A Sweet Farewell to the Summer Hiking Season, with Danner

Say a sweet farewell to the Summertime hiking season with these inspiring photos from Dottie Bond at Danner Blog captured while hiking on the coast of Maine. Then click here to get free shipping on your next order of Danner boots at ShoppingBlitz!

Travel photographer, Dottie Bond, takes us on a 5-day tour of Maine. What do you think of when you think of Maine? I have always thought of lobster rolls and sailboats, coastal fog and thick-bearded lumbermen and the spruce-firs that line the Appalachian Trail as it snakes towards its northern terminus at Katahdin. My visits to the state over the years have confirmed this impression: Maine is a Vacationland par excellence.
So when the opportunity to spend a few days exploring coastal Maine arose, I jumped at it. After attending a wedding in Camden with my friend, Kate, and my dog, Romulus, we headed northeast along the coast to Acadia National Park where we began our 5-day odyssey. We slept at the Seawall Campground on the southwest corner of Mount Desert Island—known as the “quiet side” of Acadia—right down the road from the famous Bass Harbor Lighthouse. There were wild blueberries and vistas of rocky outcrops galore. We stood atop Cadillac Mountain and lunched at Jordan Pond House alongside families beset with squealing kids who cried out for popovers and blueberry crisps. Each day we watched the sun rise and set from a new vantage point along the Atlantic—Bass Harbor, Schooner Head, Thunder Hole. When we were not welcoming the day or biding it farewell, we lazed around Bar Harbor enjoying slow, idle hours sipping coffee while basking under the midday sun. This was summer done right.  ..

Source: Sweet Summertime on the Coast of Maine — Danner – Blog

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What You Should Know Before Buying Winter Boots


Are you looking for a new pair of winter boots for your next outing? Whether you’ll be hiking in the backcountry or spending a day on the slopes, your winter boots need to keep you warm, comfortable and protected, without sacrificing your mobility. In order to choose the right pair of winter boots for your activity, you need to understand the basics of their construction. Read on to learn about the anatomy of winter boots, and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at Shopping Blitz.

The Basics of Winter Boot Construction


The upper is the soft area above the midsole and is typically made of materials like genuine leather, rubber, suede or synthetics. Synthetic rubber is naturally 100% waterproof, and many genuine leathers are waterproof as well. The upper is built around a mold called a last which shapes the boot’s materials.


The lining can be made of up one or more fabrics, such as fleece, sheepskin, fur, or synthetic materials, and offers warmth, comfort and support. Many boots from quality brands incorporate heat-seeking technologies into their lining, which are designed to trap and retain warmth, plus keep feet dry. For instance, the Women’s Columbia Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Boots feature Columbia’s famous Omni-Heat reflective lining to retain heat, as well as Omni-Tech to repel water and moisture.

Some boots may offer removable lining, which allows you to customize your degree of warmth. With a removable liner, you can switch out a thermal liner for an all-weather liner to better suit the conditions.


An EVA or polyurethane midsole provides support, durability, warmth, and shock absorption. Thicker midsoles provide more warmth because your foot is farther from the ground.


The outsole is a critical part of your winter boot and makes the boot suitable for wet, muddy and snowy terrains. Many winter boots have rubber outsoles because rubber is naturally waterproof and slip-resistant. Always refer to the thickness and deepness of the outsole when shopping for winter boots. Many boots, such as the Women’s Pajar Snowcap 2 Boots and Men’s Salomon Snowtrip Ts Waterproof Boot, feature spikes or lugs for extra grip and slip-resistance when hiking technical terrains.

Toe Box

The toe box provides a layer of protection for your toes and is typically covered with a layer of insulation for additional warmth and comfort.

Now that you have a better understanding of the anatomy of winter boots, you can choose a boot that satisfies your activity and the weather conditions. To buy winter shoes and clothes online, shop our unrivaled selection of winter gear at ShoppingBlitz.com!

