Dressing to Impress with the Right Shoes

Most men realize that when they’re shopping for clothing, they don’t have the same sort of options that women have, at least when it comes to a variety of different clothing items. Though there is one area where that changes: Footwear. Men’s shoes, boots, sandals, etc, are every bit as numerous as women’s items like pumps and heels and flats. So for men, it’s not a question of being able to find the right shoe; it’s more of a question of being able to find the best deal on the right shoe. This is where Shopping Blitz comes in. You can save a lot of money without having to sacrifice any quality or style.

Propet makes some of the best shoes for men on the market today, and you can find a pair like the Grady Hi Cut Shoes for an awesome deal right on Shopping Blitz’s main site. The Grady is a pair of high-quality dress shoes that are durable enough to be worn out and around, and comfortable enough to keep your feet cozy the entire time. The shoes are cut higher at the ankles, so they offer more support and look great. The uppers are made out of a rich, supple full-grain leather that’s durable while also being soft and flexible. The OrthoLite insole with the PU foam makes these shoes incredibly comfortable to walk in.

Best of all, these shoes are approved by Medicarae as therapeutic shoes, benefiting people who have diabetes and maladies with their feet. That’s how comfortable these shoes are. And when it comes to looks, these shoes would be amazing for any professional. You can get them in black or brown and in sizes from men’s 8 through 15, or more depending what’s in stock.

These shoes are full-grain leather and are built to last, so don’t be shocked if you find them for $150 or more on most sites. The difference with Shopping Blitz, of course, is that you can find them for cheaper, like a price tag of only $129.95. To sweeten the deal even more, you get free shipping on these shoes.

The Ideal Women’s Summer Top

For most women in the country who like to look fashionable, there’s no better time of the year to shop than in summer. The summertime is when you can find a wide range of form-flatting, airy and gorgeous clothing. From skirts and shorts to bikinis and everything in between, women have a very broad range of clothing out there that they can try. Though sometimes it’s the simple things that you end up wanting, like a very simple top. You don’t have to go too far to find the sort of simplistic elegance you’re after. Simply drop by Shopping Blitz and you can find a wide assortment of items that will definitely brighten up your summer.

One of these simplistic, elegant items would be the Heritage Short Sleeve Top Shirt by Fila. For around a century Fila has been one of the best names in the clothing game, and this short-sleeve top is a form-flattering piece that women love. It’s made out of a blend of polyester and spandex. The poly material is durable while also being soft, while the spandex allows it to hug the contours of the body and to look amazing by accentuating women’s curves in all the right places. It’s a throwback, vintage style from Fila, something they were popular for decades ago. Though the revamped version features better quality and craftsmanship.

You can pick this top up in colors like base white with blue and red accents, or blue with white and red accents. Fila is also well known for clothing that fits a wide variety of women’s bodies, so this item is available from extra small all the way up to 2XL.

Fila is basically as high up as you can get on the shelf for quality clothing, so their items are priced accordingly. On some websites, you may find this top offered at around $70, and people are paying that much for it! On Shopping Blitz, you won’t have to pay near that. You can get this top, including free shipping, for only $53.95.

Great Back to School Sneakers

It’s really hard to say for whom the summer flies by the fastest: The kids who have to go back to school, or the parents who have to ensure that their children are ready with all the books and pens and folders and clothing they need. Regardless, it is very important as a parent that your children have everything they need to go back to school. One very underrated item is a pair of shoes. Finding the right shoes before school can last them through the entire school year and even through the summer. So when you need to find the best shoes around, Shopping Blitz has you covered.

A great pair of shoes that are sturdy and stylish are the Volcanic Runner 5 Sneakers by Fila. For around a century, Fila has been delivering some of the best in quality clothing and footwear in the industry. This quality shoe is just a standard of the company, and is made with synthetic materials, mesh and a very comfortable lining. The idea with this kids shoe is to be lightweight and breathable, something kids can play in and be comfortable. Though the idea is also for the shoe to be able to hold up to the wear and tear of playing.

It features a cushioned midsole and absorbs shocks well, while the mesh inserts allow for airflow and the synthetic leather is very pliable and durable. With a big padded tongue, it’s a shoe that’s very comfortable and durable enough to really last the long haul. In sizes from 5 through 10, this is a shoe that’s great for toddlers who aren’t yet in school, and kids in primary school who need the tough footwear for recess and other activities.

For a shoe that’s this durable, stylish and can really hold up for your kids, the price on Shipping Blitz is pretty great. You can get these sneakers for only $54.95, and that also includes the shipping, so you won’t have to pay an extra penny.

The Right Gear for Camping

The idea of a summer vacation is something that’s been part of our culture for so long that it’s impossible to say where the idea originated. Taking your family out on a trip to some outdoor location is just a rite of passage for most people. The only real area of difference is to where your family will go. Some travel abroad and stay in hotels. Some like to trek to big amusement parks. And the more adventurous types like to really rough it outdoors by going camping. If you enjoy camping, then you know that the warm weather won’t last long, and also know that you need camping gear. Shopping Blitz is more than clothing and shoes; you can also find the best camping gear on the site.

