Back to School With The Fila Sandal

For most students and most parents handling the back-to-school shopping duties, the idea of back-to-school shoes typically means something along the lines of running shoes, basketball shoes, or tennis shoes. In other words, some sort of athletic trainer. However, there are many schools out there offering children and teens activities that might require an entirely different type of shoe. For instance, if the school in question has any sort of swimming as sport or recreation, the typical sort of athletic trainer just won’t cut it. And nearly every school will require boys to shower after gym, which requires shower shoes. This is when something like the slip-on Fila sandal can really pay off.

Fila has actually been one of the biggest names in footwear for going on three decades. While huge brands like Nike and Adidas may get the bulk of the spotlight, Fila has held on as a quality brand for quite a few reasons, none the least of which is the quality of the footwear, available at a price that’s merely a fraction of those other huge companies. This particular slip-on sandal is a classic beach style sandal that offers more than meets the eye. It has great traction, a cushioned sole, and an adjustable top, so what you’re basically getting is a sandal that will fit the foot of anyone from a teenager to a full-grown man with a wide size 13 foot.


The padded Velcro top ensures the best fit, but it’s the quality materials used by Fila that ensure this a sandal that will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Whether you need a great pair of shower shoes for those days in the school gym, or something to get around the pool with, this is a great choice for boys. And what’s more, Shopping Blitz is currently offering these sandals at a heavily discounted rate of under $20. That’s hard to beat for Fila, and almost impossible to beat per competitors.

While the brand is known for its basketball shoes and other sort of clothing, Fila puts this same sort of quality into the slip-on sandal. Although it may appear as an everyday sandal from the outside, the fact is that this piece of footwear is anything but ordinary; and you can have it for an unbeatable price from Shopping Blitz.

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