Cool Job Series: The Ski Instructor


This month on our #CoolJob series we are featuring another job we greatly admire – the ski instructor. Whether ski instructors are teaching new skiers or coaching the sport’s top athletes, they need the right gear to keep them moving comfortably on the mountain all day long. High quality brands like Columbia sportswear deliver the breathable, resilient, warm and waterproof ski jackets and equipment instructors need to tackle any type of winter terrain.


Gold 650 Turbodown JacketGold 650 Turbodown Jacket

Ski comfortably and in style with the Columbia Gold 650 Turbodown Jacket. This jacket combines synthetic and performance-enhanced down insulation to deliver the warmest, softest and lightest-weight jacket.

With its extreme heat retention and premium ripstop shell fabric you’ll remain warm, dry and cozy even on the coldest,  snowiest terrains. Retails for $169.93.






                                                            Whirlibird Interchange Jacket

 Columbia Whirlibird Interchange JacketWith the Columbia Whirlibird Interchange Jacket, you’re essentially getting three jackets in one. Designed for skiing comfortably in fluctuating winter conditions, this jacket features a warm, water-repellent zip-in liner with a waterproof, breathable seam-sealed shell. Its versatile design helps you stay warm, dry and cozy.

With its modern, classy fit you’ll look stylish against the snowy mountain. The zipper chest and hand pockets provide room to safely store your belongings while you shred down the mountain. Retails for $219.93.





                                                             South Peak Interchange Jacket

 South Peak Interchange JacketWarm, waterproof and breathable, the Columbia South Peak Interchange Jacket brings you 3-1 versatility. Designed for skiing in both mild and harsh winter conditions, this jacket features a lightweight nylon 2-layer shell with a removable, waterproof hood and drop tail. It contains zippered hand and chest pockets for storing your necessities.

Lined with synthetic and thermal-reflective warmth, this jacket will keep you warm and comfortable on the slopes. Retails for $239.93.


The Price We Pay: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Perfect Rain Boots

As returns season is upon us it gets me thinking about all the shoes in my closest I’d love to replace. Some were gifts, some choices from an outdated past, damaged pairs and ones that never made sense in the first place. I look at the rain boots under my desk, long-faded from its cute white, pink and purple plaid glory days. They were cheap and have lived-up to the price. Sometimes, unfortunately cheaper doesn’t mean better. Sometimes we need to make an investment in quality. We need to ask ourselves, do I want these for a day, a season, or a lifetime? And then figure out monetarily what we are willing to pay for our choice.

Crocs WelliesMy used and abused golashes have had me perking up at each new brand’s offerings. Crocs Bridle Wellie Rain Boots have been catching my eye the most lately. Designed like a classic riding boot, these waterproof beauties have a cushioned footbed and Crocs proven comfort. Plaid overlay gives the boot an air of respectability and class. That’s a lot to be said for a rain boot and at $66 its an incredible bargain!

Dirty Laundry Rain BootsIf we are going off cuteness factor alone than my mind wanders to Dirty Laundry Rodwell Waterproof Boots. A mid-calf boot whose bold colors and rounded design will add a splash of color to the gloomiest of days. Checking out at $45 they are worth more than a second look. I am partial to the Fushia/Orange, as well as the Green/Navy. Pairs like these make me wish for storm clouds!

And because we should never let the weather slow down our chic, let me present Henry Ferrera Neon Bootsthe Henry Ferrera Neon Boot. Sleek, with a faux crocodile finish, these are the kind of boots that make the statement for you. If I bought these I would call them by City boots. A pair I could use to dress up even an old pair of jeans. Something about heading into Manhattan makes me want to put my best foot forward. Comfort is also key for walking those long city blocks. At $40 you can afford a tough rain jacket to go with it!

Ahnu Laguna BootsMy thinking outside box choice is the Ahnu Laguna Boot. Waterproof patent leathers with easy on/off medical zipper. Contains a U-shaped heel stabilizer for optimum comfort and balance. Its seam-sealed construction keeps water out and heat in! At $160 its a commitment but with this kind of construction they are boots that will grow with you.

My mind is still unmade as I love them all but I hope my ramblings have made the point that fashion need not find its true worth on a price tag. The best finds are often found in the unlikeliest of places! Now go splash in some puddles for me!

Happy New Year!

As we enter into a new year we reflect on what we have accomplished and what we have yet to achieve. At Shopping Blitz we recently came together to celebrate success, friendship and community. The holiday season has always been a time to take note of what we have to be grateful for.

