The Ideal Winter Coat

Most men who shop look forward to the cold-weather season because it is when you can really layer up with a lot of styles. Men’s styles are different than women’s, in that men aren’t exactly going to put on that spaghetti-strap dress to impress; instead, most men decide to layer up their clothing when they want to look their best. This is why having a winter coat that looks great while getting the job done is essential. Shopping Blitz offers you the best of both worlds here, giving you jackets that look and perform amazingly.

The Clark Anorak jacket by Dakine is one such item. Listed as a jacket but as thick and durable as a true coat, like a parka, the Clark features an outer shell made of high-grade nylon that’s breathable and fully waterproof, soft and warm taffeta lining, and insulation that’s light as a feather while being very warm. This long coat has an adjustable hood, full-zip front, a chest pocket, kangaroo pocket, armpit vents, and more. You can wear this as a stunning piece aesthetically while out and about, while also wearing it to keep you warm and cozy in sub-zero temperatures. It’s a true winter piece designed for the outdoors, but made to look great.

You can pick up the Clark in two color schemes. The first is a gorgeous light black, that almost looks like a darker charcoal, head to toe. The second is a two-toned scheme of coastal teal and an orangish melon. Sizes for this men’s jacket run from small all the way up through 2 XL, so it’s going to fit men of almost any size.

Dakine really pulled no punches with this winter coat, so you can expect to pay well in excess of $200 at most locations. However, Shopping Blitz is not most locations. You will get a discounted rate and only have to pay $179.95, plus you get to avoid extra charges after checking out because this item is shipped out to you for free.

Workout Pants for Winter

Just because the weather is a lot colder out there this time of year does not mean that women will stop working out. From jogging outdoors to going to the gym, women are still going to burn those calories and tone those bodies. Of course, with the colder weather, they’re looking for gear that’s a bit thicker and warmer, while still providing them with all the comfort and flexibility they need to work out in style. This is where a site like Shopping Blitz can directly connect you to the best gear on the shelves right now, for a price that you can afford to day.

The Aberdeen Jogger Pants from prAna really fit the bill when it comes to a pair of workout pants that are comfortable, flexible and also a lot warmer for the winter. Unlike leggings, these aren’t tight and restrictive. These jogging pants fit well, closer to the body than sweatpants, and were made to provide comfort and protection. They’re made out of a lenzing tencel, and they’re very stylish and versatile. These are pants you can wear to the gym, running on the roadside, or even for lounging around or going out. They feel like premium sweats and fit like looser capris.

In colors like white wash, antique blue and gray wash, you can definitely find something that matches your particular style or any outfit you might want to put together. For sizing options, prAna is well known for covering a wide range of body types, and these pants specifically are available in sizes from extra small through extra large.

The price of these pants on Shopping Blitz is $78.95. While this might seem steep on its face, understand that they’re a lot cheaper here than you’ll find them on competitor sites, and you also get to save a lot of money by having these items shipped to your door for free, rather than throwing an extra charge at you.

A Hybrid Shirt for Men

Just because men have found a ton of options from which to choose while online shopping, that doesn’t mean that everything you find is going to be worth buying. Most sites have the mission of pushing their products off the shelf to stay in business, with little regard for true quality. Only a select few actual brands online take quality and customer satisfaction into consideration; a brand like Shopping Blitz. This is where you can find true quality clothing for a price that you can afford on any budget. If you need a great long sleeve shirt for the winter, Shopping Blitz is the place to look.

The Graden Long Sleeve Slim Shirt by prAna is a great example of this. While a simple looking shirt on its face, this is actually a great item that many men consider a must-have for the winter. First and foremost, it’s made out of 100% organic cotton, so there’s no questioning the comfort of this item. Cotton is also incredibly warm, so a lightweight item like this will keep you every bit as warm as a sweater. It’s the ideal garment to wear under a light jacket to create dual-layer warmth that you’d typically only find with a thick, heavy winter parka. The shirt has decorative body panel seams and offers a slim fit design. It has a full button-up front and a high collar, which offers a very classy, semi-formal look.

