Hike & Camp Comfortably in the Cold with Shopping Blitz Cold Weather Gear


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s time to stow away your hiking boots and backpacking gear. Winter is the perfect time for hiking and camping for many reasons. You don’t have to deal with the crowds, and there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the wilderness after a fresh snowfall. While winter hiking and camping have their perks, it’s important that you are fully prepared for the cold and snowy conditions.

At Shopping Blitz, we carry the world’s best brands of cold weather gear. Before you set out on your winter backpacking trip, check out the latest cold weather clothing, shoes and accessories from our featured brands:

5047f838-2701-4c5a-9375-7cf11d143fa7 Polarmax
The key to surviving cold, snowy conditions is properly layering your clothes. Along with having a high performance cold weather jacket, you also need the right base layers. That’s where Polarmax comes in. Polarmax is a leading outdoor brand that makes base layers for all kinds of conditions, including fleece tights, tops and caps. All Polarmax products are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial to keep you warm, dry and protected when facing the most severe weather. Shop Polarmax hats and base layers here.
86f55496-8315-43e1-bb01-2ed1bda2c58d Stormy Kromer
Founded in 1903 by George “Stormy” Kromer, Stormy Kromer was created with the intention of creating a baseball cap that would stay on in windy weather. The brand has since expanded to provide a variety of clothing and accessories suited for cold weather, including winter hats and headbands, wool vests and coats, and cotton blankets and gloves. Stormy Kromer gear is made from the finest materials and is perfect for layering. Shop Stormy Kromer here.
a086adf5-ca4f-46bc-b873-85d78ffb117a Turtle Fur
Turtle Fur was founded over 30 years ago at the base of Mount Mansfield in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont. The brand is rooted in its love for the outdoors and provides outdoor enthusiasts with everything from hats, headbands and gaiters to socks and gloves. For cold weather accessories that will keep you cozy and comfortable all day and night, shop Turtle Fur.

Shop the Hottest Winter Styles at ShoppingBlitz.com!


Whether you’re looking for quality cold weather gear, high performance sportswear, or trendy everyday fashions, look no further than ShoppingBlitz.com! With well over 400 of the world’s leading brands in stock, we have everything you’re looking for and more for the Fall/Winter season.

Gear up for the season with our featured products and brands:

7987c561-4473-4c6e-b5ef-b5589c1aeb8c Bearpaw
Looking for a pair of boots that’s stylish, comfortable and functional? Bearpaw footwear has it all! The brand’s boots, slippers and casual footwear are made with sheepskin, which naturally regulates your body temperature to keep your feet warm and dry in the cold and cool in the heat. Using sheepskin and other premium materials, Bearpaw is the brand of choice for comfortable and fashionable footwear for men, women and kids. Find Bearpaw boots and slippers for the whole family here!
8c3ecc58-4f88-4889-90c8-8e854f0af42a Ski and Snowboard Gear and Apparel
If you’ll be hitting the slopes this winter, you’ll need high quality, high performance gear and apparel to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. From insulated ski jackets, pants and gloves to snowboard wax and ski bags, we have everything you need to enjoy the snowy season. We carry all of the top cold weather brands, including Columbia, Salomon, Mountain Hardwear and Fjallraven. Browse ski and snowboard gear here!
ef8e0266-e9c3-4ad1-8810-c884ba5fbe1e Chainsaw Brands
Launched in 2014, Chainsaw Brands is a new brand of quality dress-wear, sportswear and athletic wear. Spearheaded by Ian Ziering, known for his role in the hit TV show 90210, the brand was founded with the intention to create a global dress-wear, sportswear and athletic apparel brand that everyone can recognize and enjoy. Chainsaw Brands is a go-to brand for whether you’re working out at the gym or enjoying a night out with friends, and offers everything from logo nylon bomber jackets and dress shirts to pima cotton polos and branded sports bags. View products from Chainsaw Brands here!
da25815a-e78d-4ccf-9af3-d0063b2f39c4 Dancewear
Carrying the world’s leading dancewear brands like Capezio, Body Wrappers and Bloch, Shopping Blitz is your top source for everything dance. Whether you need high performance dance shoes or the hottest studio-to-street styles, we have it all! Check out our Winter-appropriate styles, including our long-sleeved jumpers, leotards and knits, sweaters and leg warmers. Shop dancewear here!

