A New Type of Outdoor Sock

Men have a lot more shopping options avaiable to them today than they did a few years ago, and so it’s very easy to find the type of gear they’re after online. However, many men actually forget to buy essential items that they really need, such as a great pair of socks. With Shopping Blitz, not only can you find socks you need, but you will find thick, durable, comfortable socks that are also very affordable on any budget. So the next time you need to do your clothes shopping, don’t forget about those feet and make sure you get them some socks that will fit comfortably and actually hold up to everyday wear and tear.

The Rainier Outdoor Socks are one of the best pair of socks on the market today, and for quite a few reasons. They’re not exactly socks that you’re going to wear without shoes, so the “outdoor” label might fool some. That label’s actually meant to imply that you want to wear these socks when you’re walking, hiking, running, etc, with your boots or sneakers. They’re made out of a natural fusion wool blend that can withstand a lot of wear and tear while sicking away moisture and keeping your feet cooler and dryer for much longer. Mixed into the wool are materials like polyester, nylon, combed cotton and elastane, so they’re definitely durable.

Available in a large size that can easily fit on most feet, these socks hug and conform to the foot’s shape and will not slip off. They’re a very attractive striped black, blue, red, gold and green color. Another great benefit of these socks is that they’ll also hold up to machine washing, even though they do contain wool. The natural blended fabrics can hold up well in a washing machine. Just wash them in cold water and you shouldn’t have any issues.

At a lot of online locations, you may find yourself paying $40 or more for these outdoor socks. While you’re shopping with Shopping Blitz, however, you’re going to get them for a much more affordable price. These socks will only run you $29.95, and you also get free shipping on your order, so that’s another cost you won’t have to worry about.

Brian Hendrix

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