Men also get some variety here by being able to choose this shirt in one of three colors: Nautical, which is a deep, rich blue; Steel blue, which is more of a light, powder-like blue; and Stone, which is reminiscent of khaki or light tan. You will also have no trouble finding the perfect fit, as this shirt is available in sizes from small up through 2XL.

The going rate for this shirt on the average site is well over $80, and most consider that a pretty solid deal. However, you will only have to pay $68.95 on Shopping Blitz. A brand that puts the customer first, this shirt also ships out to you for free, so there are no extra charges when you check out.

A Big Sale on Boots

If you woke up this morning a little cold and ultimately sad that we’re still in the middle of winter, don’t feel alone. There are millions of people out there who just can’t wait until the springtime gets here. Though being stuck in the cold-weather season is what it is; there’s no changing it, at least if you’re not traveling to warmer climates. After the holiday season, you may find little to look forward to. Well, Shopping Blitz is here to tell you that there’s still some good news for you this winter, like being able to find high-quality, top-shelf boots for a fantastic sales price that you just can’t find anywhere else! If that don’t cheer you up, nothing will.

The Shellista II Mid Waterproof Boots by The North Face are ideal for women who need boots that were built to truly hold up to the season. These boots were crafted with a leather upper that’s 100% waterproof, so there’s no worries about sloshing through the snow. They also feature a waterproof shell on the bottom. In terms of style, they look great aesthetically and have a mid-calf height with a full lace-up front feature. The nubuck leather looks great while the PrimaLoft Silver insulation protects your feet and keeps them toasty warm. The sole is an injection-molded piece that’s specifically created for a woman’s foot, so comfort isn’t an issue. These are boots that look great enough to go out on the town while protecting well enough to be worn in arctic temperatures.\

You can find a lot of variety with these boots. They’re available in three color schemes: Dachshund brown with demitasse brown; split rock brown with dove gray; and TNF black with plum kitten gray. In women’s sizes from 5 through 11, they also fit a very broad range of women’s feet.

The original price of these boots on Shopping Blitz is $145.95, and even more expensive on other sites. Though they’re currently available for 35% off, which means you get to save a ton and will only have to pay $94.95 for these boots. This price even includes the shipping, so there are no extra charges.

A Comfortable Fleece Jacket

Men who shop online may have noticed over the past few years that their particular gender’s clothing options have exploded in options, orders of magnitude beyond what used to be available. Finally the online world of men’s shopping is catching up to women’s shopping, and thus you have a ton of options available. This is great news in the winter time, when you may be looking for a jacket. It means that beyond finding something that’s functional, you can actually find something that’s fashionable and that you want to wear. Shopping Blitz can easily help connect you with the type of jacket that you really want.

Adidas Sport Performance offers the Tivid Fleece II Jacket, which is ideal for this item of year. Although it’s lightweight and very soft and comfortable, it’s also incredibly warm and helps to keep that winter chill out. This regular fitting micro premium fleece jacket was made out of recycled polyester, so it’s also good for the environment. It has a full-zip front, a high collar, two front hand pockets, and a soft, warm lining. The jacket itself is versatile in that it can be worn as the top layer with a long-sleeve underneath, or as the bottom layer with something like a parka over-top. It all depends on the weather and what you need from your jacket.

When we mentioned that men had options, that definitely holds true for this particular item. You can pick it up in multiple colors, like a deep, rich red; a soft, illustrious blue beauty; a dark and daring legend ink, and the quintessential black color. Sizes run from small all the way up through 2XL, so it’s likely going to fit you well with room to spare.

The price of this jacket on Shopping Blitz is currently at $69.00, which is pretty cheap for an Adidas item. This is a jacket that can keep you warm all winter and can even be worn as a lightweight item in the spring. The free shipping on this item also allows you to save even more money here.

