Comfortable Hybrid Capri Pants

Popular styles of women’s pants come and go. You’ve heard it all a million times, and you’ve lived it in your daily life, especially while shopping. You know better than to purchase a pair of low-rise jeans; you know that high-rise jeans are currently what’s in style. And for many women, being in style is very important, and this is also why so many women turn to Shopping Blitz for their shopping. You can find in-style items for a price you can actually afford. This is definitely the case with capri pants. They’re still holding strong as one of the most popular styles on the market.

The Momento Capri Pants from prAna are all about style, comfort and function. These are also hybrid pants. While they have a leg style like a capri, lifted off the ankle and up the calf, they’re also fitted pants in a yoga/leggings style. These pants pull it off rather well, thanks to the materials used. The stretch jersey fabric blended with Luxara and nylon creates a fabric that’s not only comfortable, flexible and form fitting, but also a fabric that wicks moisture away and keeps you dry. So these pants are ideal for working out in the gym, going with you on a jog, or just looking great for a day out.

Black, black cherry and coal are the colors in which these pants are available. In terms of sizing options, you can grab them up in sizes from extra small up through extra large, so they’re going to fit most women of most body shapes and styles.

The price of these pants at Shopping Blitz right now is only $74.95, which is a bargain when you consider how popular a brand prAna is and how much these pants cost elsewhere. Making the deal even better for you, you will also receive free shipping on this item.

Brian Hendrix

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