A Summertime Romp for Women

For most people around the nation, the summer months mean dressing down a lot. This is when those tank tops, shorts and bikinis come out, and when people try to dress as lightly as possible to stay comfortable. When it comes to cool, comfortable clothing, women definitely have a lot of items from which they can choose. Right now on Shopping Blitz, women can find great items that will definitely keep them cool during those hot and muggy summer months, and for a reasonable price that most can afford on any budget.

One such item is the Malibu Hooded Romper by Fila. A romper is basically a one-piece combination of shorts and a tank top, and this particular one-piece tank even throws in a hood for that extra splash of style. The first thing most notice about the piece is that it’s form-fitting, flattering and comfortable, made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% polyester. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and the spandex mixed with the cotton gives it a better fit with a lot more strength.

Like most Fila items, this has the brand’s logo printed across the chest. It’s also created to fit women of most any size, available in sizes from small up through extra large. The big, swooping neck is modest and not restrictive at all. From the front the hood makes the shoulder straps look very stylish, while from the back you can see the lightweight hood.

Fila is a top-shelf Italian brand that does everything from shoes and socks to sweaters and jackets. This particular romper is one of the brand’s most popular items around this time of year. On Shopping Blitz right now, it’s available for $64.95 and it ships to your door for free, so you won’t have to spend any extra money on the shipping.

Getting Comfortable in the Climate

There’s something to be said for people who live in the desert and wear long-sleeve clothing. They have figured out that when your body heat is lower than the outside heat, wearing more clothing is actually what keeps you cooler. Most Americans aren’t convinced of this and still wear tanks and shorts when it’s really hot, but perhaps some of you would like to consider shopping in the long-sleeve department for summer. If you want to find light, breezy, comfortable long-sleeve t-shirts that you might love for the spring and summer, Shopping Blitz definitely has a few items you might want to check out.

The Mow Town Long Sleeve Crusher Tee for men by Life is Good is actually the ideal shit to wear in the spring and summer months. It even has a cute graphic on the front of a guy on his riding mower, which is one of the many ways you can enjoy this shirt and actually stay cooler when it’s hot out. This shirt is a great blend of 70% cotton and 30% poly, so it’s light and comfortable while also being very breathable and strong.

The classic fit of a Life is Good tee just skims across the body for a loose, comfortable fit. The overall shirt is very light and airy. It has a large crew neck that swoops down and doesn’t constrict the neck at all. Overall, this is a shit that was made with your comfort in mind. You can grab this great long-sleeve tee in sizes ranging from small all the way up to 3 XL.

Keeping with the Shopping Blitz theme of picking up great clothing for a low price, you’re only going to be paying $29.95 for this shirt. This works out to a great deal. A long-sleeve shirt can be worn comfortably during all four seasons, so it’s an item you’ll get a lot of mileage from. It also ships for free, saving you even more.

A Comfortable Summer Tank

One thing that many women love about summer above most other things is that they have a whole lot of different clothing options from which to choose. Though for many women around this time of year, it’s all about keeping things simple. A tank top, for instance, is a simplistic piece of clothing that’s light and breezy, but can also be very fashionable and trendy. This is especially true if you find a good tank top from a top-shelf brand. If you want to find the best that tank tops have to offer you for the summer, you might want to drop in at Shopping Blitz.

The Core Full Coverage Tank Shirt by Fila is a very impressive and lightweight tank top for women that has a comfortable cut and is made out of a blend of polyester and spandex. This particular blend allows the tank to actually hold its shape on your body while also being breathable and durable. The polyester is great for keeping you cool. The tank is modest in how it’s cut, with a swooping neckline that’s not the least bit restrictive. There are also mesh inserts at the yoke in order to keep you even cooler, so it’s a great item for a really hot day.

Available in multiple colors and in sizes up to 2 XL, this is a tank top that most women can fit into. It’s also unique in its part spandex construction in that you can wear it multiple ways. You can get one that’s a little larger so it’s baggy on your body, or you can go down a size and allow it to fit over you and conform to your body’s shape, for an under-shirt or a more flattering physique.

One of the things you’ll probably love the most about this Fila tank top is that it only costs $29.95 on Shopping Blitz right now. This is a very low price for a quality item, and Shopping Blitz even offers free shipping, so you won’t have to pay any extra charge.

A Fashionable Belt for Men

For well over a century now, a belt has been considered the quintessential, must-have men’s fashion accessory. Whether your pants are a little too loose or not, society pretty much suggests that men should wear a belt. Over the years, this has led to some really cool fashionable designs when it comes to men’s belts. From gorgeous, thick black leather with big buckles to slim and sleek and everything in between, belts come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re a man in need of a high-quality, attractive belt, Shopping Blitz definitely has a few items for you.

