Comfortable Holiday Socks

While it is true that a lot of the products you’re going to find around the holiday season are strictly novelty items that you’re only going to use and wear around this time of year, it’s also true that many people out there are very festive and actually look forward to these seasonal items. Take Christmas-themed clothing as an example. Millions of people love throwing on their socks and sweaters for the season. It gets them into the holiday spirit, plus these clothing items were made thicker and plusher to keep you warmer. Such is the case with a few great items you can currently find on Shopping Blitz.

The Gingerman Plush Snuggle Socks by Life is Good really play to the whole holiday theme, in a color combination of green and red, with a brown gingerbread man. They don’t actually have a message, so no matter which holiday you celebrate around this time of year, the socks only have that winter holiday theme, not a specific holiday. They’re made out of a poly-spandex blend that’s thick, warm, durable and flexible. The soft, velvet-like yarn feels incredibly plush and warm on the skin. It’s a pair of socks you’ll want to wear far past the holiday season.

The Americana red sock with forest green accents and a white-outlined gingerbread man are definitely eye-catching without being so bold that they distract. They’re in a one size fits all range, as they’re flexible and are going to fit most feet. You get one pair of socks per package.

These are women’s socks, but there’s no rule saying men can’t wear them. Other than men on overage having larger feet, there’s nothing so different about foot shape between genders that men cannot wear them. The socks are available for the low price of $19.95, so as always you get to save money with Shopping Blitz.

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