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Want a winter boot that’s both stylish and functional? Look no further than Bearpaw! Bearpaw boots and slippers are made from sheepskin, which naturally regulates your body temperature to keep your feet warm, dry and cozy in the cold. The brand combines sheepskin and other premium materials with fashionable designs to bring you a shoe that’s incredibly comfortable and chic. Browse Bearpaw shoes here.

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Staying comfortable and protected in the cold is all about layering. In addition to your insulating layer and waterproof outer layer, you also need a moisture-wicking base layer to repel water and moisture from your skin and help regulate your body temperature. Polarmax produces moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial apparel and accessories designed to keep protect you from all kinds of cold weather conditions. Shop Polarmax here.

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From the award-winning Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket to the popular Hydra Pro OutDry Gloves, Mountain Hardwear has taken the outdoor gear industry by storm with its innovative, high-performance products. Mountain Hardwear produces high-performance winter apparel and accessories designed with Q. Shield Down technology to repel water and moisture, while maintaining insulating performance. Shop Mountain Hardwear here.

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Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s time to stow away your hiking boots and backpacking gear. Winter is the perfect time for hiking and camping for many reasons. You don’t have to deal with the crowds, and there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the wilderness after a fresh snowfall. While winter hiking and camping have their perks, it’s important that you are fully prepared for the cold and snowy conditions.

At Shopping Blitz, we carry the world’s best brands of cold weather gear. Before you set out on your winter backpacking trip, check out the latest cold weather clothing, shoes and accessories from our featured brands:

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The key to surviving cold, snowy conditions is properly layering your clothes. Along with having a high performance cold weather jacket, you also need the right base layers. That’s where Polarmax comes in. Polarmax is a leading outdoor brand that makes base layers for all kinds of conditions, including fleece tights, tops and caps. All Polarmax products are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial to keep you warm, dry and protected when facing the most severe weather. Shop Polarmax hats and base layers here.
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Founded in 1903 by George “Stormy” Kromer, Stormy Kromer was created with the intention of creating a baseball cap that would stay on in windy weather. The brand has since expanded to provide a variety of clothing and accessories suited for cold weather, including winter hats and headbands, wool vests and coats, and cotton blankets and gloves. Stormy Kromer gear is made from the finest materials and is perfect for layering. Shop Stormy Kromer here.
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Turtle Fur was founded over 30 years ago at the base of Mount Mansfield in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont. The brand is rooted in its love for the outdoors and provides outdoor enthusiasts with everything from hats, headbands and gaiters to socks and gloves. For cold weather accessories that will keep you cozy and comfortable all day and night, shop Turtle Fur.

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For over 70 years, Rocky has stayed true to its mission to provide the world’s highest quality hunting gear. From insulated boots and waders to breathable parkas, fleeces, hats and gloves, Rocky offers everything you need to embark on your week-long hunting trip. Get Rocky hunting gear for the whole family here!
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When it comes to hunting in cold weather conditions, you need base layer apparel that’s comfortable and breathable and retains warmth while repelling moisture. All Polarmax apparel for men, women and children are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial to keep you warm, dry and protected during the longest of hunting trips. Polarmax offers a large selection of base layer clothing, including high performance fleece tights and flexible crew shirts. Browse Polarmax hunting apparel here!
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Since 1883, Wolverine has been creating quality boots which have become prized for their comfort, performance and durability. Wolverine hunting boots for men and women are among the finest in the world and offer many great features like waterproof technology, abrasion- and oil-resistance, supportive nylon shanks, Thinsulate insulation, and full-cushioned footbeds. Shop Wolverine hunting boots here!