Gear Up for Hunting Season at Shopping Blitz


It’s that time of year again – Hunting Season! With hunting season quickly approaching, now’s the time to stock up on the best hunting apparel and gear. With the right clothing and equipment, you can enhance your abilities and enjoy the sport to the fullest. Whether you prefer long-range rifle hunting or close-range bowhunting, Shopping Blitz is your top source for hunting season. So, grab your gun or bow and check out our featured gear from the world’s leading hunting brands!

58de9141-a680-4dbe-8593-2367ce92d6c0 Rocky
For over 70 years, Rocky has stayed true to its mission to provide the world’s highest quality hunting gear. From insulated boots and waders to breathable parkas, fleeces, hats and gloves, Rocky offers everything you need to embark on your week-long hunting trip. Get Rocky hunting gear for the whole family here!
5953ddf6-1c3e-4f3d-9623-ee1f355cb696 Polarmax
When it comes to hunting in cold weather conditions, you need base layer apparel that’s comfortable and breathable and retains warmth while repelling moisture. All Polarmax apparel for men, women and children are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial to keep you warm, dry and protected during the longest of hunting trips. Polarmax offers a large selection of base layer clothing, including high performance fleece tights and flexible crew shirts. Browse Polarmax hunting apparel here!
0b4b40d3-0c85-47b2-966f-505d76343fb8 Wolverine
Since 1883, Wolverine has been creating quality boots which have become prized for their comfort, performance and durability. Wolverine hunting boots for men and women are among the finest in the world and offer many great features like waterproof technology, abrasion- and oil-resistance, supportive nylon shanks, Thinsulate insulation, and full-cushioned footbeds. Shop Wolverine hunting boots here!

5 Ways to Go Sledding without a Sled


Many areas across the country are expected to experience yet another snowy winter, which means there will be plenty of time for sledding. If you find yourself without a conventional sled when a big snowfall comes, don’t fret. You can glide down the mountain in one of these items you have at home:

  1. Inflatable Pool Toys: Have you ever gone tubing at a ski resort? Similar to actual tubing, you can use your inflatable pool tubes and rafts to slide down the mountain. While pool tubes and rafts work best, you can even use your inflatable pool ride-on toys, such as an inflatable ride-on whale.
  1. Trash Can Lid: Trash can lids also make for great impromptu sleds. Just be sure to clean it before you use it!
  1. Baby Pool: Do you have an old baby pool in the garage that the kids have grown out of? Transform it into the ultimate sled. If you turn it inside out so that the smooth side is facing the snow, it works wonderfully. And, due to its larger size, the whole family can fit inside and sled down the hill together.
  1. Garbage Bag: Due to their slippery nature, garbage bags are perfect for sledding. Place your legs and behind inside a large heavy-duty garbage bag at the top of the hill, and then enjoy the ride!
  1. Cardboard: Have a cardboard box lying around? Large pieces of cardboard work well as sleds. Bend up the front of the cardboard to keep it from getting stuck on soft snow.

Warning: When using these items as sleds, be careful. These items may be more difficult to steer and maneuver than real sleds, so use them with caution.

Another important part of sledding is keeping warm, comfortable and protected. At ShoppingBlitz.com, we offer a wide range of cold weather gear perfect for sledding on a snow day, including Polarmax, Turtle Fur, Stormy Kromer and Columbia Sportswear. With base layer apparel, insulated jackets, and moisture-resistant gloves and hats from these top brands, you can enjoy your time on the mountain for longer. Visit us online to shop shoes and clothes from these leading brands, as well as many others, today!


How to Layer Your Clothes Like a Pro


With winter just about a month away, it won’t be long before you can enjoy fun cold weather activities like skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. When it comes to these activities, knowing how to layer your clothing is key to both your comfort and protection from the elements.

Every layer has a specific function. The base layer controls moisture; the mid layer adds an extra layer of warmth without adding bulk; the insulating layer shields you from the cold; and the outer layer protects you from wind and rain. The great thing about layering is you can easily make adjustments as needed, depending on changes in the weather and your level of activity.

Base Layer

base layerThe base layer is the layer of clothing that touches your skin. This layer wicks moisture from your skin to help regulate your body temperature. Base layer apparel should be made of merino wool, synthetic fabrics, polyester or silk. These materials wick away moisture from the skin, rather than absorbing it. Moisture-wicking clothing keeps you dry when you sweat, and dries fast in rainy or snowy conditions.