We are grateful to be entering into our 2nd year as a company. From a fledgling outfit with less than 5 employees to a thriving company of over 20, we have worked hard to achieve our growth spurt. With all change, we have had our share of growing pains and rewards we could never have imagined a year ago.

We just want to take this time to thank our customers, vendors, employees and partners. 2013 is shaping up to be the year of The Blitz!

Product Spotlight: Naturalizer Juletta Boots

Since turning 30 this gal has begun to let go of her tomboy past and embrace the temptress that is fashion. Fueling the flame are all the amazing styles popular this Fall. I find that I want it all in my closet, from the cute dresses over tights and tall gorgeous riding boots to funky flats with colored jeggings. Slowly I am beginning to weed through my shoes and replace the clunkers with classic pieces that I can manipulate into any style I am feeling at the moment.

My most recent purchase from the SB warehouse is the Juletta boot from Naturalizer. These boots are part of the reason that at my age I am developing a shoe obsession. My mother would be so proud! These babies are just stunning. I have somehow wheedled them into most of the decent parts of my wardrobe. They make so-so dresses smile and give old skirts a new lease on flirt. The other ladies in the office and my girls out of it have been experiencing the dreaded shoe envy. Which is no place for a fashionista on the rise to be.

What really set my new boots a part for me was how surprisingly comfortable they were. Normally I am not happy unless I am in flats or flip-flops but these boots have become an extension of my feet. After some research I discovered that for over 80 years Naturalizer has been creating shoes known for their comfort. All Naturalizer footwear features their exclusive N5 comfort system—five essential features that help in providing all day comfort: extra cushioning, breathable linings, balance, flexible soles and lightweight material.

I have no problem running around in them every day at the office and then effortlessly carrying them over into my social time. Which is feat unto itself. Shoes that are day and night friendly are clutch. I never have to bring a change of shoes when wearing the Julettas, unless I am heading to the gym. Which is not enough to even talk about! But since these boots make my legs look so good I try to not let it get me down.  Happy Fashion Hunting!

Product Spotlight: Dr. Martens Marie Pumps

Dr. Martens‘ Posie collection was created to give it’s owners a lightweight pump perfect for the summer. But I don’t listen to so-called fashion rules and neither should you. I wear what I want when I want. I see no reason why I cannot layer under these beauties and carry them into the fall. Coupled with some knit or cabled tights from Capezio and you will be set for an adventure in any season.

The Marie Pumps come in several colors, and while I am partial to Blueberry & Blackcurrant they are all functional and fabulous in their own ways. A slip-on shoe that can hold its own with a pair of blue jeans or under a skirt or dress. It is versatile and stylish while allowing the wearer the ability to express their individuality.

New Brands

Newness has allure, it dazzles the eyes and stimulates the senses.  In that vein, Shopping Blitz is proud to announce the launch of three brands we feel privileged to be able to share with you. Each brand embodies its own kind greatness, from expressing individual style, to outfitting an adventurous spirit or the ultimate in sumptuous comfort.

Starting in the rebellious culture of the 1960’s, Dr. Marten has since become synonymous with individual spirit. The Dr. Martens brand has evolved into an iconic extension of creative expression, worn by people who classify themselves as individuals, free-thinkers, those that make it their mission to think outside the box. There is a rebellious kid in all of us waiting to blast through the preconceived notions of the past and create a world of our own making, a better one, one that our younger self would approve of. Might as well do it sporting a pair of Docs.

Dr. Marten’s 2012 line is inspired by individuality of spirit, take a look at the new line.

[youtube=]Columbia Sportswear believes that the road to better is paved with trying stuff. Outdoor enthusiasts and cold weather aficionados should be no stranger to Columbia Sportswear. What makes the brand so special and in-tune with their customers is the fact that they love outdoors as much as they do. They remain dedicated to creating high-quality performance products that keep patrons comfortable and protected, no matter what trails they decide to travel down.

The outdoors is about more than scaling Himalayas; it’s a walk in your local park, it’s a day in the garden or a week in the wilderness. Shopping Blitz believes as does Columbia Sportswear that you should live life to the fullest and we are here to provide the gear to get you there.

