A Summertime Romp for Women

For most people around the nation, the summer months mean dressing down a lot. This is when those tank tops, shorts and bikinis come out, and when people try to dress as lightly as possible to stay comfortable. When it comes to cool, comfortable clothing, women definitely have a lot of items from which they can choose. Right now on Shopping Blitz, women can find great items that will definitely keep them cool during those hot and muggy summer months, and for a reasonable price that most can afford on any budget.

One such item is the Malibu Hooded Romper by Fila. A romper is basically a one-piece combination of shorts and a tank top, and this particular one-piece tank even throws in a hood for that extra splash of style. The first thing most notice about the piece is that it’s form-fitting, flattering and comfortable, made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% polyester. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and the spandex mixed with the cotton gives it a better fit with a lot more strength.

Like most Fila items, this has the brand’s logo printed across the chest. It’s also created to fit women of most any size, available in sizes from small up through extra large. The big, swooping neck is modest and not restrictive at all. From the front the hood makes the shoulder straps look very stylish, while from the back you can see the lightweight hood.

Fila is a top-shelf Italian brand that does everything from shoes and socks to sweaters and jackets. This particular romper is one of the brand’s most popular items around this time of year. On Shopping Blitz right now, it’s available for $64.95 and it ships to your door for free, so you won’t have to spend any extra money on the shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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