The weight of your base layer will be based on your activity and the weather conditions. A leading brand of base layer apparel is Polarmax. All Polarmax products are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial and will keep you comfortable and dry. For your upper body, choose the Confetti Zip Mock Shirt or Quattro Fleece Zip Mock Shirt, and the Quattro Fleece Tights or Double Base Layer Pants for your legs.

Mid Layer

Next is the mid layer, which is worn directly over the base layer. The mid layer offers extra warmth without adding extra bulk. A mid layer could be a nylon or polyester long-sleeved shirt, merino wool pullover or fleece vest. A good mid layer is the Woolover Quarter-Zip Jacket or Wool Ida Outfitter Vest from Stormy Kromer.

Insulating Layer

The insulating layer should be worn over the mid layer in very cold conditions. Heavier than the base and mid layers, the insulating layer could be a heavy wool sweater or fleece jacket. In extremely cold conditions, a down vest or down jacket would make a good insulating layer. Some brands like Columbia Sportswear offer shell jackets that have a removable zip-in fleece jacket for extra insulation.

Outer Layer
Last, but not least, is the outer layer. This layer is the most important if you are facing cold, wet and windy conditions. Your outer layer jacket, pants and gloves should be waterproof or water-resistant. Look for apparel that features industry leading waterproof/breathable technology, such as Mountain Hardware’s Dry.Q or Columbia’s Omni-Tech. Don’t forget to shield your head and face from the cold with a facemask or hat from Turtle Fur.

Find everything you need for your cold winter activities at ShoppingBltiz.com. Visit us online today to shop cold weather clothes online.

Best Places to See the Fall Foliage

For any outdoor enthusiast the transition from summer to fall is an exciting one. Nothing beats a long walk in the woods witnessing the magnificent artistry of nature first-hand. A slower pace and the refreshing crisp air makes fall the ideal season to get outside and appreciate it in all its glory. There are plenty of places across the country to get your fall foliage fix; just make sure to plan your trip so it coincides with peak season for the best views. While scenic drives are great, there is nothing like being immersed in nature to truly appreciate the experience.

Wilamette Valley


Wilamette Valley is a 150-mile long valley located in Oregon. Bordering the region is the Cascade Region to the east, the Oregon coast range to the west and the Calapooya Mountains to the south. This mecca of natural beauty will afford you many breathtaking views and adventure seeking opportunities. After a day spent breathing in the fresh air, make sure to indulge in the region’s world-class wine country. Lush farms and vineyards abound, along with farm-to-table cuisine and local breweries. The best time to visit is mid-October.

New England


The Northeast is known for its changing seasons, but nowhere is more celebrated than that of New England. From Maine’s Acadia National Park to Vermont’s scenic byways, there is no shortage of fall foliage opportunities. While many will take advantage of the region’s numerous scenic drives there is so much the area has to offer. Taking a hike on Vermont’s Long Trail, is an experience like no other. The trail transverses the length of the state. After mile 10 you will quickly learn why experts rely on specially made gear like Drymax’s Hiking HD Socks. With an anti-bunching instep and Drymax’s specially designed dual layer moisture removal system, your feet will stay dryer and pain-free longer. Peak season hits around early October.



From late September to early October the Rockies are in full bloom, most notably the northern and central ranges, including the Front Range. The area has no lack of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Check out Estes Park for golden hued aspens, nights spent under the stars, and a chance to get up close and personal with some wild Elk. Rent an off-road vehicle to check out local fly-fishing and bird watching spots. Grab non-slip traction gear like these cleats from Stabilicers and take advantage of the numerous mountaineering and climbing opportunities.

 Central Park


While it may not seem like an obvious choice, there is no better view of fall then from the heart of NYC’s Central Park. A romantic setting to say the least, the park offers various idyllic settings to enjoy the season. For a memorable walk, start at the imperial elm trees surrounding Strawberry Fields, then make your way to the wooded whimsy of the Swedish Cottage Marionette theater, with a stop at the famous Bow Bridge for a picture-perfect opportunity. Late October is peak season for the city so make sure to bundle up in fashion with the Columbia Zenith Vista trench coat.

Wherever your leaf peeping travels take you, Shopping Blitz has everything you need to make this fall a memorable one.







