A Light Way to Stay Warm

One of the drawbacks of wintertime a lot of men notice in particular is that clothing made to keep you warm seems to always be bulky, rigid and stiff. For example, you work outside in the elements, and a light jacket on top of a t-shirt isn’t going to work. So you bulk up with a thicker jacket. Problem is, this jacket is heavy, bulky, and doesn’t allow you any range of movement. This is why many men are turning to long-sleeve quality undershirts to wear under a lighter jacket, and Shopping Blitz definitely has a wide variety from which you can choose.

The Critter Long Sleeve Tee by Neff gives you the perfect balance of coverage and warmth with weight. It’s advertised as a tee but is more like a lightweight sweatshirt. It’s thick and durable, while still being light and breathable. It’s a crew-neck design with cuffed sleeves that fit well. It’s made out of 100% high-quality cotton, so the comfort isn’t in question. It’s not designed to be a standalone shirt in the elements, as it’s not waterproof or moisture-wicking, etc; it’s designed to be worn inside or under a jacket to provide warmth without adding weight. To that end, this Neff shirt is ideal for the winter weather. Toss on a light jacket, double up your layers, and you can stand any temperature.

This long sleeve tee is available in two color schemes: Simple black and white. Though each color does have a different color array of sleeve graphics and the chest logo; e.g. purple and yellow on black, and blue and purple on white. In sizes from small through 2XL, it’s also going to be able to fit practically any man’s body.

The price of this shirt on Shopping Blitz is pretty low, coming in at only $29.95. This is a lot cheaper than you’ll find this shirt elsewhere. Though Shopping Blitz doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get this shirt shipped to you for free, allowing you to save even more money.

Brian Hendrix

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