Comfortable Summer Slippers

When you see a nice pair of comfortable, cozy slippers, your mind probably shoots straight to winter, picturing the cold weather and needing some type of footwear to keep your feet warm. However, a great pair of slippers doesn’t have any sort of season per se. It’s all about keeping your feet nice and comfortable, and slipping on something that can be worn inside or out. This is why the summer is also a great time to pick up those slippers. When you’re lounging around the house, need to set out the trash, etc, having slippers can really be a lot more convenient than getting those shoes on. If it’s slippers you need, you might want to stop by at Shopping Blitz.

The North Face has created a great all-season slipper with their Thermoball Traction Mules IV, a warm, comfortable, plush pair of slippers for women that provide a durable rubber outsole and a lot of padding inside to keep your feet comfortable. The uppers are made out of recycled PET, which is waterproof and warm. The insulation is PrimaLoft synthetic. These are slippers that will keep your feet very warm in the winter, though will also allow your feet to breathe when wearing them in the summer.

The slippers feature a pretty big outsole and an attractive pattern on the uppers, so they’re very appealing slippers. Plus you can get them in different colors to suit your tastes. When it comes to sizing options, you can pick them up in sizes from 5 through 11, and maybe smaller or larger, depending on what’s in stock on the site.

These slippers are everything a woman needs to stay comfortable and cozy and in style, and they only cost $32.95. This is the Shopping Blitz difference. You won’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. As an added bonus, this item will also ship out to you for free.

Loving couples having babies is something very special in their lives; so much so, in fact, that many couples take the time and effort to ensure that they have a summer baby. They just seem to want their babies born when the weather’s nice and where they go take their newborn to see all the sights. Well, there’s some good news for all of you parents out there who have infants and want to dress them up in attractive, cozy clothing for the season. Shopping Blitz carries a lot of baby clothing that’s made of quality, soft, safe materials that will look and feel great on your little ones.

There’s a great onesie piece available on Shopping Blitz right now for your infants, the SilentHunter Camo Onesie by Rocky. This piece is just pure cuteness. He can look just like dad in this cute camo pattern, with a hypoallergenic 100% polyester onesie that’s soft and comfortable and will allow your baby to look and feel great. It also features an odor destroyer, so after that diaper is changed, the odors won’t linger on in the onesie. This is a huge benefit, as most parents already know.

Destroying the microbes that create odor not only help your baby to smell fresh and clean, but no microbes also means no bacteria, and this means far less of a chance to develop rashes and other skin irritations, so it’s a great way for your baby to stay cozy and healthy while looking as cute as a button. It also features a microsuede liner, which is incredibly soft, and a snap at both the crotch and shoulder of the onesie.

This onesie gives you everything your baby needs, and for a great price. The Shopping Blitz price for this onesie is $35.95, which is a great deal, and you’ll also get this item shipped to your door absolutely free.

Tap Shoes For Her

Many parents out there use their children’s summer vacations in order to plan a variety of events and to get them involved in different activities. For instance, this is the time of year that a lot of parents will enroll their kids in something like the martial arts or in dance classes. Of course, as most parents know, this is never as easy as taking your kids to a dance building and dropping them off. You will need to ensure that you’re picking up the sort of gear they need for the specific activity. Like, for instance, enrolling your little girl in a dance class focused on tap – you’re going to need to get her some good tap shoes. This is where Shopping Blitz can help, with a wide selection of quality, affordable products.

The Annie Tyette Tap Shoes by Bloch offer everything your little girl needs to excel in the activity. For starters, these are very comfortable shoes, lined with kashmir and featuring a soft, padded insole. Since they’re tap shoes, there’s going to be a lot of stomping and movement, so having this padding will protect her feet well. The uppers are also very tough, flexible, and durable enough to hold up for a long time. They’re made out of synthetic leather that’s easy to clean and maintain. They also feature Techno tap plates, which resonate loudly and are great beginner taps.

These shoes are available in a wide range of sizes for little girls, from around the toddler age all the way up to pre-teen. One of the best features of these shoes is that they feature a non-slip coating on the bottom of the soles. So she can learn to tap and move around without having to worry at all about slipping and falling.

These are shoes that are going to last long after she outgrows them. Another great aspect is that, right now on Shopping Blitz, these shoes are available for only $39.95, and you’ll also get free shipping on this item.

A Light Summer Dress

One of the best parts about summer for women is that they get to dress in clothes that are considered much more stylish and flattering. While some women can still look great in a big parka in the winter, and may actually love wearing them, most women like to accentuate their bodies with items like tank tops, shorts and dresses. If you’re a woman in the market for a great dress this summer, then you might want to check out Shopping Blitz and their wide selection of women’s clothing, including cute summer dresses that are stylish and affordable.

