A New Spin on a Classic

Okay, most fellas out there can attest to this fact: There’s really nothing that’s quite as comfortable as cotton. Sure, there are some materials that are softer, definitely some that are warmer, and all sorts that are more durable. Though when it comes to just throwing something on that makes you feel good, cotton is the creme de la creme of the fabric world. And more often than not, what men want in their cotton garments is something simplistic that fits well. This is where Shopping Blitz can really take all the guesswork away and leave you with a lineup of cotton clothing you’ll love.

Neff and their Critter Long Sleeve Tee is really the epitome of a classic style of shirt done right, with a modern twist. This shirt is made out of 100% cotton that’s plush, durable and comfortable. Neff is a newer company, only around since 2002, but is already well known for their classic styles and comfortable creations. This shirt is no exception. It fits the body well, a little baggy in the midsection, and features a pre-stretched fabric that won’t shrink up on you in the wash. The shirt also looks cool aesthetically, with a splash of graphic designs on the breast and running down the sleeves.

There are two really classic color options here from which you can choose: Black and white. Neff keeps things simple, so you’re not going to find a neon yellow and indigo color here. However, they do add a big pop of color with the little bright purple and yellow “critters” running up and down the sleeves, with the brand’s logo on the front of the shirt. Sizing options run from small through 2XL.

For a shirt like this, you might expect to pay $40 or more on most sites; and that’s likely what you’re going to spend on most retail sites on the web. However, with Shopping Blitz, you get your first initial discount when you buy this shirt for only $29.95, and your second when you realize you won’t have to pay for shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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