A Visor for Guys and Gals

In the entire wide world of clothing and accessories, one thing that you’re going to notice, above all others, is that everything is broken down into two categories: Male and female. Whether boys and girls or men’s and women’s, there’s a dichotomy that runs down the center and rarely do you find any items that are actually unisex. Well, that’s a shame, because unisex products are typically made tougher and with more quality so that they’ll cater to each side well. So if you want something like, say, a visor that can work with men or women, Shopping Blitz is where to look.

The Salomon Race Visor is the epitome of simplistic elegance. Salomon has been a high-end, trusted company for decades and they make a wide range of products for men and women. This particular visor is a unisex piece, which means it’s for men or women. It’s a one size fits all adjustable piece that can easily fit the contours of any head shape. The front brim offers ample protection from the sun while the inside band is made to absorb sweat while keeping you cool and comfortable.

This piece is made from polyester, so its toughness is not in question. It can really hold up to the rigors of working out, playing sports, or just wearing around in the summer while you’re out and about. Another great benefit with this visor is that it’s very light. You’re not going to be weighed down at all.

For everything this visor offers you and all of the protection you get, you still won’t have to pay a lot, at least if you get it through Shopping Blitz. The current price for this unisex visor is only $44.95, and on top of that you get to save even more money by having the item shipped for free.

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