A New Spin on a Classic Wallet

Clothing companies know better than anyone just how different men and women are. It all boils down to the raw data of the spending numbers. Women have dozens upon dozens of different handbag and purse varieties because, fiscally speaking, it’s viable for different companies to produce so many options. This is why you see so many variations of the purse. For men, however, things are much simpler. Just give men a classic tri-fold wallet and they can hold everything they need. The classic wallet is a tried and true accessory that most men carry, and if you need a great wallet, there’s no better place to shop for it than on Shopping Blitz. You can find a great update to the classic here that you will love.

The Vert Rail Wallet by Dakine is everything you love about that classic wallet design, only updated with a modern twist for a new generation. It’s a full length wallet that can hold all of your money easily, and it even has a zippered coin pocket. This wallet is made out of polyester, which is actually going to last you longer than the classic leather wallets to which you may be accustomed. It has multiple card slots on each side, and an ID window in the center. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the wallet just coming open on you, as it has a touch fastener to keep things secure and safe.

This wallet was impeccably crafted and features the Dakine logo on the front. It’s a one size fits all wallet that will work for anyone, and you can pick it up in either a storm color, which is like a light black, or in a field camo design.

This is a great piece, but don’t think for a second that you will have to break the bank here. Dakine products are top-shelf, but Shopping Blitz is only asking $19.95 for this quality wallet, which is surely more affordable than you will find it most anywhere else. It’s all about the deal with Shopping Blitz.

Brian Hendrix

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