A Simple, Warm Pullover

Men are finding a bit of trouble with online shopping, now that they have just as many options as women have. What do you actually spend money on? This is something very important, as men making impulse purchases online are wasting money and boosting some companies that don’t deserve it. You should know that your first stop should be a quality site, like Shopping Blitz. Once you land on a quality spot, you know that the clothing you’re purchasing is worth the money spent, and buying quality clothing means you save a lot more in the long run.

The Encore Half Zip Pullover Shirt fro Fila is an item that’s very simplistic in its design while offering you a lot of complexity in terms of quality and choice. This is made of a synthetic fleece polyester material that’s super soft and incredibly warm for its weight. It pulls on and off like a sweatshirt, but has a half-zip feature to let you customize the fit. It’s ideal for winter wear, whether you’re wearing it over something or under something. It even features a zippered media pocket on the sleeve for your mobile storage convenience.

A real strong selling point with this particular pullover is that you can choose from a wide range of colors here. You have black, black and hot lime, verdant green and black, blue depths and highrise, a wine and castlerock color, and more. Fila is also a brand most men can fit into, with sizes from small up through 2XL.

The price of this pullover is only $54.95 on Shopping Blitz right now. This is a pretty big savings considering what this pullover would go for on other sites. Plus you get the added benefit of free shipping on this item when you shop with Shopping Blitz.

Brian Hendrix

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