Let Us Introduce Ourselves

ShoppingBlitz is a multi-channel eCommerce platform providing footwear, apparel, and accessories for the active and hands-on lifestyle. Our core products fall into the following 6 lifestyle categories:


  1. Fitness / Wellness
  2. Industrial / Service Industries
  3. Outdoor Recreation
  4. Extreme Sports
  5. Functional Fashions
  6. Travel / Commuting


ShoppingBlitz revolves around the adage “Things for Doing” – with a targeted audience of over 22,000 and growing daily. We have cultivated a diverse range of functional, yet stylish products, that are suited for all types of adventures. Wherever the journey may lead, we encourage you to “Find YOUR Blitz” – whether that “Blitz” be running, dancing, hiking, skateboarding, rock climbing, or simply a casual night with friends.

The ShoppingBlitz team, with an in-depth knowledge of modern eCommerce logistical chains, facilitates a more optimized and user-friendly customer experience. Our support team provides assistance to customers with prompt attention-to-detail and seasoned expertise. The ShoppingBlitz headquarters, centrally located in New Jersey, takes full advantage of our in-house custom shipping software to ensure fast fulfillment of orders. Facilitating purchases through various drop ship programs – in real-time – is also something we excel at. The ShoppingBlitz business model has a flexibility that is second-to-none. Our headquarters is also the home to our storefront, which showcases our latest favorites in footwear, dance apparel, and camping gear. We invite you to pay us a visit real soon!

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