An All-Season Men’s Jacket

One thing that really differs between the sexes when shopping for clothing is the seasonable aspect of that clothing. For instance, women tend to shop per season, for a certain style that’s hot, and so their fall top will only be worn in fall. Men, on the other hand, don’t rightly care about an item’s season; they enjoy wearing an item whenever it’s needed. This is why a lightweight, comfortable jacket is always a great buy for men out there. It comes in handy during the cold-weather seasons of fall and winter, and also for chilly spring and summer mornings. Shopping Blitz can help you find a great all-season jacket.

The Fila Verita Track Jacket is a jacket that was designed to be light and comfortable so it can cover you up for any season. Whether it’s the dead of winter and you need to wear it over-top a sweater to keep warm, or a chilly morning with the wind coming in off the ocean, this is an ideal jacket for keeping you cozy and comfortable. It’s an old-school throwback item with that classic F-box logo. It’s made out of a blend of cotton and spandex, so you know it’s comfortable. The jacket features a full zip front, two side pockets, a high, stiff collar, and elastic at the cuffs for the ideal fit. It’s a great jacket for any time of the year.

You can grab this jacket in one of two color schemes. The first is a Peacoat, white and Chinese red blend; the second is a black, silver lake blue and tapioca blend. Fila isn’t messing around when it comes to men’s sizes. No matter your size, you can fit into one of these options, as this jacket is available in sizes from small, all the way up through 4XL, so big and tall men can definitely wear this stylish jacket.

The price point for this jacket is just amazing. For what you’re getting, you’re saving about half the cost when you shop this jacket through Shopping Blitz vs. other online retailers. You can grab this for only $38.35, an amazing price, and even receive free shipping on the item.

Brian Hendrix

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