A New Type of Women’s Pants

Women are certainly never lacking when it comes to shopping options. In pants styles alone, they have capris and leggings and low and high-waisted and dozens of other options available to them. Though what about some older, traditional styles? When is the last time you have seen actual women’s trousers out there? They have long been out of style. Though some companies out there have taken the classic trouser style and have revamped it, giving you an entirely new style of pants to wear. You can find some of these new, unique items on Shopping Blitz, but act quickly before they’re out of stock!

A hot selling item right now would be the Vidda Pro Trousers W Regular Pants by Fjallraven. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Fjallraven produces a range of outdoor-rated clothing items that are tough as nails, stylish and comfortable. These pants are in a trouser style that have been reworked entirely to create a unique take on the classic. They’re ideal for hiking, walking, jogging, or even working in or lounging around. They’re made out of a durable and soft blend of cotton and polyester. They have double reinforced stitching over the rear and knees for added durability. They also feature 7 different pockets, so you can carry a whole lot around with you. The waist is an adjustable elastic to increase comfort, and overall these pants were made to take a beating yet still hold up well.

Available in dark grey, these pants are very attractive. Keep in mind that they were also made to be rather loose and very comfortable. So the sizes you’re going to be dealing with for these trousers run from 34 up through 42 in women’s, so they’re a bit on the larger side.

Fjallraven makes top-shelf outdoor gear that typically costs a pretty penny. These pants, for instance, can be found upwards of $200 on a lot of sites! Luckily, with Shopping Blitz, you won’t have to pay that. You can get them for $149.95, and you get to save even more money by having them shipped to you for free.

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