A Laid Back Shirt for Her

With all the many clothing options available for women when shopping, especially online, sometimes women just like simple, practical fashions. Not every garment a woman wears needs to be loaded down with bells and whistles. If you feel like a simple pocket shirt with some long sleeves, perfect to wear under a jacket or sweater, then Shopping Blitz also has a ton of minimalist items from which you can choose. This is your go-to location when you’re seeking quality craftsmanship for simplistic items.

The Mini Butterfly Carefree Long Sleeve Pocket Tee by Life is Good is the epitome of simplistic style. This is a long-sleeve shirt with a convenient pocket on the chest, like you’ve likely seen so many men wear. It’s made out of a super soft cotton, modal and spandex blend. It drapes over the body and is very loose fitting, almost like a quality slub cardigan or something very fancy; except, of course, this is a dialed-back tee-shirt for lounging around and comfort. It’s an ideal piece to wear under a jacket, or as a standalone piece when you’re indoors and just want to feel comfortable.

Right now the only color in which this piece is available is a night black. Make sure to check back to see what other options pop back up when in stock. Though while you might not have many color options, you will definitely find the right sizing options. This is a shirt that’s available in every size from extra small through 2 XL, so it’s going to fit almost any woman’s body. And remember that this is a baggy, loose fitting shirt. This means it’s going to be bigger, so keep that in mind when ordering.

The price for this shirt is definitely discounted when you go through Shopping Blitz. Available for only $41.95, this is a pretty big savings compared to what you will be charged elsewhere. Keep in mind that you also get free shipping on this shirt, so you get to save even more money by avoiding extra charges.

Brian Hendrix

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