Comfortable Sneakers for Women

One thing that women can say about their shoes that men typically can’t: Most styles of women’s shoes are very uncomfortable. That’s not to say that they hurt the feet and make them too hard to wear; it’s just a point of fact that most women’s shoes focus more on style than comfort, so those heels and pumps can definitely get a bit uncomfortable. And this is why a lot of women turn to a site like Shopping Blitz, which allows them to find comfortable, durable, affordable sneakers that they really appreciate, especially around this time of the year.

A great example of a durable, affordable and comfortable pair of sneakers would be the Octave Energized Sneakers by Fila. Since 1911 Fila has been making some of the best shoes on the market, and the Octave shoes are no exception. They’re made out of a blend of leather and synthetic materials, so they’re very durable. The outers have breathable mesh that keep the temperate of your feet regulated well. The injected EVA midsoles provide comfort and support, with a cushioned insert that really helps the feet out tremendously. The memory foam inside features COOLMAX, so you can wear those thick wool socks in the fall and winter and still be comfortable in the shoes.

The shoes are available in a color scheme of black, white and dark shadow, which just makes them look sleek and fierce. In sizes 6 through 11, you’ll also find a pair that’s liable to fit most women’s feet. If you wear a smaller or larger size, just check back in with Shopping Blitz periodically to see what else is in stock.

Fila does not cut corners with their footwear, which is why the brand is considered to be top shelf. So these shoes will run you $84.95 on Shopping Blitz, but will actually cost a lot more elsewhere. To ensure you’re saving as much money as possible, you also get free shipping on these shoes.

Brian Hendrix

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