Comfortable, Colorful Men’s T-Shirts

For men’s sense of fashion and style, there’s nothing quite like a good t-shirt. Comfortable, a little loose, breezy, and available in any sort of style or color they want, a t-shirt is the quintessential item for men. Even men who like to dress up still own a bunch of basic shirts. So if you’re a man in the market for a good t-shirt, you might want to consider something from the Life is Good brand. A top-flight brand, Shopping Blitz is the ideal location at which to find a wide array of Life is Good items.

Life is Good is an American brand known for their whimsical, fun t-shirts with cool and colorful slogans, and the This Is Only A Drill Crusher T-Shirt epitomizes everything the brand stands for in one great shirt. This is one of the brand’s more laid-back t-shirts, which means it just flows over the body for a breezy, comfortable fit. It’s made out of 100% USA-grown cotton, so the quality isn’t in question here.

This is a very cozy and comfortable offering from Life is Good, available in sizes from small to 3 XL. It has a ribbed neck for the utmost in comfort. Rather than constricting at the neck or offering a tight chest and shoulders, this is a loose-fitting shirt in those areas, making this shirt ideal for lounging around or even working out. The big selling point is the whimsical drill on the front of this printed, tee, with the slogan “This Is Only A Drill.”

Unlike those light, thin t-shirts that you can pick up in a variety pack, this Crusher tee from Life is Good is thick and durable while still maintaining its light look and feel. It’s the ideal shirt to wear in the spring or summer, and the price is unbeatable. At other online locations, you might be looking at $40 or more for such a shirt. At Shopping Blitz, however, you can grab this shirt for only $25.95, and you’ll also get free shipping on this item.

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