A Fila Throwback for Men

If you’re not familiar with the Fila brand, they’re a brand that popped up in Italy in the early 1900s and quickly became famous for their footwear. These days you can find practically any sort of clothing you want from the brand. Leggings and jeans and shorts to tees and hoodies and jackets, Fila carries a little bit of something for everyone. However, the brand cut its teeth in the industry via its footwear, and it’s still their footwear that is the most recognized. Fila has a habit of revamping their old styles, with modern materials and techniques, and offering their fans throwback items, and Shopping Blitz is the best place to find these items.

One such item would be the Original Tennis Sneakers by Fila. One look at these sneakers and you can tell that they’re a throwback style to decades past, though they use the best in today’s materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure that they hold up a lot better than the shoes of the past. These are low-top sneakers that have a ton of style. They’re a cream color featuring an embroidered logo on the side, with the classic navy blue and Chinese red Fila stripes. They also feature a two-tone lace, navy blue and cream, so without question these shoes are all about the style.

Though they also function well. While they’re a tennis shoe, you can also use them for working out, other sorts of sports, or just hanging out. They have hard and durable rubber outsoles that keep great traction while also being flexible and comfortable. And available in sizes 9 through 15, most men can easily find their size and wear these sneakers comfortably.

For a leather shoe from Fila, you actually won’t have to pay a lot. Shopping Blitz is offering this shoe for only $74.95, and the site even throws in free shipping to really sweeten the deal.

Brian Hendrix

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