5 Ways to Go Sledding without a Sled


Many areas across the country are expected to experience yet another snowy winter, which means there will be plenty of time for sledding. If you find yourself without a conventional sled when a big snowfall comes, don’t fret. You can glide down the mountain in one of these items you have at home:

  1. Inflatable Pool Toys: Have you ever gone tubing at a ski resort? Similar to actual tubing, you can use your inflatable pool tubes and rafts to slide down the mountain. While pool tubes and rafts work best, you can even use your inflatable pool ride-on toys, such as an inflatable ride-on whale.
  1. Trash Can Lid: Trash can lids also make for great impromptu sleds. Just be sure to clean it before you use it!
  1. Baby Pool: Do you have an old baby pool in the garage that the kids have grown out of? Transform it into the ultimate sled. If you turn it inside out so that the smooth side is facing the snow, it works wonderfully. And, due to its larger size, the whole family can fit inside and sled down the hill together.
  1. Garbage Bag: Due to their slippery nature, garbage bags are perfect for sledding. Place your legs and behind inside a large heavy-duty garbage bag at the top of the hill, and then enjoy the ride!
  1. Cardboard: Have a cardboard box lying around? Large pieces of cardboard work well as sleds. Bend up the front of the cardboard to keep it from getting stuck on soft snow.

Warning: When using these items as sleds, be careful. These items may be more difficult to steer and maneuver than real sleds, so use them with caution.

Another important part of sledding is keeping warm, comfortable and protected. At ShoppingBlitz.com, we offer a wide range of cold weather gear perfect for sledding on a snow day, including Polarmax, Turtle Fur, Stormy Kromer and Columbia Sportswear. With base layer apparel, insulated jackets, and moisture-resistant gloves and hats from these top brands, you can enjoy your time on the mountain for longer. Visit us online to shop shoes and clothes from these leading brands, as well as many others, today!


How to Layer Your Clothes Like a Pro


With winter just about a month away, it won’t be long before you can enjoy fun cold weather activities like skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. When it comes to these activities, knowing how to layer your clothing is key to both your comfort and protection from the elements.

Every layer has a specific function. The base layer controls moisture; the mid layer adds an extra layer of warmth without adding bulk; the insulating layer shields you from the cold; and the outer layer protects you from wind and rain. The great thing about layering is you can easily make adjustments as needed, depending on changes in the weather and your level of activity.

Base Layer

base layerThe base layer is the layer of clothing that touches your skin. This layer wicks moisture from your skin to help regulate your body temperature. Base layer apparel should be made of merino wool, synthetic fabrics, polyester or silk. These materials wick away moisture from the skin, rather than absorbing it. Moisture-wicking clothing keeps you dry when you sweat, and dries fast in rainy or snowy conditions.

The weight of your base layer will be based on your activity and the weather conditions. A leading brand of base layer apparel is Polarmax. All Polarmax products are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial and will keep you comfortable and dry. For your upper body, choose the Confetti Zip Mock Shirt or Quattro Fleece Zip Mock Shirt, and the Quattro Fleece Tights or Double Base Layer Pants for your legs.

Mid Layer

Next is the mid layer, which is worn directly over the base layer. The mid layer offers extra warmth without adding extra bulk. A mid layer could be a nylon or polyester long-sleeved shirt, merino wool pullover or fleece vest. A good mid layer is the Woolover Quarter-Zip Jacket or Wool Ida Outfitter Vest from Stormy Kromer.

Insulating Layer

The insulating layer should be worn over the mid layer in very cold conditions. Heavier than the base and mid layers, the insulating layer could be a heavy wool sweater or fleece jacket. In extremely cold conditions, a down vest or down jacket would make a good insulating layer. Some brands like Columbia Sportswear offer shell jackets that have a removable zip-in fleece jacket for extra insulation.

Outer Layer
Last, but not least, is the outer layer. This layer is the most important if you are facing cold, wet and windy conditions. Your outer layer jacket, pants and gloves should be waterproof or water-resistant. Look for apparel that features industry leading waterproof/breathable technology, such as Mountain Hardware’s Dry.Q or Columbia’s Omni-Tech. Don’t forget to shield your head and face from the cold with a facemask or hat from Turtle Fur.

Find everything you need for your cold winter activities at ShoppingBltiz.com. Visit us online today to shop cold weather clothes online.