A Hybrid Shirt for Men

Just because men have found a ton of options from which to choose while online shopping, that doesn’t mean that everything you find is going to be worth buying. Most sites have the mission of pushing their products off the shelf to stay in business, with little regard for true quality. Only a select few actual brands online take quality and customer satisfaction into consideration; a brand like Shopping Blitz. This is where you can find true quality clothing for a price that you can afford on any budget. If you need a great long sleeve shirt for the winter, Shopping Blitz is the place to look.

The Graden Long Sleeve Slim Shirt by prAna is a great example of this. While a simple looking shirt on its face, this is actually a great item that many men consider a must-have for the winter. First and foremost, it’s made out of 100% organic cotton, so there’s no questioning the comfort of this item. Cotton is also incredibly warm, so a lightweight item like this will keep you every bit as warm as a sweater. It’s the ideal garment to wear under a light jacket to create dual-layer warmth that you’d typically only find with a thick, heavy winter parka. The shirt has decorative body panel seams and offers a slim fit design. It has a full button-up front and a high collar, which offers a very classy, semi-formal look.

Men also get some variety here by being able to choose this shirt in one of three colors: Nautical, which is a deep, rich blue; Steel blue, which is more of a light, powder-like blue; and Stone, which is reminiscent of khaki or light tan. You will also have no trouble finding the perfect fit, as this shirt is available in sizes from small up through 2XL.

The going rate for this shirt on the average site is well over $80, and most consider that a pretty solid deal. However, you will only have to pay $68.95 on Shopping Blitz. A brand that puts the customer first, this shirt also ships out to you for free, so there are no extra charges when you check out.

Brian Hendrix

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