The Sarek Three Seasons Long Sleeping Bag is the perfect example of this. While summer is the season most want to go camping, this is a bag that will keep you warm in safe in practically any weather. It’s an adjustable, down-filled bag that’s extra long so it’s extra protective. The outer shell is made out of a polyester that will fight off any moisture and can hold up to wear and tear. This item is from Fjallraven, and they’re known for outdoor products that are tough as nails.

One of the best things about this padded bag is something that goes beyond the quality and comfort it offers. It was designed to have a “comfort temperature” feel, which means that no matter the weather outside, the bag inside is going to stay a cozy temperature that allows you to sleep comfortably without too big of a dip or rise in temperature. Available in a bay blue color, it’s also very attractive.

Keep in mind that this is a high-quality, top-shelf sleeping bag, and on most sites it’s going to cost you well over $500. That’s just the going rate for such a quality piece. However, you can grab it for only $399.95 on Shopping Blitz, and even get free shipping on the item.

For generations now, Harley-Davidson has been the king of motorcycles on American roadways. When you think about beauty, fierceness and pure power, you’re probably thinking about a Harley. In fact, there may not be another name out there so synonymous with Americana as Harley-Davidson. Though did you know that the H-D brand also does a lot more than motorcycles? Among other things, they’re also very popular for creating high-quality clothing, like boots and shoes and jeans. If you’re interested in finding some quality items from Harley-Davidson, then the easiest way to find them is through Shopping Blitz.

The Banks Casual Flip Flop Sandals by Harley Davidson are some of the best sandals you’re going to find on the market today. While some might expect H-D sandals to be made out of full-grain leather with bits of chrome attached, they’re actually pretty much like most other sandals you’ll find as far as design goes. Where these Harley sandals stand out is in their quality. They’re made out of rubber and polyurethane, so they’re as tough as nails. They’re a traditional between-toe design, a “thong” type of sandal/flip-flop, and they’re incredibly lightweight while still also featuring a cement construction to make them incredibly durable.

The sandals themselves are very attractive, in a black and orange color with the Harley-Davidson logo displayed proudly on the front. They’re available right now on the site in sizes from 7 through 11, though keep your eyes peeled for a wider variety of sizes depending on what’s in stock. These sandals fly off the shelves very quickly.

Even though Harley-Davidson is a world-famous name, these sandals aren’t going to cost you a fortune, at least if you shop through Shopping Blitz. On the site right now, you can pick up these H-D sandals for only $44.95, and as a big added benefit, you will not have to pay any more at all for shipping.

Back to School for Him

We can all remember those summer breaks from school and how quickly they flew by. Just about the time you get used to sleeping in and playing with your friends all day, you’re getting dragged to some store to try on pants as you get ready to return to school. As a parent now, you know it’s your responsibility to ensure that your kids are going back to school with all the materials they need, and this definitely includes clothing. If you need to do your back to school shopping, Shopping Blitz is the ideal location, as they carry a wide range of clothing that your kids will love.

Younger boys, for instance, will love the Crestable Polo Shirt by Fila. One thing about this shirt that really stands out, especially for younger boys, is how incredibly durable it is. It is made out of 100% polyester so that it can really hold up to a lot of wear and tear, while also being very comfortable. It’s also a very stylish piece, with a long-tailed body, comfortable sleeves, a curved hem, and a collar. It also features side mesh inserts so that it’s breathable, and also a moisture-wicking SPF-30 fabric so that it can be worn outside without worry.

This is a shirt for boys of most ages in school. It will fit him from kindergarten up through high school and is available in sizes from 2 extra small through 2XL. It’s a bright white shirt with a Fila logo on the sleeve. Though you shouldn’t panic as a parent. The moisture-wicking polyester fabric doesn’t allow stains to set in very well, plus it’s very easy to clean.

This shirt isn’t going to break the bank if you get it from Shopping Blitz. On the site right now, you can grab this shirt for only $37.95, and this price even includes free shipping directly to your door.

A Light Tank for Women

Many people out there are still relatively unfamiliar with the Fila brand. Started in Italy in the early 1900s, Fila rose to real prominence in America in the 1980s for their basketball shoes and urban attire. Their hoodies and sweatshirts and basketball shorts, along with their shoes, were huge hits in a lot of the nation’s cities, and the brand has always taken special care to churn out new and exciting pieces for men and women. So if you’re a lady looking for some quality clothing to wear in the summer, finding something from Fila might just be your best option. And when it comes to Fila, no store around offers better deals on a wider selection than Shopping Blitz.

One of the best pieces for women from Fila this season is the Core Printed Tank Top. Incredibly simplistic yet endlessly elegant, this sleek, stylish tank is all about performance and is made out of a blend of polyester and spandex. Polyester offers all the strength you’ll need for this garment to hold up for the long haul, while the spandex helps with the comfort and allows this tank to really fit the form well and flatter any woman’s body. It’s a light item with a swooping neck and thin shoulder straps, and it even features an inside bra with removable padding.

