A Hybrid Shoe for Men

Harley Davidson is hands-down the most popular name in motorcycles around the globe, and especially in America. When it comes to style, raw horse power, and value, nothing beats a Harley. Though did you know that Harley Davidson also creates clothing? They use the same commitment to quality materials to produce a lot of clothing, and are very popular for their shoes and boots. If you want to see what Harley Davidson can offer you off the road, then Shopping Blitz is a great place to look.

The Nathan Sneakers by Harley Davidson¬†are classified as high-top sneakers but are much more like a boot-shoe hybrid. Harley took no shortcuts in creating these sneakers, building them with full-grain leather and solid, durable rubber that can really stand up to a lot while also holding traction on most surfaces. They feature a full leather upper that is embossed with a bar on the side and the “H-D” shied graphic of the brand. They also feature a full length cushioned sock lining, in order to absorb some shock and make your feet a lot more comfortable.

These high-top sneakers have what is called a vulcanized construction, which means that they were really built to be able to withstand a ton of wear and tear. These aren’t shoes that are going to start splitting at the soles or coming undone. They were built to really hold up to just about anything. The shaft is 4.25″ high, and they even give you a bit of a rise with a 1″ heel. They’re currently available in men’s sizes from around 7 through 13.

One fact you have to understand with Harley Davidson is that they’re the epitome of high-end, all about quality and excellence. So these high-top sneakers aren’t going to be cheap. This is where stopping in at Shopping Blitz really works out well, however. Instead of paying some very high mark-up, you can grab these H-D high-tops for only $61.95, and save even more with the free shipping.

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