A Long-Sleeve Shirt for Him

Yes, it’s officially that time of year for most Americans to forget about those t-shirts altogether and to start dressing more warmly for the weather. This means long-sleeve shirts. However, those shirts in question don’t have to be thick, woolen shirts that make you sweat and feel uncomfortable. By checking out what Shopping Blitz has for the season, you can find long-sleeve shirts that will keep you warm while also keeping you nice and comfortable while wearing them. It’s all about that balance.

The Off-Road Outdoor Long Sleeve Crusher Tee by Life is Good is one of the many items in their Crusher line that both men and women can’t get enough of. For over 20 years this brand has been churning out some comfortable clothing, and this cotton-poly blended long-sleeve shirt is ideal for men during the fall season. It’s roomy while still clinging to the body well for a flattering look. The loose shoulders and back give it a full range of motion. And the material is definitely quality, so it’s not going to shrink up when washed or run and tear due to wear.

The color of this shirt is very attractive and will go with just about anything men wear. It’s a heather night black, which is like a deeper, darker version of charcoal gray, and it has a cool jeep graphic on the front, which is hauling a bicycle. In sizes from small through 3XL, this is a shirt that almost any man of any size can very comfortably fit into, from small men to rather large men.

One of the best parts about shopping with Shopping Blitz is that you’re always going to save money. This shirt specifically is only $29.95, and what makes this deal even better is that you’ll also get free shipping on this item and won’t have to pay a penny more to have it delivered to your door.

Brian Hendrix

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