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“It takes an athletic to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.” – Shanna LaFleur

At Shopping Blitz, we provide the world’s top brands of dancewear and gear for men, women and children. Leading dancewear brands like Capezio, Body Wrappers and Motionwear use the finest materials and fabrics to create dance clothing and shoes that’s comfortable, stylish, flexible and breathable. Whether you’re a tap dancer, hip hop dancer, ballroom dancer or cheerleader, our dance and athletic wear at Shopping Blitz will help you look, feel and perform your absolute best.

Check out our featured products from our favorite dance brands:

Body Wrappers

f61561be-007b-4da3-8dde-e6cbb534639c Men’s Body Wrappers Cut And Sewn
Footed Dance Tights
This cut and sewn footed dance tight features a heel dart, a comfort fit hidden in-step open for easy foot accessibly, and a secure fit. It’s available in black and white.
80d12b7e-881d-4582-b82a-c0d067887880 Women’s Body Wrappers Soft Body Tights
Body Wrappers’ soft body tights provide the perfect fit and optimal comfort. The camisole body tight features a convertible foot, low back and adjustable clear straps. It’s available in a wide range of colors, including black, coffee, jazzy tan, theatrical pink, mocha and stage tan.
a78cdb7a-bbee-4049-a80c-46bed19c925c Girl’s Body Wrappers Printed Tapered Mock Wrap Skirt
Available in many stunning colors and designs, this print tapered mock wrap skirt is perfect for performances, practices and everyday wear. It has a comfortable elastic waistband and an adorable small waist bow.


0d6e0da1-b280-43a1-a01f-2021ddeb9555 Men’s Motionwear Elastic Waist Shorts
These elastic waist shorts are designed specifically for the male dancer. They feature an elastic waistband for a snug, comfortable fit and a shorter but still modest inseam. The shorts are available in several different colors, including black, brown, bright red, cobalt, white, raspberry, lime green, and navy blue.
8b2c79d0-c821-4c3c-a034-335f066e18e3 Women’s Motionwear Flat Waist Leggings
These flat waist ankle length leggings give dancers a lower, yet conservative rise. The leggings feature a straight fitted leg that falls at the ankle. They are available in a wide range of colors, including black, nude, orange, plum, pink, periwinkle, grey, teal and white.
b6d9a3af-b6dd-459d-9e4c-d660e5777fe3 Women’s Motionwear Long Sleeve Wrap Sweater
This long sleeve wrap sweater is the perfect layering piece for dancers. It’s engineered to move with you and delivers optimal comfort, fit and performance. The sweater comes in many colors, such as black, butter, candy pink, light blue and periwinkle.


f1f0d966-1a74-4535-aa46-bf8756e4e026 Women’s Capezio Sculpture Ballet Flats
Available in black, nude and pro pink, these ballet flats contain an ultra-soft stretch canvas to give dancers ample room for foot articulation. These ballet shoes feature a split sole design and patented diamond gusset that creates a seamless, sculpted arch. The elasticized top line and drawstring provides wrinkle-free conformance.
9edd66ca-8cb2-4e6a-aabf-5ff6f28008ab Capezio Muscle and Joint Gel
Relive your muscle and joint pain with Capezio’s Muscle and Joint Gel. The gel is made from a pure base of Hawaiian seaweeds, Willow bark extract, Arnica, and other minerals and essential oils to bring you a therapeutic treatment that works wonders.
062c5838-88a8-42c4-be1b-3a0498779282 Capezio Footsie Roller
The Capezio Footsie Roller smooths knots and relieves tension under the arch of your foot to soothe your tired feet. It’s a must-have product for any dancer!
abbe6f6a-3203-417d-aa18-74cbf7ad099a Girl’s Capezio Bow Sweet Duffle Bag
Store all of your dance essentials in this Bow Sweet Duffle Bag from Capezio. It features 2 exterior zip close compartments, 2 interior shoe pockets and an interior zip close pocket, as well as hand-held and shoulder strap carrying options.
2b581dc8-ed7f-4abc-8e5f-ec66dc171c32 Women’s Capezio Convertible Bag
This convertible bag offers protection for your favorite shoes and can also be used as a yoga bag. The center ribbon pull closure forms two separate chambers for either 1 or 2 pairs of shoes. Or, you can leave the center ribbon untied and use your bag to carry your yoga mat.