Camping Essentials for Your Summer Camping Trip


Camping is the ultimate vacation for those who love exploring the great outdoors. Before you head out on your summer camping trip, be sure to bring along these summer camping essentials from Shopping Blitz.

Salomon Park Hydro Handset


During your camping trip, you’ll likely be spending most of your time in the heat either fishing, hiking or backpacking. It is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Salomon’s Park Hydro Handset makes it easy to drink on the go. The soft flask collapses as you drink to prevent liquid from sloshing, while the unique hand strap keeps your hand relaxed. It also features a soft mesh hand strap, which can be worn in multiple different ways, as well as a roomy mesh zipper pocket and small open mesh pocket for storing all the essentials. Retails for $42.00.

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock

During the summer it’s often too hot to sleep inside a tent. Sleeping in a hammock is a more comfortable sleeping arrangement. One of our favorite summer hammocks is the Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock from Grand Trunk. This hammock has triple-stitched reinforcements on the mesh and fabric to maximize its strength and comes with hanging rope, instructions and larger carabiners. Retails for $79.99.

Mountain Hardwear Hueco 20 Backpack

Whether you’ll be rock climbing or hiking, the Hueco 20 Backpack from Mountain Hardwear is a compact, durable and comfortable pack suitable for long routes. This backpack features an interior sleeve for hydration packs, guide books or iPads and tablets. Other handy features include zippered security pocket and key clip inside in the main compartment; two deep and secure zippered side pockets for storing water bottles or other gear; and a large zip-top opening for easy access into the main compartment.  Retails for $80.00.

Smith & Wesson SW1004CREE Tactical LED Flashlight

This state-of-the-art flashlight from Smith & Wesson is the latest in Lifetime LED technology and performance. It has 200 lumens of pure white long-range light that illuminates at great distances, while also allowing spill light for objects in closer range. This flashlight can run for up to 10 hours, with about three hours of blinding brightness and another seven hours of still useable light. Retails for $69.95.

Visit ShoppingBlitz.com to buy gear, shoes and clothing online for your summer camping trip.

Top Summer Hiking Gear


With the beautiful weather and sunny skies, summer is the perfect time to hit the trails. Whether you’re embarking on a single-day hike or week-long backpacking trip, tackle the trails with our featured hiking gear from Shopping Blitz

Men’s Columbia Peakfreak Nomad WP Sneaker


The Peakfreak Nomad WP Sneaker is a great men’s hiking shoe for summer. This hiking sneaker features Columbia’s very best waterproof breathable construction and is designed to deliver lightweight, comfortable protection on all types of trails. The high-traction outsole and supportive and cushioned midsole provide high energy return, while the Omni-Tech technology keeps your feet dry and comfortable on even the longest hikes. Retails for $90.00.

Women’s Hi-Tec Fusion Sport Mid Waterproof Boot


The Fusion Sport Mid Waterproof Boot from Hi-Tec takes hiking to the next level. This hiking shoe is incredibly comfortable, while providing superior support and protection on all types of terrain. The Fusion Sport Mid Waterproof Boot features a suede and high performance mesh upper and waterproof and breathable bootie membrane, so you can focus on the hike and not on your feet. Retails for $79.70.

Camelbak Classic 70 oz Hydration Pack


In the hot summer heat, it’s very important that you stay hydrated during your hike. The CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack is perfect for keeping yourself hydrated on long hikes. The hydration pack holds 70 fl. oz. of water and features the Antidote reservoir that easily snaps closed. The low-profile design provides incredible comfort and stability and is ideal for hikers who travel lightly. Retails for $58.95.

Mountain Hardwear Cooling Ravi Flap Cap

mountain hardwear

Mountain Hardwear’s Cooling Ravi Flap Cap keeps you cool, while shielding your scalp, neck and eyes from the sun. Featuring the innovative Cool. Q Zero technology, this cooling cap delivers an instant and continuous cooling sensation to keep you comfortable throughout your trek. The neck gaiter provides additional protection, while the brushed stretch nylon fabric with a soft, cotton-like hand and wicking finish supplies extra comfort. Retails for $40.00.

Visit ShoppingBlitz.com to buy our featured hiking shoes and clothes online.



