A Great Pair of Bottoms

Although it might be fall now, that’s still no reason that women cannot shop for great bottoms. The reason is that some of the best swimsuit bottoms you’re going to find on the market today are actually hybrid items, which you can wear around as underwear, or under a skirt or dress for a fuller covering, etc. To make it even better for your wallet around this time of year, items that are advertised as swimsuit bottoms are actually cheaper, because companies still have to sell. Plus this means fewer people are buying such items, so you’re more likely to get your preferred size and color. Just stop in at Shopping Blitz to see what we mean.

The Zuley Bottoms from prAna are a great example of a hybrid pair of bottoms that are more affordable and available in more sizing options now that it’s fall and not as many people are swimming. Made out of a blend of nylon and spandex, these bottoms are very flexible and comfortable. They provide ample coverage and are very modest, will still flattering the form by fitting it well. They’re fully-lined swimsuit bottoms, but are also so thin and light that they easily opt as a pair of panties as well. The black, sleek design of these bottoms make them some attractive panties as well.

The colors available right now are summer peach, which is sort of a lighter, off-red color, and solid black, which is just sexy and streamlined. However, understand that Shopping Blitz is a huge network, and so you will not be the only woman thinking about taking advantage of the lower price this time of year, so it’s imperative that you act quickly. Sizes are extra small through extra large.

These are tough bottoms that were built to last a long time, and they can hold up to a whole lot and also serve in a hybrid nature, so the price you’re going to find on these bottoms reflects their top-shelf placement. They’re $59.95, including free shipping, which means you’re still saving money on these bottoms by going with Shopping Blitz.

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