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Find the Best Dancewear at Shopping Blitz


Dance is an art form that allows us to release our emotions and tell a story through our movements. Whether you’re a cheerleader, ballerina, tap dancer or hip hop dancer, you need dancewear that’s breathable, flexible and comfortable. At Shopping Blitz, we are proud to carry the world’s top brands of dance shoes, apparel and accessories. Brands like Motionwear, Capezio and Bloch use the latest innovations and highest quality materials to deliver the perfect fit and style in their dancewear. We have everything you need to look and feel your best on the dancefloor right here at Shopping Blitz!

Browse dance clothing, shoes and accessories online.

17571a32-fada-4ff9-9174-192ed93bee26 Capezio
The Tapsonic Oxfords from Capezio are a fully balanced and lightweight tap shoe that is arguably the best out there. This practical and stylish tap shoe offers a long list of great features, including tone-on-tone soft leather and suede upper, Tele Tone toe taps with engineered platform, molded TPU outsole, dye casted heel and taps, duro-flex construction, molded triple-density footbed, and non-slip heel counter. Get them here!
ecd745b1-8764-48cd-87f0-60e41d3608e2 Bloch
Looking for cute, top quality dance pumps? Bloch’s Split Flex Dance Pumps are a versatile leather character shoe with a 2.5″ heel, suede forefoot outsole, and elasticized panel underfoot that enables the Splitfex to move with the foot in pointe and demi. Get them here!
17cce00b-ee1d-4acd-8028-957ba05a6c2d Motionwear
Motionwear’s long sleeve leotard gives dancers the comfort, flexibility and movement they need to perform their best. This leotard features a conservative yet flattering scoop neckline, as well as leg openings that are designed to be comfortable and flattering and to stay put with every move. Get it here!
84906e08-7062-477c-8e20-08069efa3271 Body Wrappers
The Ultimate Shimmer Footed Tights from Body Wrappers are stylish, breathable and flexible. With their superior light catching properties, these footed tights enhance dancers’ muscle tone in their legs. Get them here!
956cba8c-4bd2-46f5-a1a2-abb9030f3012 Gia Mia
The Gia Mia Start Combat Boot is perfect for the stage and the street. These boots feature a non-marking flexible sole, side zipper, tonal star cutout, and decorative studs that will shine on and off the stage. Get them here!

Finding Bliss in The Heat of Summer

As the dog days of summer leave us all feeling sweaty, cranky and sleepy the Shopping Blitz team is on the hunt for rest and relaxation. Sure we have visions of tropical locales and white sand beaches but unfortunately for now those remain just daydreams. Fortunately though there are plenty of ways to relax without breaking the bank or hopping a flight. One of the easiest and most satisfying ways is the ultimate vacation darling, the hammock. Hammocks have long been associated with summer and days of leisure. Just set one up in the yard, blend up a few frozen drinks and get your bliss on.


One of our newest brands Grand Trunk understand the needs of weekend warrior better than anyone. The brand has been making quality hammocks and travel accessories for over ten years. They design their products for people who classify themselves as travelers rather than tourists. We all have that sense of adventure, often hidden behind mundane responsibilities, but its always there lurking and waiting. So allow your sense of adventure to see the light of day and create a staycation you will never forget! What better way to start than on July 22nd, National Hammock Day!?







2014: The Year of Bliss

As the holidays and New Year celebrations wind down most of us are left with bloated tummies, large yawns and mounds of residue stress. Its always fun to indulge and get caught up in the holiday season, however the aftermath can take a toll on our bodies and our minds. The cure is to design a game plan for the long year ahead. This year you can either choose the same path or you can choose one that makes you happy. I don’t know about you but we are choosing happy.


After all what does anything else mean without it? No amount of love, fame or fortune can ever replace the health and happiness of the mind and body. Health can be achieved in a myriad of ways, from positive changes in one’s diet to a commitment to move your body in new and exciting ways. Happiness can often be reached by doing more of what you love and eliminating anything negative that no longer serves you.

2014 2

Whatever changes, eliminations, substitutions or additions you choose to make in your life will set to the stage for the year ahead. As for us we want to get better and better at helping people explore their passions and live the lives they want to be living. We are choosing to believe more and doubt less, to be grateful for everything we have been given and to encourage those around us to feel equally inspired! In that vein, we extend our thanks and love to you our dear followers, may 2014 be the year of BLISS!