A Stylish Mainstay for Men

There’s just something about a classic, old-school, throwback item that really screams to men in this modern age. Perhaps it’s the fact that a lot of “modern” fashions for men are just too busy and too frilly and don’t really speak to the masculine idea of simplicity. Whatever the reasons, the classics have been making a huge comeback over the past few years, and Shopping Blitz is the go-to location to shop if you’re in the market for some of that retro wear that screams simplicity while still offering all the quality you can get for your buck.

The Hurricane Jacket from Fila is one of those items that are definitely simplistic in nature while also being an item that really gets the job done for the cold-weather months. This particular jacket has a polyester shell that shields out wind like a windbreaker while also giving you moisture-wicking technology that keeps the jacket dry inside and out. The jacquard body mapping inside really fits well and keeps you comfortable. It features a zipped front, neck taping for the ideal fit, two welt pockets, and raglan sleeves that fit great.

The Navy and white jacket here is a classic Fila color scheme that also features some dark blue stripes extending from the collar down the sides, so it has a sleek, stylish aesthetic look. Then you get that splash of traditional Chinese red via the embroidered Fila logo. Sizing options for this jacket run from small all the way up through 2 XL, so most men are going to find that this item fits them very comfortably.

Another strong selling point here is the price you pay when shopping with Shopping Blitz. All you have to pay here is $89.95, with no extra shipping charge. On competitor sites, not only is the initial product more expensive, but they also sneak in that shipping charge on you, so you’ll be paying well over $120 for this jacket.

An Original, Timeless Classic

What are most men looking for in their shoes? Well, we know that women, for example, love to focus on the overall aesthetic, which is why heels are such huge sellers. For guys, most surveyed claim it’s more about comfort, although style definitely comes in a close second overall, and eeks out comfort among men 18-35. Though what if you had the best of both worlds? Shoes that were incredibly comfortable while also being very stylish? Well, you can certainly have the best of both worlds when you shop your shoes through Shopping Blitz.

Take, for instance, the timeless classic Original Tennis Sneakers by Fila. Of course, you’re unlikely to wear this on the court while playing a match, but the thing about Fila’s “tennis” shoes is that they’re fantastic overall trainers. This means they excel at working out, basketball, jogging, or just wearing to school or out on the town. The uppers are comprised of real full-grain leather, while the hard rubber outsoles are durable and flexible. The insoles are soft and comfortable, and easy on the feet. These are low-top shoes with a very slick and sleek design to them. They are the epitome of a throwback sneaker, with all the quality Fila is famous for.

In color schemes like white, navy and black; cream, navy and red; and black, white and gum, men definitely have their options open as to which color scheme works best for them. Each shoe looks entirely unique, but is made in the same high-quality process. With sizing options from 6 to 14 in men’s, you’re definitely likely to find something that fits your feet well.

This classic shoe is going to run you over $120 on most sites. Even on Shopping Blitz, it originally goes for $111.19. Though with the new sale on this item, you can pick it up for $74.95. The best part here is that even includes free shipping, which means no extra charge.

A Jacket for All Seasons

Women’s wear has changed a whole lot over the years, especially when you consider the many options available to women these days thanks to online shopping. Though when it comes time to buy something like a jacket, nothing seems to beat simplicity. Frilly pieces and tassels and other useless decorations might catch your eye, but in no way does that mean the jacket’s going to hold up and do what you want it to do. This is why Shopping Blitz keeps it simple for ladies out there, allowing you to quickly and easily find a product that will actually do its job.

The W Varilite Hybrid Jacket by Adidas Sport Performance is actually a jacket that you can wear during the coldest months, or even during a chilly spring day or summer morning. It was designed to be very lightweight and conforming to the weather. With its down fill insulation, it’s light as a feather but also very intelligent, so to speak. With a jacket so lightweight with this insulation, it will not cause you to overheat when it’s not very cold out, while at the same time providing a protective barrier against the coldest weather. It has an adjustable hood, zippered hand pockets, and even a media pocket.

A big plus here is that you can grab this jacket in multiple colors. You have colors like core white, black, legend green and raw ink. You can match this jacket to any style you prefer. Adidas also does well to give you sizing options that will fit practically anyone. This jacket’s sizes range from extra small through extra large.

At the price of only $99.00, this jacket is a steal, especially when you consider what it might cost at other locations. Shopping Blitz keeps things very affordable for you, which also includes free shipping, so you’re never hit with another charge on your way out the door.

The Ideal Jacket for Winter

Most men already have that trusted winter jacket that they’ve had for years. It’s warm, it’s stiff, it’s rigid, and it was probably a gift someone got for them. The fact is that men tend to pick and stick, whereas women shop seasonally and along trend lines with popularity. But you know as well as we do that old faithful isn’t doing the trick. It doesn’t block water; it doesn’t stop the wind. It’s just a habit to throw it on. Why don’t you stop in at Shopping Blitz and pick up a winter jacket that actually gets the job done?

