fila, then you will definitely appreciate this soft spring dress.

Another great positive about this product is its price. Available for $62.95, this is cheaper than you will find it at most other locations. At other online retailers, other than Shopping Blitz, you could be paying $80 or more for this dress, and still have to pay shipping. On Shopping Blitz, however, you pick this up for 62 bucks and the shipping is absolutely free.

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