A Spring-Summer Skort

To say that women have a lot of different clothing types available for them would be the understatement of the year. No matter what season it is, women have their pick of the litter in terms of clothing styles and types. One clothing item that’s been turning heads for a while now is the skort. A hybrid of shorts and a skirt, the skort is cute, comfortable and quaint, something that many women want to wear while hanging out or just lounging around. If you want the best skorts around, make sure you drop in on Shopping Blitz to check out a vast selection of these items.

The West Loop Trail Skort by White Sierra is a sleek, attractive, stylish skort that’s made out of a quality polyester and spandex blend. White Sierra has made a name for itself over the years by using the best in quality materials to create clothing that’s durable and attractive, and this skort is a great example of that. It fits very well on the waist and thighs, form-fitting yet flexible in the shorts portion of the garment, while light, baggy and breezy in the skirt. This skort is all about security and comfort.

The design of this skort is very functional. For instance, it gives you a zip pocket on the hip to hold your valuables securely, as well as additional side pockets, while also providing protection against the sun with a UPF rated fabric coating. This means the UV rays from the sun aren’t going to penetrate this item. The fabric also repels water, so you won’t have to worry about getting wet. The total skort is 17″ in length.

Another thing that many woman may love about this skort, other than the fact that it’s available in all sorts of color options, is its price. On Shopping Blitz right now, you can grab this great White Sierra skort for only $45.00. Making the deal even sweeter, you get free shipping on this item, so no extra charges to have it delivered.

Brian Hendrix

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