With ample protection and style to spare, the 3-Stripe Down Hooded Jacket from Adidas Sport Performance is the ideal winter coat that’s truly all-purpose and will last you for years to come. That’s because this Adidas coat uses a recycled poly-blend outer shell to give you a waterproof jacket that also blocks out the wind, thanks to the DWR shell. For as thick and warm as the jacket is, it’s also as lightweight as a basic long-sleeve shirt, thanks to the duck down 600 fill power light insulation. This means you get a lightweight jacket that would keep you warm in Antarctica. Along with an adjustable hood, hand warmer pockets and much more, this is the ideal men’s jacket.

This is also an eye-popping, attractive piece, available in colors like two-toned scarlet, collegiate royal, black, and core white with black. So you have four options from which you can choose, at least if you act quickly enough. Fila made sure that this jacket will also cover a very broad range, so it’s available in sizes from small up through 3 XL.

Don’t be shocked if you browse around for comparison and find this jacket for around $220 on other sites. This is a great piece, and Adidas is a top-shelf brand. So when Shopping Blitz is offering this piece for $179.00 plus free shipping, you know that you’re saving a lot on it.

A Fashionable Long Sleeve Crew

So, what do men purchase when they have unlimited options at their fingertips? You might initially think that men’s tastes are so simplistic that they gravitate toward that old classic t-shirt and jeans combo, but men who shop online actually expand their horizons and end up buying all sorts of unique items, especially during the winter. A comfortable long sleeve shirt is something a lot of men are after when the weather’s cold, and Shopping Blitz definitely has a great selection from which men can choose.

Fila’s Apex Long Sleeve Crew Shirt is a big seller in the fall and winter months for men. For starters, Fila is one of the most trusted brands in fashion and have been delivering the goods for over a century. This shirt in particular is all about warmth, comfort and style. Made out of a blend of poly, spandex and mesh, it’s actually a multi-layered shirt that will wick away moisture while giving you a breathable fabric that helps to regulate the body’s temperature. This long sleeve crew is ideal for working out, or even for wearing out casually to look great.

This mesh long sleeve is available in multiple color schemes. First you have a black, nine iron and safety yellow combo. Or you can choose a combination of nine iron, prince blue and highrise. Lastly you have the classic Fila combo: Navy, white and Chinese red. Sizing options from from small up through 2 XL, so it’s a shirt that most men can easily fit into.

For a shirt like this from Fila, having to pay around $60 is par for the course. Most sites on which you’ll find the Apex from Fila are charging that much, plus an extra charge for shipping. Shopping Blitz not only knocks this price down initially by charging you only $44.95, but they also give you free shipping on this item, so there isn’t an extra charge.

Rugged, Comfortable Work Boots

Most men who work tough jobs know full well that words like rugged and comfortable don’t typically belong in the same sentence. For instance, if you were to purchase a rugged pair of work jeans, you could expect them to be stiff and rigid. And while they lasted a long time and held up to the job, thus being worth the investment, they’re still not very comfortable. Shopping Blitz can connect you right now with work boots that are incredibly rugged and strong while also being supremely comfortable.

Georgia and their Comfort Core Logger Comp Toe Waterproof 9″ Boots change the game by giving you composite-toe boots that can withstand the toughest environments while being as comfortable to your feet as a pair of cushioned orthopedic shoes. It’s all about the Comfort Core insole used here, which is like a pillow of air. The outsides of these boots are full-grain leather that have been treated to provide a waterproof coating. They’re tall and provide ample ankle protection. The composite toe also works well to help you stave off potential injury.

The color of these boots is absolutely fantastic for lovers of classic leather. It’s that deep, rich, dark brown that’s so synonymous with leather. Along with nickel lace eyelets and black laces, these boots look great. You can pick them up in sizes from a 9 in men’s up through a 13, so they cover a range of foot sizes.

These are top-shelf boots that were made to perform the toughest jobs on the planet while keeping your feet comfortable, so having to pay around $300 is common on most sites. Shopping Blitz used to sell them for $249, until the price was slashed and the boots are now available for only $199.95, including free shipping.

A Truly Fashionable Hat

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Women truly have the entire world at their fingertips when it comes to all the many shopping options out there. Clothing options are simply too numerous to mention, so what about fashion accessories? If you were to narrow the field down to something like, say, a hat, then you could really explore in a fine-tuned fashion and potentially find something great. This is where Shopping Blitz can really help you narrow your search down and show you some hats that you might just love.

The Side Bow Soft Knit Cloche Hat from the San Diego Hat Company is something like the movie stars of old used to wear out to red carpets. You could really see Audrey Hepburn in this hat, styling it up as the toast of the town. This gorgeous hat is made out of 100% wool, so it’s the ideal hat for this time of year, when it’s cold outside. It also looks fantastic with any outfit. The soft knit cloche has a side bow detail that really stands out as just adorable, but also fierce in a fashion sense. This is the sort of hat that you could wear out to a formal event, just hanging out with friends, or simply to keep your head warm.

In colors that include black, ivory, charcoal and pink, this is also a hat that you can pick up in a range of colors, so that you can always match the outfight you’re wearing. In terms of sizing, this is a one size fits all hat, that should be able to fit any woman’s head very well. The San Diego Hat Company deals in hats, obviously, and they do a great job with their sizing.

