A Hybrid Dance Shoe

Most people know that it’s far better to spend hard-earned money on products that serve multiple purposes than to spend money on items that just serve one purpose. Other than a fire extinguisher, do you actually want a bunch of stuff lying around the home that can only be used for one thing and one thing only? Even a plunger has multiple uses, given the amount of drains you have. So shouldn’t the same principle hold true with clothing and accessories? Shoes, for instance, do not have to serve only one purpose. When you stop in and shop at Shopping Blitz, you can actually find footwear that’s able to serve multiple purposes, not just one.

A great example of a multipurpose shoe would be the Tap Queen Mary Janes by Danshuz. These are 1 1/2″ heels that can be worn as everyday heels. They’re sleek and stylish and made out of imitation leather that looks like the real thing, only it’s a lot more durable and can withstand the elements and wear and tear better. They feature real leather soles and an ankle strap to keep them in place. Aesthetically and functionally, they’re stylish and work great. However, they’re also tap shoes. If you attach taps to the bottom, they make for some pretty great dance shoes as well, and women definitely appreciate the hybrid nature here.

These shoes are available in a gorgeous, vivid, bright white color, and are available in sizes from around 3, all the way up through 10, so they’re going to fit a very wide range of women. You can choose which sort of tap attachments you want to use. Just keep in mind that these shoes can be worn anywhere and are great for a night out or for dancing.

The costs of these hybrid women’s shoes from Danshuz is only $36.95 on Shopping Blitz. And because Shopping Blitz is a lot different than other retailers, they will also send these shoes directly to your door without charging a penny more for shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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