Affordable Fall Fashions

Sure, the scenery is quite remarkable when the autumn months roll around. Some may even enjoy the weather, since it’s a break from the humidity yet still not cold enough to need a huge jacket. Though while the weather isn’t going to chill your bones quite yet, you may still want to pick up an item that keeps you more protected. And thanks to a site like Shopping Blitz, you can make the change into fall without having to sacrifice any style at all, and without having to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, something like a great polo shirt is all you need to ring in the new season in style.

The BB1 Polo Shirt from Fila is definitely a top-shelf item that offers you more protection than you may think. Even though this is a short-sleeve shirt, it’s made out of a thick, durable 100% cotton that can really stand up to the chill while still remaining entirely comfortable. It has a slimmer fit, so it doesn’t fall into Fila’s retro baggier line. It’s more of a lounging around shirt, but can definitely be used for going out or in a semi-formal setting. It has a three-snap placket, a ribbed collar, cuffs on the sleeves, and an embroidered Fila logo. It’s a quality shirt that can really hold up to a lot.

If you’re quick on the draw and are willing to stop by fast to get your item, then you can choose from a very broad range of colors here, including Chinese red, various combinations of white with the classic Fila colors, jelly bean, peacoat blue, navy, and more. Fila also makes sure to cater to men of a wide range of sizes, so this is a shirt you can find in sizes from small up through 4XL, for the really big and tall men.

For a polo shirt of this caliber from Fila, paying $59.95 isn’t that bad at all. However, don’t forget that this is Shipping Blitz, so you still end up saving not only on the cover price, but also through shipping rates, and there’s a fee of zero to have it shipped out.


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