The Multi Colored Nailheads and Starbursts Belt by Ariat is one of the most attractive, functional, durable belts on the market today. It was produced for Ariat by the MF Western Products company, so it evokes the style and spirit of an old-west piece. It’s made out of real full-grain leather and has that brown supple color that can only come from quality cow hide. The belt really stands out, however, in the design department. It’s full of studded colored nailheads and starburst conchos, which give it that southwestern feel. It looks amazing as was built to last.

Shopping Blitz carries a wide range of sizes in this great belt, so men of practically any size are going to be able to enjoy this piece. You can grab this unique belt in sizes ranging from a smaller waist with a 32, all the way up to larger waists with a size 46. Big or small, you can find a size that fits.

For a belt like this, made out of real leather and featuring studded accents, you could expect to pay a pretty penny. Finding this belt for $60 or more would be pretty common. Though on Shopping Blitz, you’ll always find lower prices and will only have to pay $46.95. Best of all, you won’t have to pay any more than that, because this item ships for free.

A Visor for Guys and Gals

In the entire wide world of clothing and accessories, one thing that you’re going to notice, above all others, is that everything is broken down into two categories: Male and female. Whether boys and girls or men’s and women’s, there’s a dichotomy that runs down the center and rarely do you find any items that are actually unisex. Well, that’s a shame, because unisex products are typically made tougher and with more quality so that they’ll cater to each side well. So if you want something like, say, a visor that can work with men or women, Shopping Blitz is where to look.

The Salomon Race Visor is the epitome of simplistic elegance. Salomon has been a high-end, trusted company for decades and they make a wide range of products for men and women. This particular visor is a unisex piece, which means it’s for men or women. It’s a one size fits all adjustable piece that can easily fit the contours of any head shape. The front brim offers ample protection from the sun while the inside band is made to absorb sweat while keeping you cool and comfortable.

This piece is made from polyester, so its toughness is not in question. It can really hold up to the rigors of working out, playing sports, or just wearing around in the summer while you’re out and about. Another great benefit with this visor is that it’s very light. You’re not going to be weighed down at all.

For everything this visor offers you and all of the protection you get, you still won’t have to pay a lot, at least if you get it through Shopping Blitz. The current price for this unisex visor is only $44.95, and on top of that you get to save even more money by having the item shipped for free.

A Light, Breezy Summer Hat

For girls and women, one of the best parts about the summer is undoubtedly all the many clothing options and accessories available to them. Sure, the fall and winter offer opportunities to wear a lot of clothing; but the warmer it gets, the cuter the clothes and accessories get, like a great hat, for instance. For girls out there who want to accessorize this summer, finding the right hat might just be exactly what you’re looking for. If this is the case, make sure that you stop by at Shopping Blitz to find a wide variety of cute, affordable, high-quality items that you will love this summer.

There’s a lot to be said about The San Diego Hat Company and the quality they put into their pieces, and the gorgeous Paisley Print Bow Fray Edge Sun Brim Hat is definitely one of their hottest sellers. It’s a hat for younger girls, not women, and it offers everything they need to look cute as a button while wearing a hat that also offers a lot of protection against the sun. It’s also eco-friendly, made out of 88% recycled paper and 12% polyester. It also gives the wearer an SPF rating of 50+, so the sun isn’t going to bleed through and cause damage.

Ideally, this hat is made for girls in the five to seven-years range, though you may find a wider range, depending on the size of the head. Overall, it’s a very attractive hat that has a straw look to it, with a ribbon wrapped around above the brim and finishing with a bow. It’s as cute as can be, but make no mistake about it: It’s also very durable and protective.

Perhaps best of all, the hat is also affordable. At Shipping Blitz right now, you will only have to pay $29.95 for the perfect summer hat for girls, and you’ll even get free shipping with this item, saving even more money.

Durable, Comfortable Kids Sneakers

Little boys play rough, by and large. That’s just something parents of small boys have to deal with. Dirty clothes, torn jeans, and shoes that seem to fall apart well in advance of their feet growing. This is why parents are always looking for tougher, more durable shoes for their sons. And this is also why a lot more parents are stopping by Shopping Blitz in order to find these great shoes for affordable prices around the calendar year.

The Pure HT EV High Top Sneakers for boys by DC are some of the toughest shoes out there for younger boys. They have that classic high-top construction, which makes them a lot safer by protecting the ankle. They feature an easy lace system, and also a hook-and-look Velcro fastener at the top of the shoe. They give you a foam padded tongue, padded insoles for cushioning and shock absorption, and a tough outsole that can certainly hold up to the wear and tear of your child playing.

