AYG Performance 4-Way Boxer Briefs

AYG, or All Year Gear, is a brand that more and more men are coming to know in this modern age of sophisticated clothing. By and large, AYG produces clothing that keeps men dry while still ensuring their comfort, whether they’re playing sports, hiking, working, or just sitting around the home. And it’s no different at all with this great pair of boxer-briefs from the popular company. Men’s boxer briefs are a dime a dozen, and you’ve undoubtedly saw those commercials about the ones with the fruit on them, or Michael Jordan trying to sell something without tags. However, those companies lack the sort of technology that AYG brings to the table.


A few years ago, a word like technology was reserved for electronics and things of that nature. Though after developing a cutting-edge fabric that can actually wick away moisture and keep you dry and clean, AYG has been on a tear, releasing product after product to much acclaim. This is really an entirely new level of boxer briefs from All Year Gear, and it all starts with the Acclimate Dry/polyester blend that ensures you won’t get wet from basic activities. As all men know, staying dry means staying comfortable, and that’s very important for men, especially active men, and it’s a great reason to pick up a pair of these boxer briefs.

Another great reason to grab yourself a pair is that they’re on a great sale right now at Shopping Blitz. Rather than having to pay $20 or more, you can save 20% on this great item and pick up a pair of boxer briefs to suit your needs for only $15. They’re available in black or white, and you can get them in any size from small to XXL, meaning that man of any size can find the right pair for him and his needs.

The best thing about shopping with Shopping Blitz is that these great deals on the boxer briefs, and a wide assortment of AYG items, aren’t just flash in the pan weekly sales. These are the low prices you can always expect from the site, and you will be able to save a ton of money by ensuring you shop all your men’s wear needs with Shopping Blitz.

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