The Kaya Knit Dress by Dakine is a light, breezy and stylish knee-length dress that’s made out of a blend of rayon and spandex. Not only is this dress very form flattering and flexible, but it’s also incredibly light and airy, while still remaining strong, thanks to the rayon fabric. This is a no-muss, no-fuss sort of dress, offering women something that’s very light and breezy while still looking great on the form.

This is a t-shirt style dress, so it pulls over like a basic shirt with sleeves; the only difference being, of course, that is has a skirt attached to the bottom of it. The dress is incredibly thin and light, but thanks to the materials used, it is entirely opaque so you won’t have to worry about anything become see-thru, even if it does happen to get wet. Available in sizes from XS to XL, it can fit practically any body shape too.

For a dress made with such quality, you might be thinking you’ll find a price tag of $60 or maybe more. This isn’t the case on Shopping Blitz. The full amount you’re going to pay on Shopping Blitz is only $39.95, and this even includes shipping, for which there’s no charge.

Stylish Summer Sneakers

With such a wide range of sneakers available on the market, it always helps tremendously if you know a thing or two about the style. For instance, you have athletic trainers, running shoes, basketball shoes, low-top loafers, and even tennis shoes, and they’re all considered to be sneakers. However, each type of sneaker is going to have different benefits and drawbacks. And if you’re a man shopping around for sneakers, you definitely want to know what type you’re buying. So if you’re a fan of the classic tennis shoes, make sure you’re shopping for actual tennis shoes. Make sure you’re shopping with a site like Shopping Blitz, to ensure you find what you’re after.

The T-1 Mid Fashion Sneakers by Fila are tennis shoes through and through. Contrary to their name, most people don’t actually use tennis shoes to play tennis. While the soles and flexibility of these shoes make them perfect for the courts, the fact is that most people wear tennis shoes for just hanging out and walking around. That’s the great thing about a tennis shoe, and this one in particular looks great and is very high quality. The uppers are made from real leather and the soles are tough and flexible.

These are Fila shoes, a brand that is about as good as it gets when it comes to stylish, comfortable and durable shoes. These are throwback shoes, which were a popular style many years ago. Fila has resurrected this style and they’re a smash hit with men, available on Shopping Blitz in sizes from around 9 to 13. They’re white sneakers with that classic blue and Chinese red that Fila is famous for.

One of the best reasons to pick up these shoes from Shopping Blitz is that there’s a lot of money to be saved. Not only are these shoes available for only $74.95 on the site, but you will also receive free shipping, so you won’t have to actually pay a penny more to have them delivered to your door.

Young Girls’ Dancing Pants

Parents of kids who dance know that it’s best to get them involved in the sport when they’re young, if it’s something that your children want to do. Beginning when they’re toddlers and going through the various steps while they’re young is how young kids grow up getting better and better at dance. Though regardless of their skill level, if you have a younger girl involved in dancing, you’re going to need to make sure she has the right type of dance clothing. This is where Shopping Blitz can really relieve a lot of pressure associated with shopping for the right gear. You can find exactly what you need here.

The Harem Pants by Body Wrappers is a pair of dance pants for girls around the ages of 8 through 10, though they can probably definitely fit a little under or over, depending on your girl’s actual size. These pants were built to be comfortable and durable at the same time, combining fabrics like cotton and polyester for an almost fleece-like feel. Perhaps the biggest benefit of these pants is that they’re so baggy and flexible around the legs, allowing her to comfortably perform a very wide range of dance moves and styles.

While the legs of these pants are very baggy, you won’t actually have to worry about any sort of loose fit in the waist or the ankles. They use some pretty tough elastic to keep a tight fit on the waist and ankles, so they’re not going to slip down off her waist, and the legs aren’t going to get around her feet and shoes and mess up her dancing. Overall, these are dance pants that she will love and that will last her a long time.

The price for these Body Wrapper pants on Shopping Blitz is only $40.95, which is cheaper than you are going to find elsewhere. To make the deal even sweeter, you can get these pants without having to pay a single penny for shipping.

A Hybrid Shoe for Men

Harley Davidson is hands-down the most popular name in motorcycles around the globe, and especially in America. When it comes to style, raw horse power, and value, nothing beats a Harley. Though did you know that Harley Davidson also creates clothing? They use the same commitment to quality materials to produce a lot of clothing, and are very popular for their shoes and boots. If you want to see what Harley Davidson can offer you off the road, then Shopping Blitz is a great place to look.

The Nathan Sneakers by Harley Davidson are classified as high-top sneakers but are much more like a boot-shoe hybrid. Harley took no shortcuts in creating these sneakers, building them with full-grain leather and solid, durable rubber that can really stand up to a lot while also holding traction on most surfaces. They feature a full leather upper that is embossed with a bar on the side and the “H-D” shied graphic of the brand. They also feature a full length cushioned sock lining, in order to absorb some shock and make your feet a lot more comfortable.

