Staying Warm and Comfortable

As many women who shop for a lot of clothing can attest, one of the negatives about shopping for cold-weather clothing in the fall and winter is that oftentimes these clothing items can be rather uncomfortable. Thick, woolen sweaters and other garments that were made a lot bulkier to block out the cold aren’t always necessarily the best-feeling items against the skin. Nor are they often flattering. Well, this is why a lot of women have opted instead for long-sleeve shirts instead of big, thick sweaters. They protect you while allowing you to layer, so the base stays really smooth and soft on the skin. Shopping Blitz definitely have a few of these items from which women can choose.

Enter the Every Day is Thanksgiving Long Sleeve Crusher Tee. Obviously one might think of this as strictly a novelty item, with the Thanksgiving message, but as a long-sleeve shirt it really holds up well to the entire season. That’s because it was made out of a jersey cotton that was pre-washed for softness, and the knit is so tight and compact that the cold just doesn’t get through. So you get all the comfort you expect from cotton, while getting extra warmth from the shirt. It has a classic fit that just skims over the body for the ultimate in comfort, with broader shoulders and a tapered fit at the waist to give a great boost to a woman’s natural figure.

Available in a darkest blue color with a sleek and stylish v-neck and off-white lettering, this shirt definitely stands out in a crowd. Although it’s a shirt for women, the sizing chart here still really includes a whole lot of body shapes and sizes, with sizes from small up through 3 XL. Any woman can find the right fit here.

One of the biggest benefits you get from shopping with Shopping Blitz is that the items have a lower price tag. This shirt, for instance, will only run you $29.95. And if that deal wasn’t sweet enough, keep in mind that you’ll also get free shipping on this item.

Comfortable Holiday Socks

While it is true that a lot of the products you’re going to find around the holiday season are strictly novelty items that you’re only going to use and wear around this time of year, it’s also true that many people out there are very festive and actually look forward to these seasonal items. Take Christmas-themed clothing as an example. Millions of people love throwing on their socks and sweaters for the season. It gets them into the holiday spirit, plus these clothing items were made thicker and plusher to keep you warmer. Such is the case with a few great items you can currently find on Shopping Blitz.

The Gingerman Plush Snuggle Socks by Life is Good really play to the whole holiday theme, in a color combination of green and red, with a brown gingerbread man. They don’t actually have a message, so no matter which holiday you celebrate around this time of year, the socks only have that winter holiday theme, not a specific holiday. They’re made out of a poly-spandex blend that’s thick, warm, durable and flexible. The soft, velvet-like yarn feels incredibly plush and warm on the skin. It’s a pair of socks you’ll want to wear far past the holiday season.

The Americana red sock with forest green accents and a white-outlined gingerbread man are definitely eye-catching without being so bold that they distract. They’re in a one size fits all range, as they’re flexible and are going to fit most feet. You get one pair of socks per package.

These are women’s socks, but there’s no rule saying men can’t wear them. Other than men on overage having larger feet, there’s nothing so different about foot shape between genders that men cannot wear them. The socks are available for the low price of $19.95, so as always you get to save money with Shopping Blitz.

A Warm, Comfortable Sports Bra

Despite how similar men’s and women’s clothing items may be, women will always have a different niche market because of the fact that many need to wear bras for support and coverage. This is especially true for active women. And the thing about active women is that they don’t typically stop being active just because the weather is a little bit chilly. This means that women still need supportive items like sports bras, even in the fall and winter. Especially in the fall in winter, for some women who like to walk, jog and hike outdoors. So if you’re in the market for the best sports bras, stop by Shopping Blitz to find what you need.

The Verana Sports Bra by prAna is about as simplistic as you get in design and function, but that’s what actually makes it great. A lot of sports bras try too hard to stand out with materials and shapes and end up being uncomfortable novelties. The Verana is made out of a comfortable Chakara fabric that features a heat transfer center in the back, so you stay warm without overheating. It also has mesh-lined cups with removable modesty cups. The criss-cross back and stretch jersey fabric offers ample support and also boosts shape.

For jogging and running, doing yoga, or just wearing for comfort, this is a sports bra that women will love. It’s available in colors like black, nautical, crushed can (red), heather gray, and true teal. You can get it in sizes from XS through XL, so covering everything from A to DDs.

This is an all-purpose sports bra that was created to offer support, comfort, and to last a long time. On Shopping Blitz, you can get this item for only $54.95, and with that price you will also get free shipping on the item.

A Long-Sleeve Shirt for Him

Yes, it’s officially that time of year for most Americans to forget about those t-shirts altogether and to start dressing more warmly for the weather. This means long-sleeve shirts. However, those shirts in question don’t have to be thick, woolen shirts that make you sweat and feel uncomfortable. By checking out what Shopping Blitz has for the season, you can find long-sleeve shirts that will keep you warm while also keeping you nice and comfortable while wearing them. It’s all about that balance.