Take a look at Columbia’s Great Moments In Trying Stuff

UGG® Australia for men is more about luxe relaxation then following the next adventure and Shopping Blitz is equally excited to carry it. We are known for our ability to knock it out at work but we also put full importance on our down time. The moment when you take your shoes off from the day and slip into a pair of sheepskin slippers or boots cannot be over emphasized. Transitioning to comfort, giving your hard working feet the gift of quality is the ultimate indulgence.

Fittingly Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is UGG’s spokesman. Who would know better how to appreciate treating feet to luxury after a long day then a three time Super Bowl champion? One of only two players in NFL history to win the NFL Most Valuable Player and Super Bowl MVP awards multiple times, Tom Brady knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Tom Brady embodies the authentic style that is at the foundation of every product UGG Australia makes.

Watch the Fall 2012 Manhattan billboard come to life in an exclusive time-lapse video that captures the process from start to finish.


Tom Brady explains what makes UGG his favorite brand


Manufacturer Spotlight: Caswell-Massey

I grew up in a house where things like decorative hand towels, fancy soaps and a spotless mirror were important. It was also a house that revered brands like Caswell-Massey, the elite of the elite in the hand soap and personal products industry. My mother treasured their gems like they were gold. She made it a point to instill me in the idea that its the details that really pull a thing off.

So when we acquired the Caswell-Massey brand, suffice it to say I was excited on a personal level. Opening the boxes and bottles and smelling the sweet smell of Almond, intoxicating scent of Sandalwood and the familiar notes of their Number Six line, reminded me why the brand had such success. Buying my own decorative soaps for the bathroom I realized that what makes a product timeless is in the details.

Some of my favorite products include:

The Almond & Aloe Hand Cream with Silk is a luxuriously rich, yet quickly absorbing natural hand cream. Silk protein makes hands silky to the touch, never greasy. Made with pure sweet almond oil, one of the most common essential oils used in skincare and aromatherapy because it adaptable for almost all skin types. It is rich in Vitamin E and has numerous moisturizing properties. Plus it smells awesome in the shower and doesn’t leave my skin feeling like a dried up cactus.

Elixir of Love Body Dust is the kind or product made for antique dressing tables and corsets made of lace. Caswell-Massey conjures the delicate beauty of its past with an exclusive women’s fragrance, based on centuries-old formula. It has a lightly floral fragrance, blending Jasmine, Lavender, Egyptian Musk, and Passionflower. Looking for something thats add class to sexy, this is it.

Great for sensitive skin the Goat’s Milk & Honey Soap is rich with proteins, mineral salts, vitamins and liposomes. The delicate honey fragrance works equally well on the body and face. Each soap comes individually wrapped and triple milled for a creamy lather, helping to restore skin’s natural beauty. Most of the time sensitive-skin types like myself miss out of the sweet-smelling treats of the bath product world. I look at this soap as a chocolate bar with no calories, a unicorn, aka a find in a million.

Manufacturer Spotlight: OOFOS

It seems like everyday here at Shopping Blitz headquarters we are adding new brands to our repertoire. And while everything we sell is high-quality and the best of the best, every once in a while one comes across our desks that really stands out. So the Editors of The Blitz have created the Manufacturer Spotlight.

Our first spotlight is on OOFOS, truly a sandal like no other. Picture a shoe that is contoured to fit every angle of your foot. Made with OOFOAM, a combination of compound and their patented footbed design. A sandal that bends when your foot does and supports it on the way down as well! OOFOS supports the bone structure of your foot while cushioning the impact of walking at the same time. Test results show that Oofoam technology is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most used material in footwear. What sets OOFOS a part from the pack is its restorative component. A lot of manufacturer’s claim their sandals provide support and comfort but OOFOS actually restores your foot’s energy and provides instant recovery

Poorly designed footwear can not only make your feet hurt but cause stress and impact on other joints; hips, knees and back to name a few. For this reason and many others we at Shopping Blitz are personal fans of the OOFOS brand. We spend a lot of time on our feet just like you do, and we want a sandal that can carry us from day to night. We love that due to OOFOS’ flexibility, the sandal can move with our foot rather in opposition to it.

At Shopping Blitz we believe in testing the merchandise before we sell and almost our entire staff now owns a pair of OOFOS. It only took one test drive for us all to become hooked! From music festivals to long days at the office… a pair of OOFOS keeps your tootsies refreshed and ready for more. Because of their reasonable price they are a great choice as wedding favors! No better way to thank your bridal party and guests than with sandals that will refresh their feet from a night of dancing and celebrating.