New and Improved Leggings

Any woman who’s ever shopped for clothing before knows already that you cannot make it past the first page results of a site without seeing a pair of leggings. Despite how many dozens of pants styles there are for women today, leggings are always the number-one seller, and that’s because they’re the most sought after style of pants around. Though for many women out there, they want something that goes beyond the bland, basic pair of leggings. This is where Shopping Blitz can help you by offering up the latest in leggings styles that go well beyond those tight-fitting spandex pants.You can find something truly unique.

Speaking of unique, you can’t get any more original than the Rockland Leggings by prAna. These are high-waisted leggings that are made out of a Chakara compression stretch jersey fabric, combining recycled polyester and a 4-way stretch fabric to give you leggings that are more flexible and durable than anything on the market. They also feature a triangle Coolmax gusset and side patch pockets that zip. This means you get a pair of leggings that actually function as pants, not just booty-boosters for aesthetic purposes. These are versatile pants that can be worn at the gym, at home, to work, or any other event. They place more emphasis on style and comfort than on squeezing the body shape into a mold.

They’re available in a black color only, as black is undoubtedly the most popular. Though this isn’t that gloss, plastic-looking black. It’s more like a very dark gray, a flat black. Sizes run from extra small through extra large, so they’ll fit most women’s body shapes. The fabric used in these leggings has more flexibility than other fabrics you may be used to with leggings.

The price for these leggings on Shopping Blitz right now is $88.95. Keep in mind that this is a discounted rate compared to other sites around. The prAna brand can definitely have a high price tag for their items like this, but Shopping Blitz helps you save money initially, and then again on shipping, as these pants will ship out to you for free.

Quality Work Boots for Him

As millions of men all around the country know all too well, there’s still a lot of tough, back-breaking work out there that needs to be done. All sorts of men wake up early every morning, throw on their work boots, and head out to tough, taxing jobs. Of course, a key item on which to focus on the previous sentence would be “work boots.” When’s the last time you’ve updated your work boots? Protecting your feet is very important, and Shopping Blitz can help you find the best in men’s work boots that will protect your feet while keeping them much more comfortable.

The Danner Vicious 4.5″ Non Metallic Work Boots are every man’s dream when it comes to comfort, function and style. These are non-metallic boots, so they use a composite material and a tough outer to protect the toe, instead of a metal plate. This makes them light, more flexible, and actually safer. The rise of the boot is 4.5″, so it protects while still giving your ankle a full range of motion. The outer leather here is 100% waterproof, and you get a light, breathable Gore-Tex lining so your feet stay dry and comfortable. The Vibram Vicious outsole is also slip-resistant on any surface, including oil.

They’re available in a very attractive brown and orangish color. The laces and eyelets are an orange color, with the leather of the boot being a two-tone tan and brown. And in men’s sizes from 8 through 14, these boots are going to fit well for most men out there.

Danner is one of the best companies out there producing tough, durable, comfortable work boots; they’re top shelf for sure. So on most sites, $220 is the range where you’ll find these boots. With Shopping Blitz, however, you’ll find them for only $179.95, and this is your final price tag, so the item ships for free.

Fashionable Glasses for Her

When it’s in the middle of the winter and you’re a woman who needs to go shopping for gear, the odds are good that you’re looking for things like sweaters, cozy pants, boots, beanies, and other items to keep you warm. Even though you might not realize it, because it doesn’t seem like a necessity, a good pair of sunglasses is something you could really use around this time of year. Sure, most people associate sunglasses with the summertime, but keep in mind that these glasses block out UV rays and harsh, vivid colors, so they work very well to keep that snow glare out of your eyes when out and about. Shopping Blitz has some great deals on sunglasses this time of year.

