A Durable Shirt for Active Men

Working out is something in which millions of men take pride. Getting out there and being active, working up a sweat and burning those calories to keep in great shape is very hard work. It’s also very hard on your clothing items. Most clothing items men wear for exercise get drenched in sweat, smell like a locker room, and don’t hold up very well at all after a few times wearing them. This is where men are seeking clothing for working out that’s more durable and built to better withstand the exercise and its aftermath. This is where Shopping Blitz can definitely help out. With a huge selection of men’s workout clothing and other activewear items, you can find exactly what you need for your exercise routine.

The Salomon Agile SS Tee M for men is a great piece of activewear that men will love. Salomon actually has over 70 years of experience in creating clothing, and decades under their belt perfecting their materials used. The Agile SS is known for its strength, durability, flexibility, and for its many great benefits. This shirt in particular is made from a poly blend that dries quickly, wicks away moisture, and even has mesh inserts to help regulate the body’s temperature and keep you cooler for longer. Running, hiking, biking, climbing, sports, etc; there’s nothing this shirt can’t do.

Available in a very attractive and bright blue color known as Surf the Web, the Agile SS Tee is available in sizes from extra small through 2 XL, so men are going to be able to find the right fit with this shirt. It’s also incredibly lightweight while still feeling strong and rugged thanks to its SkinFit technology. This means the shirt is form-fitting without being at all constrictive, so men have a wide range of motion and a shirt that stays in place while they work out.

For a shirt with so many bells and whistles, you could expect to pay $50 or even $60 or more at most online retailers. Luckily for you, Shopping Blitz is not like most online retailers. Right now on the site, you can pick this shirt up for only $39.95. And as part of the Shopping Blitz difference, you will also receive free shipping on this item.

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