The Off-Road Outdoor Long Sleeve Crusher Tee by Life is Good is one of the many items in their Crusher line that both men and women can’t get enough of. For over 20 years this brand has been churning out some comfortable clothing, and this cotton-poly blended long-sleeve shirt is ideal for men during the fall season. It’s roomy while still clinging to the body well for a flattering look. The loose shoulders and back give it a full range of motion. And the material is definitely quality, so it’s not going to shrink up when washed or run and tear due to wear.

The color of this shirt is very attractive and will go with just about anything men wear. It’s a heather night black, which is like a deeper, darker version of charcoal gray, and it has a cool jeep graphic on the front, which is hauling a bicycle. In sizes from small through 3XL, this is a shirt that almost any man of any size can very comfortably fit into, from small men to rather large men.

One of the best parts about shopping with Shopping Blitz is that you’re always going to save money. This shirt specifically is only $29.95, and what makes this deal even better is that you’ll also get free shipping on this item and won’t have to pay a penny more to have it delivered to your door.

Comfy PJs for Men

The holiday season in the west is also the cold-weather season, where you’re going to see a lot of adverts for long-sleeve clothing and big jackets and boots and other items to keep you warm. For women, it’s also the season where you’re going to see a ton of commercials and ads about pajamas. Thick yet comfortable, warm, cozy PJs are all the rage this time of year, and advertisers love throwing them in your men’s faces so that they buy them for you. But what about PJs for men? This is where Shopping Blitz can really help out, by showing you a lot of comfortable, warm cozy items that are just for him.

Life is Good is a brand that definitely delivers on the cozy, and their Peace Love Happiness Toss Classic Sleep Pants for men really hit the mark in terms of warmth and comfort. Made from a 100% cotton twill that’s thick and illustrious and warm, these pants are ideal to sleep in. When that winter chill is in the air and you want to stay a little cozier during the chilliest hours, these pants do the trick in spades. They feature an elastic waistband with a draw cord and pockets, so you can wear them around the home, not only for sleep.

These PJ sleep pants are available in an American red color, with cool graphics and the Life is Good logo all over them. And in sizes ranging from small up through 2XL, men of almost any size are going to be able to fit into these pants. Remember that they’re elastic and adjustable, so even if you’re larger, the pants stretch.

Like a lot of items from Shopping Blitz, you get to save a lot of money here via this item’s free shipping feature. The pants themselves are only $37.95, which is a great price for such a pair of PJ pants.

A Cool Hat for Men

Men’s hat styles really haven’t changed all that much over the past 100 or so years, and that’s because they haven’t had to. The Stetson-style hat, for instance, is the quintessential cowboy hat, and millions of men love this style of hat. The style itself doesn’t change. What changes are the materials used in creating the hat, and overall quality of the craftsmanship that goes into making the hats. So if you’re in the market for one of those old-school cowboy hats, Shopping Blitz can show you items that were created using the best techniques and materials around.

Ariat made a pretty cool hat with their Bangora Double Row Crisscross Hatband Hat. While it has that style of the old western world, created by M&F Western Products, it’s really an updated version of the classic, which was created out of Bangora straw. It’s lightweight, flexible, breathable, and has a headband inside to ensure it stays comfortable and catches any sweat. It’s a decorative hat that’s also very functional, and it was built specifically to be able to stand up well to the wear and tear men might put it through.

Rather than a one size fits all format of hat that’s adjustable, like a ball cap, with a Stetson-style, you really have to create a fitted hat, so you’ll be able to find this hat available in sizes from 6 3/4 up through around 8, so it’s going to fit the heads of most men out there. It’s available in a light ivory tan color, with darker accents around the crown of the hat.

One of the best parts about this hat, at least if you shop for it with Shopping Blitz, is its price. Right now on the site, you can find this great piece for only $26.95. This is a pretty big savings when you consider what others might charge for it. Plus you get to save more by getting free shipping on this piece.

Colorful, Comfortable Leggings

For most women, it definitely goes without saying that leggings are the king–or queen, if you will–of all pants styles today. These can be jogging pants, gym pants, yoga pants, etc. The basic style of legging is a pair of pants that are made of a soft, flexible material, and the pants are usually form-fitting to the body, tight around the legs, butt and waist, and help women to stay comfortable, remain flexible, and to show off by accentuating their figures. Though in case you didn’t know, sites like Shopping Blitz carry some great leggings that you might not have been aware of previously.

The Blue Highway Leggings by prAna are a blend of a few materials, including nylon, lycra, elastane, spandex and recycled polyester. These material types work together to create a pair of leggings that are flexible yet maintain their shape, while being very comfortable and warm. These are the ideal pants to wear in the fall. Plus they’re really bright and colorful, featuring a Coolmax triangle gusset and other details that really stand out. They have a thick waistband for increased comfort, and hold up well to activity.