The outsoles are actually sticky and are meant to grip well to any sort of surface, without being so sticky that they attract dirt and grime. It’s a specialized type of rubber that works very well for such a shoe. Plus the shoes offer a lot of ventilation, so they’re ideal for this time of year, when it’s hot outside and his feet can easily start sweating. This makes the shoes more than comfortable enough for all-day wear. They’re available in sizes from 1 to 11 in little boys sizes.

These shoes are from DC, which is a high-end brand that really produces high-quality products. So you might find these shoes for around $70 or even $80 at a lot of places. Yes, that’s a lot to pay, but you’re getting a lot with this shoe. Though Shopping Blitz offers a much better rate, giving you these boys sneakers for only $59.95 and also including free shipping in the deal.

Stocking Up Winter Gear in the Summer

For almost everyone throughout America right now, it’s muggy and hot, as we’re in the throes of summer. So when someone’s trying to tell you about a winter beanie, you might want to instantly close the page. However, now is actually the perfect time of year to think about winter gear. Not only can you find exactly what you want in stock at stores, but you’ll also save money, as those stores are still trying to move those products in the summer. Take the selection of beanies at Shopping Blitz as a great example of this.

One such beanie available for a great price right now is the Knit Beanie with Contrast Stripe and Anchor by The San Diego Hat Company. This beanie was hand-knitted from 100% acrylic material, so it’s warmer, stronger and more flexible than other typical yarn like wool, cotton and nylon. It’s a stylish piece that protects women from the colder elements while also looking very cute, a perfect item for a ski trip or just a day out in the cold.

This is definitely a very flexible piece, so it’s available in a one size fits all size, which does manage to fit almost every woman just fine. The beanie is available in multiple solid colors, broken up at the bottom with one long white stripe, and the company’s anchor logo in the corner.

Of course, now is not the time of year that people will want to start wearing beanies. It’s just too hot out there. However, it’s the perfect time to get a great discount on beanies that are otherwise going to cost a lot more in the winter, plus you might not find the styles and sizes you want. So for right now on Shopping Blitz, this beanie from the San Diego Hat Company is available for only $29.95, and that includes free shipping.

Real Athletic Sneakers for Women

While it is true that women have a very wide variety of shoes and boots available for them on the market today, it’s also worth nothing that there aren’t very many athletic shoe options for women. Many women are in to working out and sports and running, but the footwear available to them typically reflects style and fashion, not true sport. This all changes, however, when you drop in on Shopping Blitz. Any woman can find the perfect athletic shoe for whatever her individual purposes.

The Octave Energized Sneakers by Fila are great for women in numerous ways. For starters, these sneakers are a tough and sleek blend of synthetic and real leather materials, so they’re able to hold up to a lot of activity while still remaining comfortable. They also feature a cushioned EVA midsole that’s set up to absorb a lot of shock and to ensure you can go high-impact in these shoes without damage.

Overall, these are very attractive sneakers from Fila that were built to last. They come in a very attractive black and white color that looks bold and streamlined, and you can grab these shoes in sizes from around a six to 11 in women’s. They’re also ventilated very well so that airflow is promoted and you won’t have to worry about sweaty, hot feet while wearing the sneakers.

As most people are probably already well aware, Fila is a top-shelf sneaker brand and their shoes can cost quite a bit of money. Don’t be surprised if you see these shoes costing around $100 at most locations. Luckily for you, Shopping Blitz is not like most other locations, and you can own these shoes for only $84.95, and even get a deeper discount on the free shipping available. Overall, you’re going to pay a lot less for these great sneakers than with other sites.

A Gorgeous Leotard for Women

Quality leotards are adored by so many women because they’re so versatile. Not only can you use them for gymnastics and working out, but they also work great for a wide range of dancing like ballet, jazz, and other forms. Many women also like dressing their leos up with the wide range of different accessories available on the market today. For the discerning woman out there looking for quality leotards, your first step should be to stop by Shopping Blitz for the best leos and leo accessories around.

The Crop Tie Front Top by Bloch is a leotard accessory that’s a cut above the competition. To start things off, this leotard is stronger, more flexible and actually more comfortable than its competition. Bloch accomplished this by making this leo out of 100% acrylic material, which is just superior to nylon, poly and other sorts of materials often used. To be clear, this is a tie-on crop front for a leotard, not the leotard itself, but it still makes for a great purchase for how cute it is and the quality it gives you.

Even though it’s a crop tie-on for an existing leotard, you can still choose your perfect size here and get one that really fits you well. It’s available in a gorgeous jet black color that’s sure to go with anything you own. And if you don’t want to wear it around a leo, you can tie it on around a sweater or long-sleeve shirt and really add a splash of style to your outfit.

Bloch is probably the undisputed king of women’s dancewear, and so their items can run high. Shopping Blitz makes sure that you don’t have to break the bank on an item like this, however. You can pick this crop tie accessory up for $41.95, and the best part is that you’ll get it shipped for free.