In terms of pricing, this hat is truly a steal when you shop with Shopping Blitz. It’s available right now for the super low price of $44.95, which is just unheard of for a 100% wool cloche. Making this an even better deal is the fact that this item will ship out to you for free, so no extra charges.

A Laid Back Shirt for Her

With all the many clothing options available for women when shopping, especially online, sometimes women just like simple, practical fashions. Not every garment a woman wears needs to be loaded down with bells and whistles. If you feel like a simple pocket shirt with some long sleeves, perfect to wear under a jacket or sweater, then Shopping Blitz also has a ton of minimalist items from which you can choose. This is your go-to location when you’re seeking quality craftsmanship for simplistic items.

The Mini Butterfly Carefree Long Sleeve Pocket Tee by Life is Good is the epitome of simplistic style. This is a long-sleeve shirt with a convenient pocket on the chest, like you’ve likely seen so many men wear. It’s made out of a super soft cotton, modal and spandex blend. It drapes over the body and is very loose fitting, almost like a quality slub cardigan or something very fancy; except, of course, this is a dialed-back tee-shirt for lounging around and comfort. It’s an ideal piece to wear under a jacket, or as a standalone piece when you’re indoors and just want to feel comfortable.

Right now the only color in which this piece is available is a night black. Make sure to check back to see what other options pop back up when in stock. Though while you might not have many color options, you will definitely find the right sizing options. This is a shirt that’s available in every size from extra small through 2 XL, so it’s going to fit almost any woman’s body. And remember that this is a baggy, loose fitting shirt. This means it’s going to be bigger, so keep that in mind when ordering.

The price for this shirt is definitely discounted when you go through Shopping Blitz. Available for only $41.95, this is a pretty big savings compared to what you will be charged elsewhere. Keep in mind that you also get free shipping on this shirt, so you get to save even more money by avoiding extra charges.

A Fashionable Men’s Winter Jacket

Just because it’s the winter time does not mean that your entire life goes on hold. Sure, you do change and adapt in many ways, but you still have to work, shop, and live your life the same way. The only thing that really changes here is in how you dress for the weather. This is why it’s so important to have a quality winter jacket if you’re a guy. You need something that’s warm, flexible and durable, so that you can simply throw the jacket on and go, in the confidence that it’s going to hold up well. This is when stopping in at Shopping Blitz can really pay off for you in a big way.

The Tracerocker Hooded Fleece Jacket by Adidas Sport Performance is a unique, stylish and durable jacket that’s ideal for the coldest weather. This jacket is made out of a blend of recycled polyester and elastic, so it fits your shape well while also stretching and flexing, while shielding you from the harsh elements. It’s a fleece material, so it’s very soft and supple. The quick-dry material can go through a lot and end up drying quickly. The jacket features a comfortable lining with light insulation, two normal pockets, and even a security zip pocket on the sleeve with a pocket bag. Overall, this is the ideal jacket for the winter weather.

Apart from the slim fit style and the gorgeous aesthetic of this jacket, another big benefit here is that it’s available in multiple colors. You can pick this jacket up in three colors: A raw steel that looks like a brighter gray; a bright and vivid shock blue; and a deep, rich legend ink color. Adidas makes sure this jacket will fit practically any man’s body shape, with sizes ranging from small up through 2 XL.

The price for this jacket on Shopping Blitz is a lot cheaper than you’ll find it elsewhere. Running up into the $120s in some locations, you can grab this item for only $79.00 on Shopping Blitz. This also includes free shipping, so you’re not going to have to pay any extra or hidden charges.

A Warm Winter Coat for Her

While women do definitely have a lot of clothing options available at their fingertips, many of the items you’re going to find are all style and no substance. For instance, you’re in the market for a true winter coat to keep you warm, but all you manage to find are these thin, light pieces that focus purely on the aesthetic. This is when turning to a site like Shopping Blitz can help you out by providing you with clothing that’s functional for your purpose while also looking great. So if you want a quality winter coat, Shopping Blitz should be your first stop.

The Climawarm Nuvic Jacket by Adidas Sport Performance is one of the best coats you’re going to find for the winter. The outer shell is thick, durable polyester that’s entirely waterproof and able to keep the harsh wind and cold out completely. The lining of this jacket is very comfortable and soft, while the insulation is a combination of 80/20 duck down and feather filling. Needless to say, this jacket is incredibly light and flexible while offering unparalleled protection. It’s a long coat that extends well down the thighs, encapsulating you in warmth. It’s adjustable and has various pockets, including media pockets.

Another strong selling point of this coat is that women can pick the color that’s right for them. It’s available in a very dark charcoal black, a light and bright grey two, a deep and rich red night wine-like color, and an eye-catching raw green. In sizes from extra small up through extra large, this is a winter coat that should be able to fit almost every woman.

The price currently at Shopping Blitz for this item is $149.00. This is actually marked down quite a bit, as you may find this jacket floating around online for closer to $200. The worst part: Those sites are also going to charge you an extra charge for shipping, whereas Shopping Blitz gives you free shipping on an already lower price.