The Berry Cross Sunglasses by Blazin Roxx are a stylish, affordable, chic pair of glasses from MF Western Products. They help to eliminate UV rays and offer UV 400 protection. This means they block out the sun very well, along with the harsh reflection off of snow. They have a tortoise frame and lenses, a silver concho with a center cross, and rhinestone accents. To be clear, these glasses are very fashionable, but also very functional.

You can pick these one size fits all glasses up in color schemes like brown and black. MF Western Products are known for their quintessential Americana style, resembling the fashion aesthetics of the old-west bygone era, and the classical southwestern fashion motifs of today. They’re thick and durable, able to last you a long time, and the lenses are very easy to clean.

The price for these glasses is very low, if you pick them up from Shopping Blitz. Right now, you can save a lot of money by only having to pay $44.95. On other sites, expect this price to climb higher. Making the deal even sweeter for Shopping Blitz shoppers, you also get free shipping on this item.

A Light Way to Stay Warm

One of the drawbacks of wintertime a lot of men notice in particular is that clothing made to keep you warm seems to always be bulky, rigid and stiff. For example, you work outside in the elements, and a light jacket on top of a t-shirt isn’t going to work. So you bulk up with a thicker jacket. Problem is, this jacket is heavy, bulky, and doesn’t allow you any range of movement. This is why many men are turning to long-sleeve quality undershirts to wear under a lighter jacket, and Shopping Blitz definitely has a wide variety from which you can choose.

The Critter Long Sleeve Tee by Neff gives you the perfect balance of coverage and warmth with weight. It’s advertised as a tee but is more like a lightweight sweatshirt. It’s thick and durable, while still being light and breathable. It’s a crew-neck design with cuffed sleeves that fit well. It’s made out of 100% high-quality cotton, so the comfort isn’t in question. It’s not designed to be a standalone shirt in the elements, as it’s not waterproof or moisture-wicking, etc; it’s designed to be worn inside or under a jacket to provide warmth without adding weight. To that end, this Neff shirt is ideal for the winter weather. Toss on a light jacket, double up your layers, and you can stand any temperature.

This long sleeve tee is available in two color schemes: Simple black and white. Though each color does have a different color array of sleeve graphics and the chest logo; e.g. purple and yellow on black, and blue and purple on white. In sizes from small through 2XL, it’s also going to be able to fit practically any man’s body.

The price of this shirt on Shopping Blitz is pretty low, coming in at only $29.95. This is a lot cheaper than you’ll find this shirt elsewhere. Though Shopping Blitz doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get this shirt shipped to you for free, allowing you to save even more money.

Cozy Up with the Right Pants

There’s nothing at all quite like wearing something warm and cozy during those winter months. Although your house has a heat source, and you’re not exactly braving the arctic elements, you still feel that winter chill, and it still feels great to throw on something cozy. If you’re looking for the best in comfortable winter wear, then look no further than Shopping Blitz. Offering you a wide variety of unique items that are all available for a price you can afford on any budget, Shopping Blitz is your go-to location for cozy winter wear.

The Cozy Up Pants by prAna really give you everything you want out of a pair of cozy winter pants, and much more. You can wear these inside to lounge around, while they’re also tough and durable enough to be worn outside in the elements. They even feature a sun-blocking fabric that offers UPF 50+ protection. The hemp-recycled polyester-tencel fleece blend makes these pants seriously comfortable and cozy. They’re thick yet light and flexible. They look like a sweatpants style but feel like pure velvet. They have side pockets and leg cuffs, so they’re fully functional jeans, not like sleepers or anything.

Cargo green heather and charcoal heather are the two color schemes in which these pants are available. Just remember that Shopping Blitz gets a lot of traffic, so the color you’d prefer might be gone unless you act quickly. In terms of sizing options, these pants are available from extra small up through extra large, so they cover a wide range of body types.

These pants are currently marked down to only $88.95. On most other sites, you’d be paying at least 20% more for these cozy prAna pants. Though you actually save even more in the long run, since you get free shipping on this item.