A Retro Hat for Men

Sometimes men are in the market for something as simple as a good hat. Generally speaking, men love those baseball-style caps, or even those western-style cowboy hats. These are the two most popular styles of hats on the market today, but in no way are those the only options. One very underrated style of hat is the bucket hat. This is a style that was very popular in the urban environment during the 1980s, and it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity now, especially among younger men. If this is a style of hat you’re considering, just remember that Shopping Blitz is the site to pick for the best styles and the lowest prices on this sort of hat.

The Velour Bucket Hat by Fila takes you back an entire generation to when this bucket-style hat was all the rage. Best of all, the fabric Fila uses to create this hat is a cotton-poly velour blend that’s incredibly soft and supple. The hat itself is very fashionable, featuring a soft, flexible, wrap-around brim that just screams style. The hat itself is very flexible and is available in a one size fits all style. It’s a navy blue hat with the classic blue, red and white band, with an F-box Fila logo sewn onto the front.

Just keep in mind that this hat is about style. You’re not going to want to wear it out in the rain or for warmth in the middle of the winter. Like a lot of other specialty hats, this velour bucket hat wasn’t made to wick away the water or to insulate the head. It was made purely for style, and so it’s all about looking great.

With a retro, throwback item like this, you might expect to have to pay a lot. However, this Fila hat only costs $29.95 at Shopping Blitz, and to make the deal even better, this price also includes free shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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