Gear Up For the Hottest End of Summer Festivals at Shopping Blitz!


cc74d170-8a36-4ebb-a9be-a423f94b53c8 Though Mysteryland and Bonnaroo are behind us, festival season is not over! Shopping Blitz will be vending at the end of summer’s hottest music festivals, including Great South Bay Music Festival, Peach Music Festival, Souper Groove Music Festival and Catskill Chill! Stop by our vending station or shop for festival clothes, shoes and gear online at ShoppingBlitz.com before the festival!

Featured Festival Brands:



Teva is the ultimate footwear brand for festival season. Teva’s casual and fashion footwear create the perfect balance between protection and play, so you can get the most out of your adventures. Click here to shop Teva!

Grand Trunk


Grand Trunk has everything you need for your festival camping adventure, from tents and hammocks to sleeping bags and travel blankets. Click here to shop Grand Trunk!

Enter our Facebook Sweepstakes here for your chance to win a free Grand Trunk Hammock, just in time for your next summer festival! All you have to do is enter your email address and like us on Facebook. It’s that easy!

Tommy Bahama


Tommy Bahama embodies the laid back, fun and relaxed atmosphere of summer music festivals. The brand’s sandals, hats and clothing are designed for the endless summer and deliver superior style and comfort. Click here to shop Tommy Bahama!

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Late-Summer Music Festivals:

Shopping Blitz will be vending the following late-summer music festivals:

Great South Bay Music Festival

June 16 to 19 in Patchogue, NY
Featuring 311, Electric Hot Tuna, Christina Perrio and Colbie Caillat

Peach Music Festival

August 13 to 16 in Scranton, PA
Featuring Gregg Allman, Bob Weir with Billy and the Kids, Willie Nelson & Family, and Santana

Souper Groove Music Festival

September 4 to 7 in Freehold, NJ
Featuring Turtle Soup, Pink Talking Fish, Splintered Sunlight and Mark Diomede & The Juggling Suns Project

Catskill Chill

September 18 to 20 in Hancock, NY
Featuring Moe, Lotus, Zappa Plays Zappa and Lettuce

Check out our Festival Pinterest Board and Festival Polyvore Set for the hottest fashions for festival season!


Featured Hunting Gear at Shopping Blitz


Gear up for your next hunting trip at Shopping Blitz! At Shopping Blitz, we offer the best brands of hunting gear and make it easy for you to shop hunting clothes, footwear and gear online. Check out our featured hunting products:

Men’s Danner High Ground 8″ Hunting Boots


The Danner High Ground 8″ is the ultimate men’s hunting boot. The Realtree Xtra Green camo is designed with three distinct layers of color and pattern to provide maximum effectiveness, while the 100% waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liner is engineered to keep your feet dry and comfortable in any condition. This hunting boot also features a durable oiled-nubuck leather upper plus breathable 900 Denier nylon for extreme durability and abrasion resistance, as well as a cushioning antimicrobial polyurethane footbed and EVA midsole for extra cushioning. The lock and load lacing system contains ghillies across the forefoot for secure fit and locking speed hooks for quick, easy lacing. Retails for $159.95.

Women’s LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 15″ Hunting Boots


The LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 15″ Hunting Boots were made for the active hunter. This hunting boot features innovative Alpha technology and combines high quality, scent-free rubber with naturally insulating neoprene to create a boot that’s superior in durability, flexibility and comfort. The boot also has a Realtree Xtra Green camo pattern. The thick cushioning EVA midsole provides additional comfort and shock absorption, while the adjustable rear gusset delivers a customized fit. Retails for $149.95.

Rocky ProHunter Synergy Gloves


The Rocky ProHunter Synergy Gloves are among the best hunting gloves on the market. These gloves incorporate all the features you need so you can function and concentrate on the hunt, such as the D-TEC premium waterproof and scent eliminating system. With these gloves, your hands will stay dry and your scent is eliminated so you won’t tip off your prey. The gloves are also fully insulated and infused with 40 grams of Thinsulate insulation. Let’s not forget about the neoprene cuffs and Velcro closures that deliver a secure, comfortable fit. Retails for $46.94.

Tactical 5.11 ARK Liner Lock Recurve Knife


The Tactical 5.11 ARK Liner Lock Recurve Knife is a great hunting knife. The ARK full-sized liner lock full-sized tactical folder offers a 3mm thick AUS8 hardened steel blade with partial serration and a black oxide coating. The blade’s recurve delivers a larger cutting edge at the belly of the blade, which is ideal for cutting rope and other free hanging materials. Retails for $89.25.