These high-top sneakers have what is called a vulcanized construction, which means that they were really built to be able to withstand a ton of wear and tear. These aren’t shoes that are going to start splitting at the soles or coming undone. They were built to really hold up to just about anything. The shaft is 4.25″ high, and they even give you a bit of a rise with a 1″ heel. They’re currently available in men’s sizes from around 7 through 13.

One fact you have to understand with Harley Davidson is that they’re the epitome of high-end, all about quality and excellence. So these high-top sneakers aren’t going to be cheap. This is where stopping in at Shopping Blitz really works out well, however. Instead of paying some very high mark-up, you can grab these H-D high-tops for only $61.95, and save even more with the free shipping.

A Summertime Romp for Women

For most people around the nation, the summer months mean dressing down a lot. This is when those tank tops, shorts and bikinis come out, and when people try to dress as lightly as possible to stay comfortable. When it comes to cool, comfortable clothing, women definitely have a lot of items from which they can choose. Right now on Shopping Blitz, women can find great items that will definitely keep them cool during those hot and muggy summer months, and for a reasonable price that most can afford on any budget.

One such item is the Malibu Hooded Romper by Fila. A romper is basically a one-piece combination of shorts and a tank top, and this particular one-piece tank even throws in a hood for that extra splash of style. The first thing most notice about the piece is that it’s form-fitting, flattering and comfortable, made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% polyester. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and the spandex mixed with the cotton gives it a better fit with a lot more strength.

Like most Fila items, this has the brand’s logo printed across the chest. It’s also created to fit women of most any size, available in sizes from small up through extra large. The big, swooping neck is modest and not restrictive at all. From the front the hood makes the shoulder straps look very stylish, while from the back you can see the lightweight hood.

Fila is a top-shelf Italian brand that does everything from shoes and socks to sweaters and jackets. This particular romper is one of the brand’s most popular items around this time of year. On Shopping Blitz right now, it’s available for $64.95 and it ships to your door for free, so you won’t have to spend any extra money on the shipping.

Getting Comfortable in the Climate

There’s something to be said for people who live in the desert and wear long-sleeve clothing. They have figured out that when your body heat is lower than the outside heat, wearing more clothing is actually what keeps you cooler. Most Americans aren’t convinced of this and still wear tanks and shorts when it’s really hot, but perhaps some of you would like to consider shopping in the long-sleeve department for summer. If you want to find light, breezy, comfortable long-sleeve t-shirts that you might love for the spring and summer, Shopping Blitz definitely has a few items you might want to check out.

The Mow Town Long Sleeve Crusher Tee for men by Life is Good is actually the ideal shit to wear in the spring and summer months. It even has a cute graphic on the front of a guy on his riding mower, which is one of the many ways you can enjoy this shirt and actually stay cooler when it’s hot out. This shirt is a great blend of 70% cotton and 30% poly, so it’s light and comfortable while also being very breathable and strong.

The classic fit of a Life is Good tee just skims across the body for a loose, comfortable fit. The overall shirt is very light and airy. It has a large crew neck that swoops down and doesn’t constrict the neck at all. Overall, this is a shit that was made with your comfort in mind. You can grab this great long-sleeve tee in sizes ranging from small all the way up to 3 XL.

Keeping with the Shopping Blitz theme of picking up great clothing for a low price, you’re only going to be paying $29.95 for this shirt. This works out to a great deal. A long-sleeve shirt can be worn comfortably during all four seasons, so it’s an item you’ll get a lot of mileage from. It also ships for free, saving you even more.

A Comfortable Summer Tank

One thing that many women love about summer above most other things is that they have a whole lot of different clothing options from which to choose. Though for many women around this time of year, it’s all about keeping things simple. A tank top, for instance, is a simplistic piece of clothing that’s light and breezy, but can also be very fashionable and trendy. This is especially true if you find a good tank top from a top-shelf brand. If you want to find the best that tank tops have to offer you for the summer, you might want to drop in at Shopping Blitz.

The Core Full Coverage Tank Shirt by Fila is a very impressive and lightweight tank top for women that has a comfortable cut and is made out of a blend of polyester and spandex. This particular blend allows the tank to actually hold its shape on your body while also being breathable and durable. The polyester is great for keeping you cool. The tank is modest in how it’s cut, with a swooping neckline that’s not the least bit restrictive. There are also mesh inserts at the yoke in order to keep you even cooler, so it’s a great item for a really hot day.

Available in multiple colors and in sizes up to 2 XL, this is a tank top that most women can fit into. It’s also unique in its part spandex construction in that you can wear it multiple ways. You can get one that’s a little larger so it’s baggy on your body, or you can go down a size and allow it to fit over you and conform to your body’s shape, for an under-shirt or a more flattering physique.

One of the things you’ll probably love the most about this Fila tank top is that it only costs $29.95 on Shopping Blitz right now. This is a very low price for a quality item, and Shopping Blitz even offers free shipping, so you won’t have to pay any extra charge.