Back to School for Him

We can all remember those summer breaks from school and how quickly they flew by. Just about the time you get used to sleeping in and playing with your friends all day, you’re getting dragged to some store to try on pants as you get ready to return to school. As a parent now, you know it’s your responsibility to ensure that your kids are going back to school with all the materials they need, and this definitely includes clothing. If you need to do your back to school shopping, Shopping Blitz is the ideal location, as they carry a wide range of clothing that your kids will love.

Younger boys, for instance, will love the Crestable Polo Shirt by Fila. One thing about this shirt that really stands out, especially for younger boys, is how incredibly durable it is. It is made out of 100% polyester so that it can really hold up to a lot of wear and tear, while also being very comfortable. It’s also a very stylish piece, with a long-tailed body, comfortable sleeves, a curved hem, and a collar. It also features side mesh inserts so that it’s breathable, and also a moisture-wicking SPF-30 fabric so that it can be worn outside without worry.

This is a shirt for boys of most ages in school. It will fit him from kindergarten up through high school and is available in sizes from 2 extra small through 2XL. It’s a bright white shirt with a Fila logo on the sleeve. Though you shouldn’t panic as a parent. The moisture-wicking polyester fabric doesn’t allow stains to set in very well, plus it’s very easy to clean.

This shirt isn’t going to break the bank if you get it from Shopping Blitz. On the site right now, you can grab this shirt for only $37.95, and this price even includes free shipping directly to your door.

Brian Hendrix

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