This comfortable, colorful tank from Fila is available in a range of sizes from extra small through extra large, so you will find that it’s going to fit almost every body type. There are also multiple color choices, and they all feature a multi-colored array on the tank, with a small Fila iron-on logo. It’s a form flattering piece that can be worn in a variety of different ways, and it’s going to keep you cool and comfortable.

The reason you would want to pick this up from Shopping Blitz is that it’s available right now for only $47.95, and this even includes free shipping, so you won’t have to pay a single penny more than the list price to get this tank top.

A Classic Cozy T-Shirt

There are so many different clothing options out there for both women and men that it can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Especially when you’re dealing with the summer months, sometimes you want to forget about all of those fancy items and just find yourself a good, classic t-shirt. Whatever happened to those? Well, if you’re familiar with Shopping Blitz, then you may already know that getting something like a classic t-shirt is very easy on the site, and the best part is that you’re not going to have to pay a lot for a quality item that you will love.

The Interlude T-Shirt from Dakine is a throwback to the days of classic, comfortable and cozy tees for men that fit well and feel great. This particular shirt is made with a jersey fabric that barely clings to the body and offers a loose, breezy fit. It’s made out of a blend of cotton and polyester so that it’s as tough as nails while still being very comfortable. These materials were combined in dozens of micro layers to create a ring-spun jersey fabric, which is airy and tough. Dakine is an American company known for their tough take on outdoorsy gear, and this shirt is no exception.

Available in multiple colors and multiple sizes, you can pick this t-shirt up in any size from small to 2XL, so it’s easily going to fit most men with room to spare. It’s also very easy to care for and clean. Simply toss it in a cold-water wash and make sure you tumble dry or hang on the line. You won’t have to worry about this shirt fading or developing those little tiny holes from the wash. It’s durable and was made to stand the test of time.

Another great thing about this shirt is its price. At a lot of competitor retailers online, you might see a shirt like this offered for around $40. Though if you choose Shopping Blitz, you will only have to pay $21.95 for this shirt, which gives you a lot more money to spend on other items or simply to save.

Shopping for Winter in the Summer

One of the most underrated aspects of summer shopping is that you can actually handle your winter shopping a lot easier around this time of year. For example, if you’re looking to buy cold-weather clothing in December, not only is it harder to find items in stock, but you will also probably be paying more money to get what you want. Stores still need to move their winter products in summer, and so they’re offering these products for lower rates, plus you’ll be able to find more of what you want. So, for instance, if you’d like to get a great winter beanie for a lower cost, you might want to stop by at Shopping Blitz.

The Gordon Beanie hat is the quintessential cold-weather beanie, make no mistake about it. It’s not anything you’d wear in the summer. Though with more in stock and a lower price, it is something worth buying right now. It’s made out of an acrylic and polyester blend, giving you thick stitching on a hat that’s guaranteed to keep out the cold. It’s also very attractive. It’s a striped design, featuring a lot of different colors, and it has that classic ball at the top, which works very well, even though this is a men’s beanie.

Speaking of men’s, this isn’t anything that’s set in stone. It’s still just a beanie, and any woman can easily wear this item too. It is made to fit a person’s head, so it doesn’t have any gender per se; it’s just marketed in the men’s category per the manufacturer. Overall, however, this is an attractive, warm, comfortable beanie that’s available for a great price right now.

The Gordon Beanie is only going to run you $25.95 on Shopping Blitz, and that even includes free shipping. So while many sites are charging you much more for the product, and including shipping costs, Shopping Blitz slashes their prices and does things differently.

A Classic Leather Wallet for Him

There are a whole lot of brands out there in the world, and you undoubtedly have your favorite brands. Take a brand like Rawlings, for example. Many people, especially men, have known about this brand since they were children. This is the brand that probably made your baseball glove for you, and other athletic wear that you enjoyed in your youth. Though one of the greatest things about big brands is that you often find out they produce more than what you knew about. Rawlings, for instance, makes a lot of goods other than sporting gear, and you can find a lot more from this brand on a site like Shopping Blitz.

For instance, if you’re in need of a quality wallet, the Fielders Choice Front Pocket Wallet from Rawlings is a baseball-themed piece that even has the baseball-like stitching across the front. It is constructed out of 100% full-grain leather, so its quality is really not in question. There’s nothing so durable and rugged as a leather wallet. The rich, deep and supple cowhide used here is a gorgeous brown color that really pops. The wallet features an ID window, three slots for your cards, and three additional slide pockets, plus that long money pocket.

Unlike a lot of men’s wallets, this wallet also has a magnetic money clip inside of it, so you’re not going to have to worry at all about losing your money when you put it into your wallet. It’s a bi-fold piece that was designed to work well in the front pocket of jeans, large enough to give you that “feel” so that you won’t have to worry about pick-pocketing.

Rawlings is one of the best brands out there when it comes to using quality leather to make long-lasting products, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to break the bank purchasing this wallet. On Shopping Blitz right now, you can grab this wallet for only $49.95, and even get free shipping added on to the deal!