Boots That Look Great and Perform Even Better

For many people, the colder weather starts to bring on a little depression. After all, those beach days are over, and you’re not going out of the house wearing mini skirts and cute tops that draw in the attention. However, a lot of people love this season for what it does offer. It’s the perfect time of year for hiking, for visiting orchards, for watching the leaves change, and for playing around in the snow. If you live in an area of the nation where the snow falls, then sledding, snowball fights, etc, are rites of passage. There’s no other way around it. But how do you keep warm while still ensuring you look great in the process? Luckily for all women out there, Shopping Blitz answers this question with their incredible merchandise on the site.

One of the best pairs of boots you’ll find on the entire Internet would be the Phylly 10-inch Winter Boots by Bearpaw. For starters, these are boots from the famed Bearpaw line, and they do winter gear practically better than any other company you’re going to find. Secondly, these boots are gorgeous and lace up in the back while looking like pure gray velvet. They’re actually constructed of suede, which has a protective layer on it so they can be worn in the elements. Now, we wouldn’t recommend that you go trekking around in a blizzard with these puppies on. But if you have to walk through some snow, it’s not going to hurt them.

They’re also probably the most comfortable boots you’d ever wear in your lifetime. Featuring a plush insole with sheepskin lining, these things are like walking on clouds. Plus the insole is completely removable so you can also keep your boots fresh and clean. The NeverWet Rust-Oleum surface of these boots means they wick away the wetness instead of allowing it to soak in, so they’re definitely a great choice for the fall and winter months.

A boot that looks this attractive, from a quality brand like Bearpaw, is sure to set you back over $100; and for everything you’re getting here, it would be well worth it. In fact, $100 is cheap when you consider everything this boot gives you. But when you choose to go through Shopping Blitz for such a boot, you’re going to save money and won’t have to pay $100 for them. Instead, you can grab these boots for only $84.99.

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