AYG Men’s Extra Dry Short-Sleeve Shirt

T-shirts have come a very long way since the days of white cotton tees. While that sort of shirt is still comfortable and very popular, many men today are looking for items of clothing that are far more functional. This is where a shirt like the AYG men’s extra dry shirt comes into play. With the Polarmax material used, this is an all-season shirt that will work well with anything from biking and hiking to playing hoops in the park. It’s made of a cotton blend that will wick away the moisture and always stay nice and dry. This obviously helps prevent unsightly sweat, and it also helps prevent the build up of odors and stains.


Unlike a regular under shirt or other sorts of t-shirts, this isn’t going to shrink up on you when you wash it. The Polarmax material is cutting-edge technology, and while that might sound a bit like an over-sell for a piece of fabric, the blended material here is quite revolutionary and is being copied by a wide assortment of companies these days trying to get in on the moisture-wicking trend.

The shirt comes in a charcoal color that will go well with any sort of outfit choice you plan to make, and it’s available from size small up to 2XL, so any man of any size can wear this shirt and be comfortable in an active lifestyle knowing that they won’t be drenched in sweat. Best of all, the shirt is on a fantastic sale at Shopping Blitz currently, available for $15.95, marked down from $22.10. That’s a huge savings that you won’t find elsewhere; only Shopping Blitz offers such a deal on such a shirt.

With the range of clothing options available at your fingertips via the Internet, long gone are the days of having to settle for a plain old cotton t-shirt. Now, for around the same price, you can shop an ever growing assortment of high-quality clothing that’s great for any sort of activity. For teens, this would be a great item for back to school. For dads, it’s a great gift for any occasion. And for the active men out there, there’s no better shirt on the market to help you stay cool and dry during those strenuous activities.

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