The blue pioneer color of these leggings also feature a lot of cool graphic designs. The leggings even have pockets along the thighs so that you can keep your phone and other items on your person at all times. In terms of fitting, ladies of all sizes can find their right fit, as these leggings are available from extra small through extra large.

The prAna brand pulls no punches with their items. We’re talking about true top-shelf quality here, and the price reflects that. On most sites, these leggings are well over $100. On Shopping Blitz, you can get them for only $88.95, and this also includes free shipping to any of the contiguous states.

Multi-Purpose Sneakers for Fall

There’s a difference between the way men and women shop for shoes, especially around this time of year. When women are shopping for shoes, most data show that they’re looking for shoes that are stylish and aesthetically pleasing, whereas data show that most men look for function over style. That’s not to say that men are buying any ugly pair of shoes that hold up well; just that they focus more on the quality of the craftsmanship. Well, with a site like Shopping Blitz, men can find the best of both worlds: Shoes that are definitely built to last, but also shoes that look great and are stylish.

Helly Hansen’s Ahiga V3 Hydropower Sneakers might be a long and complicated name, but the shoe itself is pretty simple to understand. These are lightweight sneakers whose uppers are made out of a high-grade mesh that’s very protective and strong, while also being cool and light. While they’re characterized as deck shoes, they also qualify as walking and hiking shoes, thanks to the Helly Grip signature outsoles that hold great traction. These are breathable shoes with a soft, cushioned inside; the type of shoes men want if they’re active.

Mid Grey and Ebony, and Navy, flag red and off-white are the two color schemes you can choose. Just remember that these are popular shoes and Shopping Blitz does a lot of business, so the color you want might not be here too long. 7 through 11-wide are the sizes currently in stock, so they’ll fit a wide range of feet.

Helly Hansen makes some really tough outdoor gear, and these shoes are the epitome of that. They’ll run you $94.95, which is a far sight cheaper than most retailers. Though to make sure you get to save as much as possible, Shopping Blitz offers you free shipping on these shoes.

Comfortable Hybrid Capri Pants

Popular styles of women’s pants come and go. You’ve heard it all a million times, and you’ve lived it in your daily life, especially while shopping. You know better than to purchase a pair of low-rise jeans; you know that high-rise jeans are currently what’s in style. And for many women, being in style is very important, and this is also why so many women turn to Shopping Blitz for their shopping. You can find in-style items for a price you can actually afford. This is definitely the case with capri pants. They’re still holding strong as one of the most popular styles on the market.

The Momento Capri Pants from prAna are all about style, comfort and function. These are also hybrid pants. While they have a leg style like a capri, lifted off the ankle and up the calf, they’re also fitted pants in a yoga/leggings style. These pants pull it off rather well, thanks to the materials used. The stretch jersey fabric blended with Luxara and nylon creates a fabric that’s not only comfortable, flexible and form fitting, but also a fabric that wicks moisture away and keeps you dry. So these pants are ideal for working out in the gym, going with you on a jog, or just looking great for a day out.

Black, black cherry and coal are the colors in which these pants are available. In terms of sizing options, you can grab them up in sizes from extra small up through extra large, so they’re going to fit most women of most body shapes and styles.

The price of these pants at Shopping Blitz right now is only $74.95, which is a bargain when you consider how popular a brand prAna is and how much these pants cost elsewhere. Making the deal even better for you, you will also receive free shipping on this item.

Quality Men’s Boots for Winter

Speaking about men on the whole, they typically put a lot more wear and tear on their footwear than women. Most studies suggest that men work tougher jobs, and of course during the cold-weather season they’re typically the gender tasked with shoveling out driveways and suchlike. This is why men seek out tougher boots around this time of year. They want boots that are warm, that can stand up against the harsh water, and that can last. This is also why many of these men are turning to Shopping Blitz, in order to find the best in men’s footwear and the toughest boots on the market, for a fair price.

The North Face is a pretty solid company for rugged, durable outdoor wear, and the Chilkat Nylon Waterproof Boots they make are ideal for men who need a little something stronger to wear. These boots were constructed with a waterproof system in mind to keep out the wet elements like snow. They even feature a Winter Grip TNF sole that will help keep traction, and the nylon outers are going to hold up to the elements well. Inside of the boots, you have a fleece lining that’s warm and soft, a compression-molded EVA midsole, and foam inserts to keep your feet comfortable. Even the lacing hardware is rust-proof, so you know these boots were made for the outdoors.

You can get these boots in a scheme of tarmac green and beech green, which looks like something the military would wear. Or if you prefer a sleeker, darker style, then you can get them in black, TNF black, which looks really fierce and strong, with different shades of black. Sizes go from about 7 to 14, though check in to date for your size specifically.

Although these boots offer so much and are definitely quality, Shopping Blitz has still slashed the price here from over $100 down to only $67.95. Though just when you think that deal couldn’t get any sweeter, you’ll also receive free shipping, saving you even more money.