A Stylish, Throwback Hat

Although it might not seem like hats are in such high demand anymore, women from all around the globe still love purchasing quality headwear. While you might only find pants and tops at most stores out there, understand that the world of online shopping is the doorway through which you can find any sort of hat you’ve ever wanted. One of the best places online today to purchase hats would be Shopping Blitz, which offers you some of the best on the market for a price you can afford to pay. If you want a quality hat, then there’s only one place to shop.

The Velvet Park Cloche hat by Conner Hats is the type of hat you would expect to see gracing the red carpets of Hollywood in a bygone era. It’s supple and attractive, a round cloche that features a fabric bow on the front with a wrap-around ribbon. Not only aesthetically pleasing, this hat is also all about the quality. Made out of Australian wool with a satin interior, it’s durable and warm while also providing a lot of comfort. The satin interior is about as smooth and soft as you can get. The wrap-around band and bow is even softer, made out of real velvet. This hat is certainly a stunner.

You can choose colors with this hat like putty, gray, brown and black. Each hat’s ribbon and rose is black velvet, which just looks gorgeous on a backdrop of a putty-gray or brown color. In terms of sizing options, this is a one size fits all hat that should actually cover most women’s heads well. Just keep in mind that your hairstyle will always affect the way a hat fits, so there’s a choice to be made on whether you want a big ‘do or a hat.

Conner Hats is a top-shelf, world-renowned brand, and so you’re liable to find this hat for $70 or more at a lot of locations. People pay this price and are very happy with it, given the quality of this wool cloche. However, when you choose Shopping Blitz, you won’t have to pay that price. You can grab this piece for only $54.00, which is a steal.

Brian Hendrix

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